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The Voice of Faerie: Making Any Tarot Deck Into an Elven Oracle

The Voice of Faerie is designed to allow the user to communicate with the Realms and Spirits of Faerie/Elfin/Elfland, the spirits of the Nether Realms, sentient and intelligent beings of this and other planets, this and other dimensions, this world and the parallel worlds connected to it, using any tarot deck. The authors channeled it from those very spirits who are searching for their kindred on the planet.

This is a Living Book. It is designed to be used in concert with any tarot deck so that their meanings and concepts can be easily and readily accessible to anyone interested in communicating with the elven and faerie spirits of other realms and dimensions. This book can be read from cover to cover; however, we think it best if you read bit by bit as the cards speak to you.

While this book can be used with any tarot deck, you will note that there are additional and alternative cards beyond traditional tarots deck, which have 78 cards. Thus this deck can also be used with other decks that exceed the traditional card set up or you can create your own deck using it.


We dedicate this book to Gargy, Violet, Feather, the Mushroom Brownies and the hundreds of other teraphim who have enriched our lives and brought us amazing luck and blessings.


We appreciate your review of our book on Amazon, dear merlyn:

“Making a Tarot deck with elven Fae instructions--A wonderful read, very informative and well written and with one of their other books starting to see the fae realm. The Silver Elves have written a wonderful account of their lives and how they communicate with faerie spirits--a fantastic read.”


And we thank the one anonymous reader who wrote on Amazon:

“Silver Elves make it easy to apply the Elvish Tarot to your existing decks, no reason to buy another. Although it would be MARVELOUS if they created their own decks. *hint hint* Well done my friends well done. After working with this deck for a bit you realize that the Fae really ARE speaking to you. Not the *typical cards speaking to you with vastly different avenues of interpretation* but really SPEAKING, like family members at the dinner table. The messages are clear, concise and well foolproof.”


Sample pages From the Minor Arcana:

Six of Success
The Key: We’re All In This Together


The Key

Ultimately, it comes to this: We’re All In This Together. It’s the only way out of the dilemmas of Life and Death. By sticking together, cooperating and overcoming our personal prejudices and inclinations to fault-find and squabble, we will create the future, a future of peace and creativity. Those who insist on bickering and fighting will not survive or endure. They can’t; they are bent on destruction and all dreams will be fulfilled. They are old robots cutting their own wires. Systems breaking down.
Together, we can create the present, which is the future in potential, the future that is the evolving present. It’s the genetic IQ Test. Are we smart enough to cooperate and survive, or will we panic, hoard, distrust and kill each other. There’s only one way out. It’s test time.
This card is a clear indication that the solution to these difficulties lies in compromise, not conflict. Arbitration is more enduring than victory by force or cunning. By coming to agreement, by working together, we can create a viable solution that will ensure, or at least enable, future progress and success.


Times are critical. Your vortex/coven has faced one setback after another in what seems an unending series of bad luck and magic gone awry. The tension of the situation and the futility of your efforts to overcome it have lead some to doubt their powers and others to fight and bicker among thems’elves.
It is clear that the higher powers test the very fabric of your vortex; it’s power to remain united and to persevere in the face of difficulties is being stained to the breaking point. One evening there is actually a squabble in the midst of a ritual.
But you retain your cool. You know that the only way to overcome these difficulties is to endure the crisis as calmly as possible and you remind the others that they are magically bound together. “There are forces that seek to break us, to destroy our magic,” you tell them. “If we fight among ours’elves, they win. Now, in the midst of hardship is the time we need each other the most.”
Do you think you should continue to strive to keep things together, or should you just take all these problems as a sign it is time to move on?

The Magic:

Make an agreement with your loved ones, friends or circle members that you will have a code word for when things get irritating and confusing. When someone says the word it is a signal for everyone to calm down and refocus on the magic.

