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The Huldu Folk or Hidden Folk, like the Hill Elves often live under hills or in secluded glens or other places far from the Madding Crowd. We sometimes call them the Huddle Folk because they love to gather together in a sort of shared hermitage. These are the elfin who are always eager to create their own sanctuaries far from and exclusive of most of the rest of the world.

These are the utopian idealists who create experimental environments where children can be raised without the corrupting influence of societies hell bent on materialistic acquisition at the expense of human feelings and caring. The fact that these experiments often fail or last only for a part of a generation is only to say that we have not as yet attained the purity and singularity of purpose needed for the success of such noble adventures.

The significance of the Ealds they create cannot be underestimated. For even if they exist for only a short while, a thriving Eald create magics that radiates into the world bringing luck and inspiration to elves and normal folk alike.

You had a chance to get away from the world and sort things out for yours'elf.
Are you going to give it a try even though you're still a little uncertain...

Are you ready to help people get together in positive ways...
Are you simply going to proceed with your life and be as kind as you can be...
Gentle Folk
Or are you ready to go into the world and let them know that Faerie is real...
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