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Through The Mists of Faerie: A Magical Guide To The Wisdom Teachings of The Ancient Elven

"Through The Mists of Faerie" is a book about High Elven Magic. Not the magic of chants and spells and ceremonies, of which we've already written quite a bit, but of the Quest to become like those kindred of ours who we, and others, call the Shining Ones, and which most folks think of when they fantasize about what elves are—even when they deny that we are elven or that elves exist at all. The Shinning Ones are the evolved beings who guide the elven people upon their spiritual Path.

If you would enter Faerie, or Elfin as we often call it, this is a book about the Path that leads there.

This book is dedicated to our elf sister Syleniel and to our kindred of the Elanari.

Many thanks for your review on Amazon, dear Cynthia Faerie (Delfnynasa):

“Another wonderful book from the Silver Elves. This is a deep and thoughtful book, not a quick read. It is not fluffy bunny 101. ( Nothing against fluffy bunnies, but there are enough books for them now!) This is a book to mull over, to let the thoughts percolate down to your roots and up again. I can see this being a book I can read over and over always finding new thoughts.”


Thank you Vendelin for your comments on Amazon about our book:

“I always enjoy the wit and wisdom of the Silver Elves, whatever form it may take. This particular book was an enjoyable and informative read.”


Thank you, dear Ileådryn, who writes on Amazon:

This book is pure wisdom.
My life, has been changed for the better, having read it.
Having been a spiritual practitioner, for many years, (A Buddhist), I still was left with unanswered questions about some things.
Particularly, about mys'elf, others, and life and the universe.
This book answered many of those questions and sparked deep growth in me that led to several profound spiritual breakthroughs.
I cannot thank enough, the Silver Elves for writing this book, and the deep wisdom it expresses.
The world is better for the Shining contents of this book.

And we thank Reikibev who writes from Amazon:

This is another enchanting book by the Silver Elves. Who wants to find their way to Faerie? It's not that hard. "Elfin, Faerie, Elfland or the Sacred Realm or Dimension of Magic that lives at the heart of the Universe, is an incredibly attractive power. It draws all true souls to it."
Within each of us is a spark of Elven. It has been with us since the beginning. The answers are within, and "within is the gateway to the beyond." We can find these states through meditation, deep silence, being alone in nature. We are magical beings, and when we become aware of our own magic, life then becomes a joyous adventure. The Silver Elves consider us their kin. They are calling out to us to come and join them. Somewhere deep inside us, we hear them calling. And we begin to seek it, hunger for it.

This lovely little book aids us in finding our way Through the Mists of Faerie. To our own true home. Where our kin have been calling us, to welcome us home.


And we thank our Goodreads readers for their reviews:

Thank you Carol Stewart

"Definitely a 5 star book! I have read a few of the wonderful books by the SIlver Elves and wish I had started with this one, because it really explains the elven philosophy and makes the folk lore understandable even in this modern world."

And from Ken Tolle:

"This was the first book I read by the Silver Elves and it awakened me to my spiritual side like no other book has before or since. For anyone who loves the fae, this is the book to read!"

And thank you Nikolay

"Through the Mists of Faerie is probably, the most magical, the most profound and brilliant book in my life that I have ever read.
It is about the Elven Path, about the Elven Philosophy and about the Magick, True Elven Magick and the device of this world in its true essence from the point of view of the elves, ancient spirits in human bodies.
This book is written in simple language about not simple things.
Reading this book, you can really experience going through the dense mist of Faerie forest with the authors and slowly this mist is lifting and opening before your eyes [and] so many new things that were previously hidden or covered by a veil of mystery, suddenly, at one moment becoming clear and understandable."

