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The Moonlight Elves, also called at times the Trooping Faeries, are noted for their habit of drawing power, magic and luck down from the moon. You can often see them in the woods at night, or even in towns or cities where there are trees and shrubs, as a flash of light flitting across the corners of your eyes. Since the Moonlight Elves are ever drawing luck upon thems'elves such sightings bring luck to the viewer as well.

If you go out on a moonlit night and wander according to the dictates of feeling and instinct, gathering luck down to you and spreading it as you go... you can be sure that other Moonlight Elves will join you on what is often called "the Faerie Rade". More than likely, you will find a magic feather or stone or other object blessed by the spirit of Faerie that you can put within your magic mojo bag or place among the pieces of your magic table or otherwise entrust it to some sacred spot where it will be sure to bring you and others who pass by it the luck of Faerie.

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