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Sample pages from The Voice of Faerie

Sample From the Major Arcana:

0. Awakening: Something Magic This Way Comes, Wicked’s Had Its Way Too Long

Something Magic This Way Comes

Something Magic This Way Comes is a card of blessing and good luck. An unexpected turn of affairs brings new magic into your life, refreshing and revitalizing you. Other signs will confirm this soon.
Greet this change of circumstances with optimism and enthusiasm, thus making the most of it. Something Magic This Way Comes is a confirmation of the power of the good and the beautiful to renew itself. It is a response from Faerie to the magic you have already done and that is now coming to fruition.
However, Something Magic This Way Comes also implies that we must wait for the magic to arrive. It is coming but it hasn’t come yet. It’s on its way but still we must await it with patience as well as expectation.
This card holds the promise therefore of good to come, of the triumph of good over evil, of the return of health and healing after illness, or the beginnings of understanding after estrangement and clarity in the wake of confusion.
The magic time is coming. Have faith; trust in its arrival. Know that the Dawn will disperse the darkness, that Spring will chase away winter’s chill, bringing new growth and renewal.


The feeling has been growing for weeks now and each day it gets stronger. Something is about to happen. Something special. Something Magic This Way Comes.
You tingle inside. Power surges through your body. You feel like you can hardly contain it and you are alive with expectancy. Something comes. Something magic. You can feel it in the wind. The trees whisper about it. The birds call to you, telling you it’s coming. “It’s coming. It’s coming,” they say.
Your power is calling you. It’s as though someone suddenly plugged you into a wall socket. The electricity streams through your body. You’re alive, alive, alive with the magic, with the power, with the possibility.

The Magic:

Stop and relax a moment. Where is the magic? Is the power building or waning? Can you feel it? Don’t try to force anything. Just feel the energy. Note where it is. Check it daily. Make yours’elf ready.

(Alternate Interpretation)
Wicked’s Had Its Way Too Long

Wicked’s Had Its Way Too Long tells us that sooner or later the Law of Karma is fulfilled in its exacting fashion. Those that have stood against the light fall and the good prevails once again. Each receives hir (his/her) just and exact due as hir magic is fulfilled.
This is the time of struggle, however. Evil will not give up on its own volition. We must act against it with all our power bringing the weight of our Elven magic to bear, but a direct confrontation with evil is to be avoided if at all possible because we wind up entangled in conflict and destruction. We, and many innocent bystanders, are often harmed by this conflict. Direct
confrontation, therefore, is a last resort. The best defense again evil is to make energetic progress toward the realization of our positive dreams and visions. By creating our eald, our bit of Faerie, in the world, by putting all our energy toward creating a better world, we undermine the power of the Wicked, which depends upon decay and dissatisfaction to gain its ends. It is parasitic by nature and
cannot endure on its own. Creating our own realm of Elfin is like turning on a light in a dark room.
By pursuing fairness and justice for all, we remove the sources of discontent upon which evil thrives and that it ever endeavors to create in order to bring imbalance to the world.
However, sometimes evil must be faced directly and so this is a card of choice. If you receive this card you must decide your best course in dealing with wickedness in this situation. Do you act toward the good, act against evil or wait for things to change on their own?
Something Magic This Way Comes and Wicked’s Had Its Way Too Long are paired, although, one follows the other. This indicates that after obtaining magical power and influence, one is then faced with a choice concerning what to do with that power. What will you do with the power you gain?


It has become clear to you that there are those who are deliberately seeking to enslave the world for their own profit and gratification. It is also evident to you, having the magical power that you do, that you have a responsibility to use your powers to remove these people from the positions of power from whence they carry out their wicked aims.
The question is: what’s the best way to do this? Should you use your powers to create good and ignore those others, trusting in time and karma to deal with them? Or do you think that the situation demands that you take measures to bind their evil and obstruct their path? Can you do both?
The Magic:
Hold a magic circle and do a binding. Resist wickedness in your own life and you will have the power to bind it on the nether planes.

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