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Island Elves

There are many islands in the world. All have their particular elemental and faerie spirits which often differ according to the specific area and climate. Thus the spirits of Iceland, Greenland and the Orkneys, for instance, will differ greatly from the spirits of Polynesia. Here, we are particularly speaking of the Menehunes of Hawaii and the spirits of other tropical isles. These spirits have a very laid back style. They believe in surfing the great waves, relaxing in the sun, walking naked in the rain and luxurating in the abundance of nature. They are great practitioners of "free love".

Love making is, in fact, their principle form of entertainment and in many ways their chief ambition. They love to party and often do so all through the night. They can be quite industrious about anything that has to do with getting of keeping a party going.

While they do little in the way of farming, since fruits and other edibles literally fall off the trees... they are expert cultivataors of the sacred and healing herbs of Elfin.

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