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Lake Faeries

The Lady of the Lake who gave Excaliber to King Arthur and was the Mother of Lancelot Du Lac (of the lake) was a Lake Faery. Lancelot was of the faery blood, as was Arthur though his mother. This great attempt to weld the fates of man and faerie for the better of all failed the test of endurance but none the less set an example of what was possible and created a mythos to guide us for the future. The true birth of Camelot is unlikely to occur until the emergence of the sixth root race.

The Lake Faeries love lakes and bays and can often be found living near them. Thus San Francisco can report having many of them but they are also likely to live in Chicago and other lake regions. Some prefering large lakes and others smaller quieter lakes and ponds.

Because of the strong water element in their natures, they tend to be very sensitive and psychic. Some might say they are brooding or moody but this is rather an indication of the depth of their inner sight. They are ever listening for and to things that others cannot hear. There is most often a quiet grace to these folk and an air of mystery often surrounds them as though they know secrets others could only guess at.

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