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This is the path of the Bruja

Bruja is the spanish word for witch. The Elven Bruja, however, is a very special witch. The Elven Bruja is a matchmaker on the netherrealms drawing together those individuals and groups who are right for each other. The Elfin Bruja activates the psychic atmosphere and the dreamworld so that those who share a destiny will be prepared and energized for their eventual union.
At times "there are secret forces at work bring together those who are meant to be together" (I Ching) and the Bruja works with those forces to strengthen and ease their progress. They may do this in numerous ways. They may make amulets or love potions and philtres. They may burn candles or do rituals. They may also inform those who seek their aid of changes they need to initiate to increase their ability to attract the proper mates.

While quite often the Elfin Bruja works with love magic, they are also quite expert at drawing together those who can further one's career or help one upon the path of spirit. They do not however compel people to come together. They do not participate in the black magic designed to force someone to love you. Those forms of magic always create tragedy and unwanted side effects because by subverting someone's will you are drawing them from their true path and thus losing track of your own. The bruja merely enhances the possibilities of those events and conjunctions of fate and destiny that are beneficial for all concerned. To do otherwise, to coerce someone to be with you by magical means is to wind up with the wrong person and the consequences are inevitably hell on earth. Unfortunately there are always those individuals who are so sure the other person is the right person for them even though the other shows no interest at all. The elfin bruja must simply leave these incorrigible fools to pursue their own doom.

At times the Elven Bruja works upon the material plane, especially by organizing events, gatherings and parties that provide the physical plane opportunity for people to meet. But while these encounters may appear to be coincidental they are the fulfillment of the bruja's magic. When the right people come together and things begin to 'click' for them on the physical plane this is merely a reflection of events already taking place upon the mental, astral and soul realms that the bruja works within.

If you are someone who tends to put people together, matchmake and network then you are on the path of the elfin bruja. Realize that most often you do this 'gathering' first in your mind and intention and you will see the beginnings of the bruja's magic. Do this for the benefit of those who come to you rather than any personal need or desire to manipulate and you will be approaching that higher magic that radiates from the realm of the elfin. For to do elfin magic is in the long run to be elfin magic and to be the elfin magic is to be united with ELFIN that realm where elves are destined to be. This then is the ultimate work of the Elfin Bruja bringing us closer to each other, more in tune with our true s'elves and thus uniting us with our beloved shimmering Elfland.

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Witch Hazel
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The Challenge: the question is?

Do you draw people together? Do you create gatherings? Hold events, parties and celebrations? Do you introduce people to each other that you just know will hit it off? This is the work of the Elfin Bruja.

Great deeds pale in the hearts of people and are most often forgotten but great gatherings, those magical meetings and mystic convocations that occur when hearts join in unison, resonate through time. Thus the magic of the Elfin Brujas are potent and far reaching. Is this your path? It takes a certain knack for it as well as a keen eye for observation and understanding of the inner workings of the heart. Surely this is a path for those who are called to it. Have you been so called?

If so, then bring our kindred together. As we connect, the pieces of Faerie fall into place and the magic of the world which is our own awakens here where it has slumbered for ages long.

The Magical Act: what to do.

The magic of this path is very simple and lots of fun, although not without the expenditure of a great deal of effort. Organize a gathering of otherkin. Have a party. Connect people together. It's that easy and that difficult.

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Four ways there are that lead from here

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