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the way of the ranger

This is the path of the Ranger

...the path of the protector of the weak. It is a path of s'elf sufficency. The Elfin Ranger is often a jack of all trades, a scout, an explorer, a pioneer, a warrior, a spy and much more. Elfin Rangers are often trained from a very young age in elf scouts, learning to live in the wild and venture forth on their own, singly and in groups.

The rest of us Elfin generally find the rangers helpful to have around. They are often very good at repairing things and in emergency have been known to jerry-rig a device to help us to safety or get us along until we can have it fully restored to dependable working condition. They always seem to know how gadgets work which tend to mystify the remainder of us elfin. Thus the Elfin Ranger evince a unique ability to both function in the modern world and successfully live in the wilds of nature.

In their aspect as scouts, spies and "marsh wardens", the Elfin Rangers frequently have call to penetrate into the realms of the unknown or those places where individuals hostile to our peoples dwell. So courage and daring are vital ingredients to the Elfin Rangers character.

The Elfin Rangers tend by their nature to be travelers, they love to roam about from place to place. It is true they often have a base from which they operate and to which they can return when needed to rest or resupply, although sometimes this is a mobile base - like a gypsy van, etc. or many times they have multiple bases established, little warrens in every region they explore.

The Elven Rangers have also been known to act as guides, leading and helping elfin groups desiring to migrate from one place to another. Even when it seems that one simply does not have the wherewithal, the financial requisites for making such a journey the rangers find a way to make it possible (we speak from experience) for their talents for living off the land enables them to function on shoe string budgets and they are adept at wheeling and dealing... bartering to get what they desire.

However, there are dangers attendant to the life of a ranger, not only the typical dangers of the possibility of being killed or wounded in the missions they sometimes carry out in hostile lands but they are often not unaquainted with jails or prisons which while they do not care for them, they have no fear of and can function perfectly within, usually spending all their time figuring out how to excape. But there is an additional danger born of the common interaction with men, dwarves and others, that is that the ranger becomes prone in many cases to the disease that is so common among those peoples which is alcoholism. Quite often drinkers will get suspicious, even hostile to those who don't drink with them, yet it is among these very drinkers that the Ranger often finds an opening and access into other societies. Yet the true Elfin Ranger in the course of time learns how to drink without drinking and overcomes all the difficulties and dangers of these associations.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Fire Opal
Magical Herb:
Tabernanthe Iboga
Magical Tool:
Elf Dart
Sacred Tree:
Red Pine
Magical Archetype:

The Challenge: the question is?

Can you be at home nearly anywhere? Survive in the desert, the jungle, the city? Can you be on your own and not panic? There are many who fantasize about being James Bond but how many are willing to devote the years to the training it would require to actualize that archetype of daring, skill, self reliance, wide ranging expertise, cunning and esprit de corps. For James Bond is, as he so often reminds the nefarious... the non - faerie - ish... a servant of his Queens and Country. While James Bond is a legend of men, we elfin also have our legendary rangers. Aragorn, chief among them. Although most often the archetype of the Elfin Ranger is not of a single individual but of a band of elfin sharing similar qualitites of purposeful endeavor. There are many who explore this path but only the few, the daring and the humble will remain.

The Magical Act: what to do.

Explore. Range about. Find different communities, families, bands, tribes of Elfin and help them with whatever they need. Pitch in. Look for new places for elves to relocate to. Assist them in traveling to gatherings. Help make their dreams come true.

Suggested Viewing:
Robin Hood series
starring Michael Praed

There are four paths that lead from here.

You are totally s'elf reliant and able to survive in any situation. To develop yours'elf further you most need to...

...test yours'elf constantly?
The path to Jupiter which is the path of the Master
...continually work to improve your body?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Hatha Yogist
sun to master the spiritual side of conflict?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Raj Yogist
...train others to be Rangers?
And the path to the Asteroids which is the path of Initiator











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