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During the third root race the multiplicity of forms created by the power of mind and imagination was vast. Because the bodies up to that time were so pliable, they could shape shift easily and now they began to be more solid... thus creating the beginning of species forms. However, as yet there was nothing in the nature of exclusive species differenciation, thus most of the forms could intermingle and create cross forms such as Satyrs, centaurs, merfolk, etc. Many of these forms could not reproduce thems'elves, but when mated together would produce one or the other of the "species" that sired them... and some of these forms were sterile entirely. When sexual differentiation developed near the end of the third race and with it true species exclusivity, these body forms died out. However, you can still see this type of interbreeding at times in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Today satyrs inhabit mostly human bodies, although quite often they are distinguished by their hirsute legs and oftimes backs. They are typically, but not always male, the female of the species having tended towards being nymphs. Naturally, they are sex crazed and quite often have a love of wines.
It is this form that produced Pan, from whom we get the word panic which is what husbands feel when he enters a room. He was so powerful that he was considered a God by many in the next root race.

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