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The Desert Elves are a particular form of Gypsy Elf. Think of the bedouins in their tents, traveling endlessly through the desert. Unlike the Island Elves who live in a continual state of abundance as a gift of nature, the Desert Elves must create their own abundance in the midst of harsh and unyielding circumstances.

The Desert Elves are often breeders of camels and horses, since these animals give them the mobility to travel from oasis to oasis. They are often as well breeders and caretakers of goats who provide them with milk for cheeese and other food products; and sheep that provide wool.

Because the desert sun can be so harsh, they often travel at night, like mariners upon a sea of sand following the stars to their destination. Being nomads they often carry trade goods between the cities and towns that encircle the desert regions. Thus they are, by need and choice, open to various other cultures and very often multi-lingual, forming a link between separate regions. They are shrewd and tough and enduring. And as in all elfin societies, this is true of the females as well as the males. For among the elves there is never any dominance of one gender over another nor any conflict between them.

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