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The Snow or Artic Elves are a multifaceted people. Some are nomads, traveling the icy lands in sleighs and sleds pulled by dogs, wolves or reindeer (they've also been know to ride the deer like horses). Others built great palaces of ice that are warmed inside by fires and body heat that make the walls turn to crystal and shimmer with the light.
It is the shaman's of the Snow Elves who drink the urine of deer who have filtered the poisonous mushrooms through their kidneys and thus made it safe, though still psychedelically potent, to consume in an elfin human body. It is by this means that they seek the visions that enable them to survive in that barren and harsh wasteland of ice and snow. You might wonder how they are able to sneak up on a deer and order to gather their urine but really it is quite easy. After the deer have eaten the mushrooms they just stand and gaze at their own visions and are quite willing to share with their elven kindred.

There was a time during the later ice ages when ice covered a great deal of the world and the Snow Elves traveled far and wide. Nowadays, they can be found the Arctic Circle, in the Alps, the Himalayas and nearly every ski resort that exists

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