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The Path of the Dharma-ist is the way of the Server. The Elfin Dharmaist is an individual that has set aside their personal wants and desires, goals and ambitions, likes and dislikes, to pursue the Path of the Spirit and to devote thems'elves to the mission of materializing Elfin in the hearts and minds of our people.

Most folks are bent on personal gain, ego gratification and success of their individual ambitions. But the Elfish Dharmaist has relinquished personal ambition in order to serve that Greater Power that is the Ever Vibrant Radiance of Faerie, finding thereby personal satisfaction in being in Harmony with the Great Dance and instrumental in the evolution of the spiritual consciousness of all being. For Elfin is not for elves alone. The power of the Elves touches all beings inspiring them to become more in tune with their true inner natures and to fulfill thems'elves as unique and individual souls. From the Elven point of view, everyone who is in harmony with their own soul, wheither they are elves or not, are thus in harmony with nature... on their true path in life and therefore contribute to the happiness that all elves feel in experiencing the genuine and true. We elfin much prefer being in the company of those individuals who are 'real' and down to earth even if somewhat crude to those seemingly more sophisticated folks who are 'fake' and ever disingenuous.

It is not that there is anything wrong with seeking personal success and satisfaction in the elven view, as long as it isn't acquired at the expense of others. In fact, it is the most natural and prevalent disposition for elves and all manner of folk. But the elfin dharmaists have temporarily yeilded to a greater power for the duration of the important and much needed mission, the transition from a self consuming and avarious people destroying each other and the very planet that supports them, to a mutually supportive and symbiotic folk who can pursue their personal goals in the safety and freedom we all need. Those ancient elves who have dedicated thems'elves to this purpose have 'burnt their true names' in the Eternal Silver Flame of Elfin and will not reclaim them until that night finally comes when we all are free to love and dance and play without concern.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Magical Herb:
Witch Hazel
Magical Tool:
Cord or Belt
Sacred Tree:
Black Spruce
Magical Archetype:
Mother Teresa

The Challenge: the question is?

Are you really ready to put aside your personal desires and ambitions and ego to fulfill the will of the Spirit? This is not at all necessary you know, you don't have to tread the path of the Elfin Dharmaist. It is strictly a volunteer path, like all paths that lead to Elfin. Yet, if it is your will to unite your life with that of Elfin and serve its purposes, how will you recognize what those purposes are? You must be very clear within yours'elf to hear the Voice of Faerie and this you can only be if you have already fulfilled yours'elf. It does no good to leave your desires unfulfilled, to repress them for the sake of our people. To do that is to help them not at all, if you yearn for fulfillment, seek it. If you've left something undone in your life, do it. But if you are really ready to dedicate yours'elf to nurturing others, welcome, there's always room around the fire.

The Magical Act: what to do.

The path of the Elfin Dharmaist is essentially a path of the assistant. It is the left hand on a right handed person and the right on a left handed person. The job of the Elfin Dharmaist is to help another person or power fulfill its creative directive. Await the signs which indicate the way to devote yours'elf totally to the achievement of this path.

Suggested Viewing:
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
directed by Franco Zeffirelli

We burnt out names by sacred flame
before the darkening night
beneath two trees we pledged to see
the dawning of the light
a million fires born from that single flame
we vow to stars eternal
to earth we'll come again
until each soul that slumbers here
to truth it does awake
the growing light of elfin upon the dawn doth break
and we'll embrace, remember
the truth of who we are
reclaim our names and once again
be Children of the Stars

Four possible roads present themselves here

You have devoted your life to the Way and have obtained the support of the Universe. Do you now...

asteroids ...share the wisdom you have gained with others seeking to devote their lives to the Way?
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Sage
sun ...set forces in motion that will bear fruit in the future?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Mage
venus the wisdom of the natural world?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Herbalist
mars to accomplish specific projects in the world?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Ranger








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