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The Way of the Sage

is the path of the wise. It is the path of intelligence combined with kindness. It is the way of Love guided by discipline. "love is the law, love under will".The Elfin Sage by definition is a being of experience bearing the wisdom born of that experience. Often the Elfin Sage acts as an advisor and counselor for those who seek them and many seek the sage, both indivduals and couples, families and groups. Some folk are eager to offer advice that is not wanted but the Elfin Sage is a being whose wisdom is cherished and honored by the elven. However, the Elfin Sage almost never offers that advice unless requested to do so.

The wisdom of the Elfin Sage is not merely knowledge or expertise. Facts and information are not what the sage is really about. The Elfin Sage has the ability to listen to the tales of others and offer suggestions on how to best proceed to the success for which they long. The Elfin Sage sees not only what is near but also what is distant both past and future and understands the steps that enable one to progress from one situation to another.

But the Elfin Sage is noted not only for their wisdom but for their own success at confronting and mastering the trials and tribulations that arise in every life. The Elfin Sage lives their wisdom and is a example that others can view of what life can be when encountered with patience, modesty, calmness and focused will.

Yet the Elfin Sage is generally quite unattached to the counsel they offer. They are well aware that even when people seek their advice they do not always follow it, being driven by compulsions and complexes of their own inner nature. They know that most often those who ignore them will tend to suffer and fail and then eventually return the wiser, so to speak, for having confronted and experienced the folly of their ways. However, the Elfin Sage seldom mentions this fact, prefering to accept them as though they had come for the very first time and counsel them anew.

Although we can pursue wisdom, the role of the Elfin Sage is not really one that we can choose for ours'elves. That is while we can aspire toward being sage-like, it is the height of folly to declare ours'elves sages. Yet, in spite of that fact we will continually find those who will do just that. Curiously, while we must await the judgement of others seeking advice to consider us sagely, the mere fact that the igorant consider us wise is not an indication that that is so. Therfore, it is ever wise to quest for wisdom and perpetually foolish to claim its attainment.

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I Ching Sticks
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Magical Archetype:
Lao Tse

The Challenge: the question is?

Our ancestors, called by the Taoist... the Immortals, and our kin among the great Taoist Magicians and Sages created for us a book... a book of magic, a book of prophecy, a book that would reveal to us the keys to the kingdoms if we would but trouble ours'elves to learn how they are used. And in learning... following the oracle, seeing the truth, hopefully growing in wisdom, if only to know like Socrates that we know not. And Elfin Book, called by the ancient chinese the I (pronounced E) Ching, the Book of Changes. How to change one situation into another. How to transform our lives, our personality and our magic... step by step. A living book that speaks to us over and over again, guiding us to Elfin, if we can but read between the lines. Can you?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Attempt to see the world as others see it. Rid yours'elf of any personal prejudice and allow another's psyche to wash over you, so you can feel what they feel and in so doing create a connection between you that gives you subtle influence over them that they can neither understand nor resist.

Suggested Viewing:
Cold Comfort Farm
starring Kate Beckinsale

There are four paths that lead from here. Three return into the lower tree, One goes forward across the abyss... across the twilight mists into the nether realms of Faerie. Are you Ready to make the Leap of Faith?

You are wise in the ways of the world. Will you....

...use this wisdom to make things happen?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Bruja
...mind your own business?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Eccentric
sun others on their way?
And the path to Jupiter which is the path of Benefactor
...leave this world for others realms of being?
The path to Neptune which is the path to the NetherRealms













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