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The Silver Elves

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The following is an example of writing from this book, page 67-70, from Part One:

Soul Mates and Soul Bonds

Most people are aware of the idea of a Soul Mate, that is a person one is linked with in one’s soul and with whom one is destined to unite. In the otherkin community there is also the idea of a Soul Bond, a similar link, that is two or more individuals destined to be together, however, not necessarily for romantic purposes, as the Soul Mate usually connotes, but coming together to help each other on their spiritual path, or as we elves call it the Path of Elfin, and the journey of the evolutionary quest. Both of these are inspired by the Soulful Witness, which seeks to unite us with, or help us to realize our unity with others. The Soul Mate aspect especially has this energy because, while romantic, it tends to often indicate those who are so close together that they function and become almost like one person. In fact in the experience of these elves, most people who have been together for any length of time do tend to become very like each other.

This Soul Mate union can become so strong, that is the individuals can merge so deeply, that in some cases in future lives the individuals can inhabit one body becoming a greater individual. There are some, we know, who will immediately bulk at this idea, fearing to loose their individuality, but you should know that this union is almost never forced. It happens because these individuals love each other so deeply that they hunger for greater union and merge together. They, in a sense, crawl into each other’s soul. This merging can also be seen in the hunger by mystics and certain religious devotees to be filled with the ecstatic love of their chosen “god”.

Curiously, this can never happen among or between individuals who are not strong individuals. It is true that some will look upon such individuals as being weak for yielding their individuality so easily, but in fact having achieved all they wished, or needed to achieve as individuals, they then seek a greater, more powerful union based upon love. They lose their s’elves in their other. They still are and yet they are more.

Perhaps this can be seen in what is called multiple personality disorder where the individual encounters so much stress that it breaks again into two or more personalities in an attempt to shield the primary personal, the union, from harm. The therapists dealing with such an individual seek to re-integrate the personalities into one being again.

The Soul Bond tends to have a similar energy, but one that preserves the integrity of each soul/spirit participating in the union. This bond provides mutual assistance for developing spirits. This is along the lines of what the Buddhist might call Right Association, that is to say hanging out with others who are also on the Path.

Again, no one, or any power, forces you together with other souls into one being, or if it does so, it almost never lasts. True union is based on Love. In fact it occurs because the love is so deeply felt that the beings merge. It is an effect of True Love.
As we’ve said, the All of Life, is destined to be consciously aware. That is every atom in the Universe, every atom in one’s body will become conscious. But you can see that without a sense of cooperative union such a system would very quickly disintegrate into its most elemental parts. We are draw together through attraction. And just like sex draws us together, and offers us pleasure in exchange for union, the Universe, the Divine, the Magic makes our merging worth our while with ecstatic bliss.

And yet while we share a body, the body of the Cosmic Soul/Spirit, we are still uniquely ours’elves, just as the cells in our body are each differentiated. Our heart is not our liver, nor our lungs, our spleen. If we were exactly the same in union, we’d dissolve into a blob. Fear not, the Magic didn’t make you unique in order to destroy your uniqueness. Rather it seeks to makes us so we fit perfectly together. The Universe is a puzzle being put together. However, it is a Magic Puzzle whose image continues to change. We might call it a motion picture puzzle.

So how does one retain one’s individuality while being conscious of the whole? By becoming increasingly aware of one’s unconscious elements, which include not only all we have known and experienced and forgotten, but also the Collective Unconsciousness of our genetic line, our race, and humanity over all as well as the all of life. In other words, we come into psychic and intuitive contact with everything that seems separate or beyond us. Just as our eyes capture light from around us and translate it into images of the dimensions in our immediate vicinity so, too, do our feelings, via intuition and psychic perception, pick up the signals from all things that are in our vicinity. And all things are connected in the Universe.

Anything that is not connected in this Universe does not exist for us. Also, Quantum Physics tells us that any two things that have ever come into contact have an immediate psychic rapport no matter how long or far the time or space (really the same thing) separating them. Some folks refer to this extension of the Spirit through the Soul as the Expansion of Consciousness.

