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Ruminations on Necromancy: Continuing Correspondence
Between The Silver Elves and
The Founders of The Elf Queen's Daughters

Ruminations on Necromancy is the fourth book in the series of correspondence between the Silver Elves and the founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters, particularly Zardoa Silverstar of the first group, and Arwen Everbright of the second. The topics continue to cover Sorcery, Esoteric Buddhism, Elven Culture, Magic, and modern culture. It is entitled Ruminations on Necromancy because the dominate theme is about Necromancy, Necroturgy, and Death. (See sample pages of book below)

We feel this is one of the more important books that we have published because it reflects our correspondence with Arwen, who was an occultist, magician and the founder along with Elanor of the Elf Queen's Daughters, during a time when she was nearing her own death. While this is the fourth book in a series of correspondences we had with the founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters, it is not necessary to read them in any particular order.

This book is dedicated to our young
Elf Queen Ona Elanor Rose,
born September 2012,
who brings us the blessings
of the rebirth of our ancestors.


We would also like to thank Arwen and Elanor for collaborating with us on this series of books and making it possible. Arwen and Elanor, founders of The Elf Queen's Daughters, have enjoyed a life enriched by their continued efforts in communal, collaborative, cooperative works of art forms including music, writing, and film-making. (see their independent full-length feature films by The La Honda Film company. La Honda Films has produced two full-length films: "Buffalo Hearts" (now available on both Netflix and Amazon) and their newest film release, "California Tango". They also have a number of films in the works including: "The Sorcerer", "Pacal Voltan", and "The Aenid". For more information on their films, enjoy visiting their production website at:


—the silver elves


Table of Contents:

Ruminations on Necromancy:
Letters No. 1 . . . . Understanding Death 15

Letters No. 2 . . . . Approaching the
Subject of Death and Necromancy 18

Letters No. 3 . . . . Death in Culture and Ritual 21

Letters No. 4 . . . . Tracing Back Attitudes
About Death 26

Letters No. 5 . . . . Every Death is
Matched by a Birth 30

Letters No. 6 . . . . Pre-Existence is Key 33

Letters No. 7 . . . . “Rising-Sign” Is
About Pre-existence 37

Letters No. 8 . . . . Madam Blavatsky—
A River of Wisdom 41

Letters No. 9 . . . . Rank and Responsibility 45

Letters No. 10 . . . . Communal Qualities
From Paleolithic Times 49

Letters No. 11 . . . . Evolutionary Dynamics 52

Letters No. 12 . . . . Daring to Pass the
“Ring Pass Not” 56

Letters No. 13 . . . . With “Eyes Wide Shut” 59

Letters No. 14 . . . . Creating Ashramic Magic 63

Letters No. 15 . . . . The 7 Deadly Sins —
The 7 Spiritual Challenges 66

Letters No. 16 . . . . Lust 70

Letters No. 17 . . . . “Rites of Passage”
and Intrinsic Purpose 74

Letters No. 18 . . . . Byzantine Efforts 77

Letters No. 19 . . . . Elder/Eldar Race 82

Letters No. 20 . . . . “Elantari” 86

Letters No. 21 . . . . Communicating with Animals 90

Letters No. 22 . . . . Evolution of
Our Intuitive Senses 92

Letters No. 23 . . . . Demons of Chaos 96

Letters No. 24 . . . . The Omen Bringers 99

Letters No. 25 . . . . “Dharma’s Spell” 103

Letters No. 26 . . . . Love and Fear 106

Letters No. 27 . . . . Diminishing Fear 109

Letters No. 28 . . . .Establishing Inner Rank 112

Letters No. 29 . . . . “Soul-Mates” 115

Letters No. 30 . . . .The Becoming of
Gandalf The White 119

Letters No. 31 . . . . Sorcerers and Wizards 123

Letters No. 32 . . . . Spirit of Maat 127

Letters No. 33 . . . . The Sylmarillion 131

Letters No. 34 . . . . Responsibility of Attachment 134

Letters No. 35 . . . . Incarnations 138

Letters No. 36 . . . . The Bell Tolls for Everyone 140

Letters No. 37 . . . . Ancient Egypt’s View of
Time as Non-Linear 143

Letters No. 38 . . . . Cryptic Words 147

Letters No. 39 . . . . Great Egypt’s Profound
Knowledge of Death 150

Letters No. 40 . . . . Cycles and Using Necromancy
to Extend our Sight 153

Letters No. 41 . . . . Old Age Makes the Idea
of Death Easier 156

Letters No. 42 . . . . White Ships Hath Come 159

Letters No. 43 . . . . Tolkien’s Notion of Death 161

Letters No. 44 . . . . Looking to the Source 165

Letters No. 45 . . . . Necromancers Know Those
Who Ignore History Are Doomed To Repeat It 169

