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the way of the Eccentric

The way of the Eccentric

is path of the individual. It is the path of the Singularity. All elves are in some way eccentric... it is part of what makes us elfin. On the other hand, it is the elven point of view that all of life is destined to individuate. Every tree and every atom is in its own way unique no matter how much it seems identical to all others of its kind on the surface. It is true that compared to mankind the elves seem far more eccentric but this is due in greater part to the fact that the Eldar people are a far older race and therefore we have had aeons more than man has had thus far to develop our individual natures. Even identical machines made in the exact same way by the same people will in time individuate because of their unique experiences. So do all of us in time and by virture of experience reveal more and more of our special natures.

The diversification of nature is for us, part of what makes life both wonderous and exciting and it is one of the reasons we say that a world composed only of elves is not an Elfin world at all.

While each of us in our efforts to manifest our individual and collective vision, make choices and distinctions in our attempts to shape our world and destiny to our own desires... the Divine adores and loves all, just as nature nourishes all. It is we, who by our perceptions create, in part, the world of our experience and we do so often by our collective values and prejudices born of our shared vision or lack there of from the culture, race, families, etc. that we are raised within. As we individuate we begin to master the art of clarifying our perceptions and realizing our individual dreams. Thus we begin to become capable of incredible acts of magic born of our aspirations/dreams/visions and our will/intent/wishes.
As we begin to accept each other for whom we really are, we become free and thus more powerful and by freeing others from our judgments and expectations we increase our own freedom. As we do this on a wider scale, Elfin begins to manifest in its multiphasic and ever changing radiance. It is a curious fact that we elfin are united and attracted to each other not so much by our sameness as by our differences. It is indeed our differences that make us the same... we share a unique and eccentric nature.

Therefore, be your own 'elf, whatever that may be in such a way that allows, nurtures and promotes that same freedom in others. And by that shall Elfin actualize upon the Earth both within and without you.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Fresh Water Pearls
Magical Herb:
Coffea Arabica
Magical Tool:
Sacred Tree:
Magical Archetype:
Gomez Addams

The Challenge: the questions is?

Just how strange are you? Are you doing peculiar things to prove how different you are? If you're trying, you're not making it. True eccentrics just are. Are You? Just be yours'elf. If you're in touch with your true elfin nature, believe us, you'll be weird enough for anybody. You don't have to prove you're different... just be. We are looking to you to inspire us... to come up with things we haven't thought of as yet. How do you do that? Be yours'elf. Find your own way of being elfin. That's not an excuse to be obnoxious, it's simply giving you permission that you don't need to grow and flower, love and prosper in your own way in harmony with all others. If you truly are on your own path you will not be obstructing others on theirs. For the true Elfin Eccentric is joyous in the freedom of others. Are you?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Be yours'elf. Forget about what other people think you should say, do, be, dress, etc. Harm none, but pursue your own course whatever that might be. If you are pursuing a path that others are on, make it your own. Do it in your own way. Create your own style.

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Six paths from here are found

You are a unique individual. Do you have a propensity to...

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The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Visionary
...change with each passing moment?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Shapeshifter out the new and exciting?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Stalker
pluto your unique insight to others?
The path to the Mercury which is the path of the Bard
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And the path to Jupiter which is the path of Dharma-ist















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