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The Path of the Benefactor

is the way of the philantropist... The Benefactor is a significant being among the Elfin. Benefactors help others without thought of return or reward. One of the best known and beloved elves is the great benefactor Nekolas Santaclas who gives gifts on a regular basis without ever asking for anything for hims'elf and only requesting that people try to treat each other be kinder, more loving and actually treat others with the caring and understanding that he so freely offers.
We elfin are particularly aware of having been blessed by the Divine, our own Benefactor is the Shimmering Radiant Spirit Everlasting that created us. Thus for us, giving back is only natural. However, the Spirit has everything, requires nothing and so, like Santaclas, we give to the Spirit by giving to others. Thus we are often seem as caretakers of the forests, the seas and the flora and fauna.

We are also related to mankind in the form of an elder sibling to a younger. It is true that mankind is often frustrating to us. His mindless destruction, selfishness and selfcenterness as well as his obvious envy and resentment toward us, often requires a great deal of effort on our part to be as tolerant as we believe ours'elves to be. We are sorrowful that this is the case but it is something we each need to work out and so while mankind is often scornful of the elfin, we do our best to benefit him.

Ours, however, is not an idle nor careless giving but a directed nurturing of those values most needed by those who receive and given to those most receptive and able to utilize what we offer. In the case of these elfin, we nurture all; but in particular those elves who are ready to learn the deeper secrets of the mysteries of giving. The spirit directs us to those who will most benefit by our assistance and we yield to these indications of fate. "It is better to give than receive", is an ancient elven saying and yet we understand that everything we give eventually always returns multifold. We are connected to the all of life and there is nothing that happens that does not affect us and thus there is nothing in existence that we cannot effect and shape with our own beneficent magic. By giving we unite our individual souls with the Great Spirit and thus become more Divine. For to give is to create and creation is the province of Divinity.

By giving of our elfin s'elves, our magic, our love, caring and consideration... our knowledge, our smiles, our simple and easy nurturing, we do something that stimulates the realms of potential and increases the possibilities for a beneficient future for us all. Even something as seemingly innocuous as lending a friendly ear, offering a cup of soup or a place for the night for an elfin traveler can have profound and far reaching effects. Give love, create happiness and you will be one of the great benefactors whose generous donations are the source and foundation for the elusive and elegant dimension we call Elfin.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
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Magical Herb:
Magical Tool:
Treasure Chest
Sacred Tree:
Magical Archetype:
Santa Claus

The Challenge: the question is?

Are you prepared to give what you have for the benefit of our people? What exactly do you have and what can you afford to give? Or are you merely giving to get? For the Elfin Benefactor gives freely and without expectation. The reward the Elfin Benefactor gets is seeing our people uplifted. Can you donate time, money, art, what? And can you do that without making a big deal about it or are you in need of recognition for what you give? And if so, can you give and take your chances that you will get that recognition?

To be an Elfin Benefactor is to assume a position of responsibility and leadership in Elfin society and yet have no official position at all. Can you do that without making those you give to feel inferior or poorer for having received your gifts?

The Magical Act: what to do.

The magic of the Elfin Benefactor is to give without seeking direct return. to fulfill the magic of this path... give generously of time and effort or whatever you can. Give freely without expecting anything , ever thanks. Be like th mountain stream flowing down to the river with flows to the sea and trust that the rain will bring return in due time.
Help our people indeividually or collectively and Faerie will bring riches and powers unimaginable.

Suggested Listening:
by Sally Oldfield

We see her standing there
so close to the edge we could touch her
but dare not for fear of spooking her
so alert she is like a frightened deer
yet while she is intriqued she does not cross over
and while she is uncertain she does not turn back
but hovers..awaiting the winds of fate to blow her where they will
as we invoke the stars to guide her.

From here four paths present themselves

You have obtained tremendous abundance and wish to share it. Will you....

asteroids those who are likely to help others?
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Sage
sun research for inventions likely to further humanity?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Mage
venus ...found a community for those who wish to get more in tune with thems'elves and nature?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Herbalist
mars crusaders of worthy causes?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Ranger









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