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The Way of the Stalker

is the path of those hunting energy in nature and through their interactions with others. Elfin Stalkers or Finders as they are often called are adept at locating lost and missing objects, places and persons. The Elfin Stalkers usually have an instinctual ability which allows them to hone in on the missing item and follow it to its source, although frequently that journey seems to be more of a peregination and a wandering than a direct route to the desired objective. They are like bloodhounds but not of smell but of intuition and have an ability to follow the energetic spoor of an object or person as they have progressed through space and time.

These days the Elfin Stalkers are also many times engaged in finding Elfin. That is locating those spots where the power of Faerie is still strong and where we can easily connect with those realms of magic and mystery that live parallel to the ordinary world and touch it here and there usually, but not always, though the wildness of nature. In the modern world the Elfin Stalker could easily fit in as a private detective, bounty hunter, skiptracer and investigator into missing persons. But more often because of their elfin nature you would find the Elfin Stalker more likely to pursue lost treasure or search for rare books or other hard to locate items. They also have a penchant for research particularly where there is mystery to be solved... a missing element... a missing link.

In the future the Elfin Stalkers will help us find our way through the myriad of stars and space, helping us to safely avoid meteor showers and other hazards. The Elfin Stalkers have also been known to work for herbalists, wyzards and others who need them to find a particular plant or herb or mineral to be found in the vast ocean of the forest. The variety of people and professions that can use the services of the stalker is indeed wide and the more esoteric and rare the object to be found the more the Elfin Stalker tends to enjoy the challenge of the hunt.

The Elfin Stalkers are beings of amazing patience. Often they begin their search inwardly in a sort of meditative trance before ever they search outwardly. They trace the object they seek on the etheric and astral planes seeking the faint luminence of its individual nature. Thus the Elfin Stalkers need a deep understanding of the individual and special nature of every person and object. For it is by their individuality, born of their unique history that distinguishes them from all things that would appear similar to them.

One might think the Elfin Stalkers are strictly intuitive folk, but in fact they often proceed in their search and research in the most logical and systematic fashion and it is in the midst of this linear progression that the intuitive aspect of their being begins to function without interference from doubt or confusion.

The Elfin Stalker is also adept at helping one to find the right place to be or to move to. They are thus in their fashion practioners of Feng Shui, the art of being in the correct location or of making the place where you are more conducive to success if you find yours'elf unable to relocate.

Magical Totem:
Mountain Lion
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Magical Herb:
Magical Tool:
Sacred Tree:
Canes Venatici
Magical Archetype:
Royal Canadian Mountie

The Challenge: the question is?

Do you have a good sense of direction? Because, honestly that's just about the bottom line here. Are you good at finding things? Surely this ability can be developed but the fact is that most stalkers have a basic instinct for it that they've developed. And truly, quite a bit of luck as well.

Can you really connect to other people, places and things enough to tune in to them in a world in which their surroundings may be changing and even they thems'elves may be in transition. It may seem like this is an out quest but the key to this is going within and yet you must go within to the point that you find what is outside you... within you. You must in some way become that object, place or person. Can you do that? Can you both get out of yours'elf and simultaneously into yours'elf to have that happen?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Seek and ye shall find. Particularly if you have a sense of direction and the instinct of a Finder. Help others find what they need and you will fulfill the magic of the path and bring good fortune to them and you.

Suggested Viewing:
directed by Andrei Tarkovskii

Suggested Reading:
by Emma Bull

There are four paths that lead from here.

You are an expert at finding whatever you want. Are you seeking...

sun ...the means of transforming your being at will?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Neuromancer
mercury ...the ability to persuade nearly anyone of anything?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Warlock
venus ...others with whom to share your mission and life?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Witch
moon ...the origins of all things?
And the path back to the Moon which is the path of Necromancer

Of if you've gone around and around and have no idea where you're bound, have no fear the elves are here and you... can always begin again.


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