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Sticks and Stones, Feathers, Charms and Bones:
An Original Oracle of the Elfin Peoples of the Ancient Future

We are happy to share with you another of our original Elven divination systems that we have created to be used by Elfae and all other interested diviners. STICKS AND STONES, FEATHERS, CHARMS AND BONES uses the ten Sacred Magical Treasures of The Silver Elves as a base. The original oracle board is featured on the cover of this book, which contains both an Inner and Outer Circle, each circle containing the Sacred Magical Treasures of The Silver Elves.

There are ten of these Sacred Magical Treasures of The Silver Elves in all: The Orb of Healing, The Wand of Wishing, The Coin of the Realm, The Feather of Truth Telling, The Magic Mirror of Reflection, The Sack of Giving, The Philtre of True Love, The Phial of Eternal Youth, The Elf Horns of Calling and the The Torch of the Eternal Silver Flame. In this system, to cast the oracle, one may simply throw the sticks, stones, feathers, charms and bones upon the board and read the outcome according to the position in which they land. The oracle interpretations for this method are found within this book.

The introduction to the book explains how to make your own board (with instructions and a clear black and white image of the board included), how to gather and use your tokens (to represent your sticks, stones, feathers, charms and bones), and instructions on how to go about using this book to read and interpret the oracle. You may ask of the oracle to give you a general reading of what is to come in your life, in which case you will use all the tokens. Or you may wish to ask a very specific question, like, "What is my power in this situation?" In which case, you may wish to only use the Personal Charm. Or you may ask, "In what fashion will the spirits help me?" and then the Otherworldly Charm might be best. Or if you want to know what is behind the situation, what karma or fate has brought you to this circumstance, then the Small Stone might be the wisest choice. But for a balanced reading, it is perhaps best to throw all the magical objects, either together or one at a time to see the various aspects of the situation and get a full view of what is going on. Enjoy and please feel free to find us through the information in the book 'About The Author' section, and discuss with us your experiences with using this elven oracle.

We dedicate this book to our dear mothers who taught us the spell:
“Stickes and stones will break our bones but words will never hurt them.”

Excerpts from Chapter 1:
The Big Stick
(Page 26-27)

The Inner Circle:
The Torch of the Eternal
Silver Flame of Elfin

If the Big Stick falls upon or significantly touches the inner Torch, it indicates that there are deeper, greater spiritual powers at work here than you realize. Double check your motivations and be sure there isn’t any doubt or unclarity about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Choose what is right and fair for everyone and you can’t go wrong.

And instead if the Big Stick lands on any of the other Sacred Magical Treasures within the Inner Circle besides the Torch, then you read the corresponding treasure below:

The Orb of Healing brings healing to a situation or points to the need for healing but even then, it radiates healing into what is going on. Being the inner realm, it indicates this healing is coming directly from the spirit realms, the realms of Elfin and Faerie. When the Big Stick lands here one is called to make healing one’s primary motivation in this situation. Do whatever you can to make things better for everyone involved. This will bring you success and luck not only in the material world, but more importantly in the world of spirit and magic, which are the true and lasting dimensions.

In reference to questions about love, romance, relationship and friendship, this energy promotes healing in the situation, healing for yours’elf but also an improvement for everyone. If you strive to be the best you can be as a person, this will bring you great luck. Be your highest s’elf in dealing with others here. Examine your motives and make them as pure and as enlightened as you possibly can. Others will be affected by your example and this will bring blessings for everyone.

Inquiries about business, job, money and so on as also favored by an improving influence. This is a time of blessings, but it will not endure, so make the most of this favorable cycle while it lasts. As the old saying goes, make hay while the sun shines. If you are intent on success, then put all your energy into it at this juncture and that will yield great rewards in time.

Obviously, an inquiry about health and healing gets a very positive response when the magical object falls here. The Big Stick does indicate a need to put lots of energy into the situation. To be thoroughly dedicated to healing. Do you really wish to heal? Does the person you are attempting to help sincerely desire healing? Or is there something they are getting out of the situation, pity, compassion, sympathy, attention or something else that makes the illness worthwhile to them? Examine yours’elf and the situation carefully.

As to questions about your spiritual life and path, your life in the magical realms, this is also a very positive response, although one that indicates that healing is coming to you and that you need to get yours’elf into situations, circumstances, environments, and with people who will foster your spiritual and magical growth, even if these relationships are only on the internet. Hang out with those who can help you improve and for your own part help others do the same and this will prove rewarding.

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The Silver Elves


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Excerpts from Chapter 6: The Long Bone (Page 256-257)

The Outer Circle: The Elf Horns of Calling

If the Long Bone lands outside of the outer circle, it denotes the fact that you are losing touch with your past, your ancestry and the spirits that have long fostered your being and sacrificed so that you might have this life and this opportunity. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing in this situation, we will leave for you to decide. It could be that it is time for you to set out on your own in an entirely new direction.

