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the way of the raj yogist

This is the path of the Raj Yogist

the path of the meditator. The Elfin Raj Yogist directs their energy to the calming of the mind and spirit, the development of the powers of focus, concentration and meditation. It is their goal to bring the chattering mind to silence and thus gain absolute control over their mental faculties with a clarity of mind and thus a view of reality unobstructed by the prejudices of enculturation. Once the mind has become still we are able to unite with pure being and from that place accomplish great feats of understanding and perception.

As we become still inwardly we begin to be able to hear the heartbeat of life and pick up the visual and mental impressions that swirl in the ethers about us. The spirits who guide us can then do so unobscured by our preconceptions that otherwise tend to filter everything they tell us through the screen of what we desire to hear.

Many might think that this would be an easy or insignificant achievement but neither is true. It can take years of meditation to reach just a few moments of true inner silence and the effect of thus "stopping the world" can be profound.

While the noviciates of Raj Yoga often have little to do with the outer world, spending much of their time in reclusive meditation, as the elf masters this power they obtain the ability to transform the world through the power of their concentrated thought. Thus while many believe these elves, who seem often to be but monks and hermits, are totally withdrawn from the mundane affairs of normal life, in fact, it is they who direct, protect and guide the world with the power of their intent and will, nurturing the evolutionary tendency that is at the heart and root of creation and which underlies our every impulse to improve ours'elves, our lives and our every effort to succeed.

The Elfin Raj Yogist knows full well that thoughts are powerful energies that when united with will create the form of our world on higher planes that filter down into materialized form. Thus ther are potent co-creators of our beautious Elfin. The possibilities come from the Beyond but the Elfin Raj Yogist gives these possibilities realistic form and thus shapes our world. However, to do this requires the sort of focused mental power that the Elfin Raj Yogist spends lifetimes developing. Those with scattered minds can not only have little or no affect upon the world but generally do not even believe such power is possible. Therefore, they spend their lives being ruled by the thoughts and opinions of others.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Lapus Lazuli
Magical Herb:
Magical Tool:
Sacred Tree:
Magical Archetype:
Dalai lama

The Challenge: the question is?

Can you stop the world? Can you bring yours'elf to a state of inner calm and composure? Can you silence the chatter of your mind and abide in absolute quietude? From this place one can see far... vast distances through space and time. The day to day struggles of our current lives are viewed from the perspectives of multitudes of lifetimes. Can you do this?

In the silence, Elfin speaks and in the still place of the receptive mind its music touches our soul, awakening feelings long dormant. As we think less, we feel more and the thoughts we do have are ever more powerful, backed as they are by the depth of our feeling which is the gateway to the soul. The eyes of the soul is Vision. Can you see with your feelings? If so you will see us reaching out to you.

The Magical Act: what to do.

Focus your mind. Concentrate. Meditate. Bring your mind to silence. Calm your feelings. Rest in alert tranquility thus bringing yours'elf to peace and holding it steady so the world will begin to revolve around you, the still point in the rushing river, slowing it ever so slightly... impervious to its efforts to wear you down.

Suggested Reading:
by Hermann Hesse

There are six paths that lead from here.

You have mastered the power of concentration and meditation. Do you now...

...use this ability to focus your will and achieve your objectives?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Ritualist
...teach this skill to others?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Guru
...enter into dreams consciously and fulfill yours'elf there?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Illusionist
...affect others by your mere presence?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Alchemist
...reach deep into your psyche and transform your life?
The path to the Moon which is the path of the Shaman
...materialize objects on the physcial plane?
And the path back to the earth which is the path of Magician-ess















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