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The Way of the Guru

is the path of Teaching. It is the offering of the s'elf as an example for others. There is no apt term for guru in the Elfin language. We don't really have "holy men" who are so far above the rest of us that we would worship them. Nor is the idea of guru as a teacher completely Elfin either, since we Elves don't have teachers in the usual sense. The word facilitator is more in accord with elfin notions, as is guide or even coach. For we elfin, "guru" is all those things as well as a sort of cheerleader for those struggling to learn.

The elven "guru" is most often an expert in a particular field and share their knowledge and experience with those that approach them. They "teach" by demonstration. They show the way. Quite often they are public figures... that is they present thems'elves so that any who desire might learn from their example. Thus to be an elfin "guru" is to be one who serves by sharing what they have learned and experienced and developed that might be helpful for our brothers and sisters awakening to our true nature and being.

The elven word that comes closest to what for the elfin serves as a guru is "tae Matifa"... which means "the Sharer". This is a very popular path, it is one that most of us tread in one fashion or another. We wish naturally to share what we have, we are, after all, elves and it is our nature to do so. Although the true Matifa is in some sense always a public figure and thus from the elfin point of view responsible for entertaining us with their facts, truths and revelations. The Matifa is ever an entertainer from whom we learn so very much and if not that, well, at least we've had a good time. Which is exactly how we elfin view the "Gurus" of the world.

The vision and purpose of the Matifa is to help others extend thems'elves beyond where they are currently and ultimately and hopefully to develop their skills beyond those of the Matifa. For the role of the Matifa is evolutionary in nature and the Matifa knows that in time the individuals so helped will do great things that will redound to the benefit of all.

Yet there have also been Matifa who simply disappear from the world after years of service and others who manage to fulfill this role without ever revealing who they truly are. Putting forth their writings or inspirational music yet never consenting to public appearance even when their works have made them famous.

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Lightening Bug
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Magical Archetype:
Deepak Chopra

The Challenge: the question is?

Are you really developed to such a degree that you are ready to present yours'elf as an example for others? Let's face it, most folks who choose to tread this path are merely looking for hot air to fill up the empty space within. Is that you? Honestly, this is a difficult path... if you have almost any ego at all, you're ultimately going to suffer for it. This path isn't about being famous. It isn't about how special you are. It isn't about getting laid (although that's nearly always a good idea as far as the elves are concerned). It isn't about making money (although that's nearly always necessary). It's about empowering others on their path. It's about helping our kin find their way to Elfin. The fact is that if you still have a desparate need to be the center of attention, You're not ready for this path. This path is about giving attention to others. Are you really ready for that?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Advertise yours'elf. Hold classes. Help awaken others to the path. If you can do this without having your ego swell your head or have your intregrity carried away by the masses you will have accomplished a great and powerful magic that few have attained.

Suggested Viewing:
Meetings with Remarkable Men
directed by Peter Brooks

Six ways there are to tread from here

You are talented and wise and wish to share your knowledge with others. Can you mostly teach people to...

...stand up for thems'elves and fight for what they want?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Warrior
...create a better world?
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Visionary refine their attitudes and interactions?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Shapeshifter knowledge on their own?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Stalker
pluto express thems'elves and increase their creativity?
The path to the Mercury which is the path of the Bard
...devote thems'elves to finding their true mission in live?
And the path to Jupiter which is the path of Dharmaist















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