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The Elven Star Oracle: A System of Divination for Star Enchanters

"The Elven Star Oracle” is an original divinatory system created by the Silver Elves invoking the 88 major constellations and the blessings of the Shining Ones for guiding one through the world and ever closer to the realization of Faerie. It is called "The Elven Star Oracle" because it is based upon the seven pointed Elven Star, sometimes called the Faery Star, and the areas between the points, overlaid on the dimensional manifestation of Faerie and the realms that are linked to it. See our sample pages below. Enjoy!

This book is dedicated to
Emily Carding for her friendship
and for writing "Faery Craft".



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Here below is an excerpt from Chapter 2 on the magic of drawing the 1st constellation “Andromeda” as your oracle along with one of the nine realms of influence:


The Constellations are listed first by their Arvyndase name (see our book Arvyndase (Silver Speech): A Short Course in the Magical Language of the Silver Elves) and then their English name, followed by the symbol these elves associate with it and after that, if it differs, the symbol traditionally associated with that constellation.

Våstaruva, Andromeda

This is the Elven Constellation of Våstaruva that the current dominant culture calls Andromeda. These elves see it as the symbol of the Sacrificial Tiger. Usually, people speak of the sacrificial lamb, an innocent that is offered in sacrifice, but here we elves refer to those who willing face danger for the sake of our people, for right and justice and unfortunately die in their attempt to defend the innocent and the just. This is the constellation of the Fallen Hero, the one who fought for what is right but lost hir life in the process. In Elven lore, this willing sacrifice is rewarded by an elevation of spirit and increased power in one’s next life.

Receiving Våstaruva in this dimension indicates sacrifice for the general wellbeing. This is a very community oriented energy and denotes that success will come through one’s link to Faerie and as result of what one has sacrificed in the world, or what one has given up in terms of worldly success or social position, to pursue the Elven Way. It indicates rewards given for sacrifices that have been made.

Is this so important that you are willing to risk your life or something nearly as valuable to achieve what you believe in? If so, if this ideal is more important than life itself, then proceed with great energy. You may have to sacrifice something great, but it will be a significant sacrifice and will not go unnoticed by the Shining Ones, and will ring throughout the dimensions drawing power to your soul and elevation to your spirit. Your courage will not go unrewarded.

Coming to grips with death is not always easy. One often masters it as an idea only to realize that when it raises its head in reality that one’s feelings have a different opinion on the matter. This is only natural. We are meant to preserve ours’elves and to live as long as we can. However, there are some things that are just more important than any one lifetime and when one comes to realize this, one faces death without compunction to preserve the good and the beautiful.

It hurts to be rejected. Still, the important thing is to do one’s best in each relationship and if you made mistakes this time, next time do things better. And if you did your best and were still abandoned, then know you are probably luckier than you realize, although that will be hard to grasp at this point.

This situation requires you to make a personal sacrifice to go forward. This is ever a voluntary sacrifice (it would be meaningless otherwise) of your time, energy, even your blood or your life. The question is how important is this to you? How much do you believe? Is it really worth risking your life over? Is it really worth the time and effort?

To suffer for the greater good is to be uplifted by that goodness. Even those who do the wrong thing for the right reasons are not forgotten but offered greater enlightenment. Intention is vital to the higher magics. If your intention is pure proceed with confidence. You may have to learn that conviction does not necessarily denote higher understanding, but we all have our lessons to learn.

The simple fact is that some people are a bit dense, irritating or hard to be around; however, it is best in this situation if you can show them some compassion, have a little patience and sacrifice your time and energy to help them. After all, what are we here for as spiritual beings if it isn’t to help uplift those who are not quite as evolved as we? It may seem a waste of your energy, but what you do to benefit others always rewards you in time. This is a lesson in tolerance.

When it comes down to it, they just won’t be willing to make the sacrifice, put in the required energy, or do what is necessary. More than likely you will have to pick up the slack. You should know that before getting involved with these folks.

They think they will achieve something by bringing about your ruin. They don’t know how wrong they are. Your success is everyone’s success. Those who oppose you, truly oppose thems’elves. What greater folly can there be?

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