This psychic harmony brings us into rapport with a wider range of life and yet does not violate nor dissolve the essential unity of our individual nature. And while many people believe that humans, along with higher beings, such as angels, are the only ones who have individual nature, we elves do not accept this idea. It is clear to us that animals, while often having less opportunity to develop their uniqueness, and while more powerfully directed by their drives, still have personalities and individual natures. They are also unique beings, just as no tree or plant is exactly the same although they continue to conform to the limitations and variations of their species.

Ultimately, as we evolve we will each become totally unique; we will become Singularities, while being ever more in harmony with the all of life. However, true immortality will not come to us until we are s’elf sufficient, that is to say we will no longer need to consume outside of ours’elves to live but will generate the very energy we survive upon. We will be complete symbiotic beings, feeding each other with love as we live together in love forever.

The following is another example of writing from this book, page 62-65, from Part One:

Pure Awareness

What most people call consciousness is an awareness of their thoughts, beliefs and ideas. In the animal kingdom, consciousness is an instinctual awareness and lacks, for the most part, the beliefs, ideas and self-concepts found among humans. In the human being, the idea driven consciousness comes to fore but, as we’ve pointed out already, this is primarily directed and motivated by ideas ruled by our passions and emotionally connected ideas. We think ours’elves to be free but really our lives are controlled by these passions and beliefs.

When we are born into a particular life we come bearing the imprint on our souls of our pervious experiences. Obviously, when we are reborn we don’t have the same body. So our bodies, as they currently exist, clearly are not a part of our immortal s’elf, although they are composed of the energy that is, in its’elf, immortal. We are mostly formed from Star-stuff or Stardust, and elves are particularly aware of this fact. So when we come into a new life, our soul/spirit gathers around it the available stardust/energy to form a new body.

Since this stardust also bears the imprint of its past, in the form of a DNA coding directive, we also come into each life with a racial consciousness, formed in what is often called the Collective Unconscious. We also have a human consciousness, and bear the imprint of our evolution through various forms from all our previous incarnations. To become truly immortal beings, that is to say, immortal in the way that vampires are seen as being immortal, having a permanent immortal physical body, we need to integrate our consciousness with and merge with the consciousness of the energy that temporarily composes us. Of course, elves are often also seen as being Immortal, particularly in our more ephemeral forms, or our ethereal or etheric bodies combined with our astral bodies.

In time our bodies will become more resilient, less physical, and more like light, thus more ephemeral. The dimensions we will reside within, the dimension of Elfin/Faerie will be similar to living in a dream. We will have greater powers, such as the power to fly, and the ability to do things that we can now only dream of doing. And yet it will be every bit as real as a dream seems when we are in it, or every bit as real as this illusionary world that we currently abide within.

Also, just as clearly when we pass from one body to another, we don’t carry our thoughts, feelings and beliefs with us, or our memories, unless indeed we have obtained continuity of consciousness and have born our mind through the death process, which, honestly, these particular elves are nowhere near to achieving. Are you? If you are, you will be able to tell because you will be able to remain aware throughout the night as your body sleeps without losing consciousness. Sleep, as we said, is the little death. It is the reflection in microcosm, As Above/So Below, As Within/So Without, of the life death cycle.

For most individuals, the death experience and the assumption of a new stardust body is like suffering from total amnesia. You don’t remember anything. You don’t even know what you know. For instance, in amnesia, you may know how to type or play a piano, but don’t you know that you know how to do it until you sit down at a typewriter, or computer, or piano and suddenly find that typing or playing piano comes automatically to you. So, too, in moving from one life to another, we carry certain abilities with us. We don’t necessarily know that we know, rather we feel we were born with certain talents and abilities, and indeed we were. Usually, we find we learn these things very quickly and easily. These skills seem to come naturally to us.

Our feelings, not so much our emotions, but mostly our feelings, because they are by their nature essentially unconscious, come easily through the transitional state of death. We may not remember whom we loved or liked or disliked, but if we encounter them again or someone like them we immediately sense our attraction, or our repulsion. There are certain individuals that we know immediately even though it seems we have never met them previously. So until we are able to carry our memories from life to life consciously, they are still born in our soul, particularly those things that are most important to us, which is love and relationship, as well as having an instinctual recognition of and attraction to those with whom we have a karmic connection either positive or negative.

