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The Gypsy Elves are travelers who bring luck and magic wherever they roam. Unlike their mundance counterparts they never cheat and trick people for material gain. Like all true elfin they are guided by a spiritual aspiration and connection that is always more important to them than any mundane goal.

They are widely noted for the beautiful wagons and buses they live in. They are also highly recommended for their divinatory skills particularly with palmistry and the tarot. They also have a reputation for nightly campfire music, song, dance and storytelling which is true of their kindred of the desert as well. Although their desert cousins often travel at night and celebrate through the dawn and the early hours of the morning so they can sleep through the heat of the day.

Because of their divinatory talents they are widely noted and respected for their advisory and counseling skills. Quite often they take the form of a traveling acting or performing troupe but also as wandering crafts people and artisans going from faire to faire.

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