If instead the Long Bone landed within the Outer Circle, then please read the corresponding treasure below:

(skipping to page 261-264 of Long Bone Chapter)
If the Long Bone falls into the outer circle of the Feather of Truth Telling, one is called to seek the truth in one’s current situation, but also to seek the full truth, the truth that is behind the truth. One needs to look at one’s own and other people’s motivations and also why it is they wish what it is that they desire and why they act the way they do. What is behind what is going on? What forces have been in play from the past? For in seeing the truth and acknowledging it, you just may have a chance of changing the situation for the better for you and others. This may call for a bit of sorcery.

When you had a question relative to love, romance, marriage, friendship or your social life, this position of the Long Bone designates a time when an examination of one’s history and one’s ancestry may provide some insight into what is currently going on. You may wish to do one of those ancestry DNA tests. You may be surprised. Sometimes our inner conflicts as well as our outer ones have an unseen dimension due to our genetic heritage. It is good to take people for who they are, and not judge them by their ancestors, relatives, and ethnic background, but at the same time, it may very well help, especially in this situation, to know what their lineage is. Can elves and orcs get along? Are faeries and goblins compatible?

If you asked a question about business, finances, job or career advancement and success or prospects for prosperity, this placement of the Long Bone indicates that certain facts will be coming out, disclosures and other revelations about things that have happened in the past that will affect your financial situation. This truth may not seem to be to your advantage at first, but at least now you know the facts and knowing the truth is vital to success. Dealing with reality will give you a true advantage over those who are acting upon illusion and falsehood and refuse to see the situation as it truly is.

If you were wondering about health and healing, this position of the Long Bone indicates that you need to be honest about your own healing abilities and powers, don’t pretend to be other than you are but also remember your ancestors want your success. They wish you to go further, live longer and healthier than they did. And if not, then they are some piss poor ancestors, indeed. Discover the truth of the situation and from that you can proceed to heal. It is likely that you will be dealing with issues from the past, but the fact remains, it is time to focus your healing energy and send it forth.

And if you were inquiring about your spiritual and magical life and path, this fall of the Long Bone denotes a time when it would serve you well to be completely clear about who your ancestors were. Especially, in this case, about those who proceeded you on your spiritual path. Be honest with yours’elf about where you are on the path, as best you can tell, and how developed they truly were. Remember, no matter the hype, the legend and the lore about them, they were human beings with their own peculiarities, foibles and weaknesses. Let them become real in your mind, no matter how great or horrible they may seem in retrospect and realize we all struggle as spirits to advance, succeed and achieve.


When the Long Bone lands in the outer realm of the Magic Mirror of Reflection one is called to consider what one has inherited from the ancestors, both in a personal fashion and in a more general societal fashion and also, and perhaps more importantly, what one may do to use the gifts and blessings one has received, or the inherited guidance and wisdom or even the troubles and challenges that have been left to one to solve, and make the world a better place for you, your kindred and the world at large.

If you had asked a question about love, romance, relationship, marriage, friendship or your social life, this response of the oracle says that one should reflect upon one’s relationships and on one’s effect upon others, throughout one’s lifetime. What is the history of your relationships? How have you faired in relationships in the past? What is the history of your current relationships? And most importantly, what can you do better? Are you simply stuck in a cycle where you repeat the same things again and again? Always choosing the same sort of people to be involved with? And how is that working for you?
When you had an inquiry about business, finances, or job or career success or possibly your future prospects for prosperity overall, or even about a particular business venture or deal you have going, the position of the Long Bone reminds you that everyone has a history. What has come before this deal? How have the people you are involved with treated others in the past? Are they honest? Sly? Just plain crooked? Have they been successful in the past? And you? What is your track record for successful financial dealings? The past, in this case, has great bearing on the possibilities of fulfillment to this question and it is likely that history will be repeating itself.

If you had a question that has to do with health and healing, this placement of the Long Bone brings the weight of your ancestors’ wishes for you to succeed into focus. It is true that there may be issues from the past that you have inherited that need your healing energy, but that is the point. You are meant to do better, live longer, be healthier and go farther than your ancestors did. Make them proud. Put forth your healing energy and make the future better than the past. Your ancestors support you.

If your inquiry involved your spiritual life and magical path, this placement of the Long Bone has you examining your spiritual history and the ones who have tread this path before you. It also indicates that there is definitely something to learn from the past. Look to those who have written about this path in the past. There are hints there that contain magical secrets that will prove enlightening and that you may use to further yours’elf in the world. Consider those who have stood out upon your path in the past, those who have borne it along and carried it further. But also consider all those who have tread this path and whose efforts have been forgotten, although they may affect you still. Remember the spirit of those who have been forgotten and honor their contribution to your path.

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