We can see this fact reflected in our current life in our conscious and unconscious. The basic consciousness is everything of which we are currently aware. But we also have an unconscious which composes everything of which we are not aware, which for most of us is far vaster than our conscious awareness. Consider all the things we don’t know, and add to it all the things, events, facts, people, experiences we have forgotten, which are stored in our brains but which, for most of them, are lost to us except at certain times. So, too, are our experiences stored in our soul, but only accessible under certain profound circumstances, although occasionally brought to mind by our encounters in the world, just as memories may be brought back into consciousness by a particular, song, smell, or experience. Our soul stores all our experiences and in that way is linked to the Akashic record, which records all experiences of all beings. The Akashic record is the library of the Soul of the Universe.

the silver elves


Table of Contents

A Word About Pronouns 13

Section One: The Nature of the true S'Elf

Coming to the Path 25
The Will to Mastery 32
The Plan 36
A Few Words About the Dark Lodge 36
The Goals of Evolutionary Life 38
The Evolving Aspect of Will 39
The Seeming Conflict 41
Knowing the Plan 44
The Underlying Assumption 45
Meditation 47
The Wiccan Rede 49
Astrology 51
Elven Kin 52
Integration of our Natures 53
The Body 54
Feelings 55
Thoughts 55
Soul 56
Spirit 57
The Lessons of the Soul 58
Being and Non-Being 60
Conscious and Un-Conscious 61
Pure Awareness 62
The Witnesses 65
Soul Mates and Soul Bonds 67
Vegetarianism 70
The Rationalizing Mind 71
The Quest 73
The Courtship 78
The Dancers 80
The Ego 82
Defining the S’elf 84
Training the Dog 89
The Power of Reason 90
Understanding the Student 91
On With the Dance of Romance 93
One of Silver, One of Gold 94
Joining the Dance 96
Giving the Devil his Due 97
Seeing Beyond the World 98
The Great Spirit 99
The Great Soul 99


Section Two: The Elven Way

Old Souls and Old Spirits 105
Trails and Tribulations 107
The Magician and the Mystic 109
Leaders and Followers 110
Elvenhome 111
Elfland 112
Serenity 114
Hope Springs Eternal 119
Why Do We Call Ours’elves Elves 120
Finding the Source 122
How Do We Know What Is True? 123
You Are Your Own Master 124
The Thousandth Elfae 125
Facts and Knowledge 126
Vibrational Understanding 129
Enchantment 130
Know Thys’elf 131
Agreeing to Agree 136
Parallel Worlds 138
Doubts 139
Out Of Our Minds 142
The Great Mystery 143
True Knowing 145
Calling To Faerie 147
Creating the Atmosphere 148
Dealing With the Gods 150
Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys 158
Magic Happens 160
Mayavirupa 161
Meeting Ones’elf 162
The Humanity of Gods 164
Over-Shadowing 166
Sexual Attraction 168
The Separation of Spirit and Matter 171
The World Is One 172
Contagious 173
Elven Blood 174
The Swing 176
Effortlessness 180
Magic Costs 182
Everything Furthers 184
Giving the Body Its Due 185
Pursue Excellence 187


Section Three: Ancient Futures

The Seven Pointed Star 191
1. The Presence: 192
2. Focus: 193
3. Calm Composure: 194
4. Inner Understanding: 195
5. Openness: 196
6. Appreciation 197
7. Altruism 199
The Seven Great Obstructions 200
1. False Sense of S’elf 202
2. False Notion of the Universe 204
3. False Relationship 205
4. False Separation of Spirit and Matter 208
5. Self-Referencing 210
6. False Fulfillment 212
7. False Ritual 214

Section Four: The Shinning Ones

The Shining Ones 223
The Elite 228



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