Letters No. 46 . . . . Death Cults 172

Letters No. 47 . . . . Celtic Folk 176

Letters No. 48 . . . . Simple Life is Best 179

Letters No. 49 . . . . Hylozoism Eases
Fear of Death 182

Letters No. 50 . . . . The White Ship of Death 185

Letters No. 51 . . . . “The Dead” 189

Letters No. 52 . . . . Death and Evolution—
True Necroturgy 192

Letters No. 53 . . . . The High Sorcerer’s Approach
as a Scholar 195

Letters No. 54 . . . . A Deeper Necromancy 199

Letters No. 55 . . . . The Dogan Death Rituals 202

Letters No. 56 . . . . White Ships are Arriving 206

Letters No. 57 . . . . We Shall Dance and Sing
Until We Raise the Dead 209

Letters No. 58 . . . . Revere Innocence 213

Letters No. 59 . . . . White Lodge Sorcerers’ Quest
to Discover the Source 217

Letters No. 60 . . . . Death and Arhat-ship 221

Letters No. 61 . . . . The Sorcerer’s Intent 224

Letters No. 62 . . . . Tulku Comes and Goes
Like a Visiting Muse 227

Letters No. 63 . . . . What Happens to People
After Death 229

Letters No. 64 . . . . The Netherworlds and
Discarnate Souls 232

Letters No. 65 . . . . The Source—Wordless State of Non-Being 236

Letters No. 66 . . . Making Our Own Luck 239

Letters No. 67 . . . . Higher Principles
and Capitalism 243

Letters No. 68 . . . . Buddha and His Arhats 247

Letters No. 69 . . . . Creative Periods 250

Letters No. 70 . . . . Elders of the Extended
Family—At the Heart of Necroturgy 253

Letters No. 71 . . . . Esotericists and Modern
Scientific Studies 257

Letters No. 72. . . . Astrological Cycles
for 2012-2013 262

About the Authors 267

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Sample pages from "Ruminations on Necromancy":

Letters No. 1 . . . . Understanding Death


. . . . it's really an enormous part of what we're all about. Everybody bounces around smiling, cheering up strangers, giving folk recognition for just being folk, casting out demons, listening to the worthy, blessing people and, encouraging everyone that may require the subtlest attention and/or guidance. Don't kid yourself! We aren't really so "life affirming"; we just appear to be.
It's a matter of providing what the people need, without using words. Oh, we might use words to calm, to encourage, to commiserate but it's our wordlessness in regard to everyone's real fear that they're inevitably drawn towards. The dogs and cats and raccoons know we know of and understand death. People know too, they simply know subliminally and without their knowing reaching cogency and/or full-wakened-consciousness. However, even if we (ourselves) don't fully know we know, it matters not. Most of us spend an outrageously large portion of our time ruminating about poppycock. How much time do we spend knowing that we know?

Some of the commonest folk imaginable know death like the back of their hand. A rarer number know that they know. These folk are our true cohorts. They'll always help in our need. We simply discover them and then, give em a smile of recognition and we part again. Experience teaches us to search them out! It doesn't always have to involve death. They need recognition. It's our glory and honor to be chosen by fate to be the one's that render unto these lovely people the recognition they deserve.


Arwen and Elanor
(Founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters)

P.S Share that night-heron's blessing with one and all . . . we be needing it, always."

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #1)

"The Quest for Immortality …
Dear Elven Sisters, Arwen and Elanor,

… is a key factor, usually unconscious, in the life of nearly every being. We hunger to survive despite the difficulties and pain we encounter in the world for we are programmed by DNA, which is to say the Magic, to do so.

This Quest is somewhat confused in the minds of most folks by what seems to be the inevitability of Death, our old friend, consoler and ally. Death saves us from being trapped in decaying bodies, Death saves us from the eternal hell of sickness, and Death, when we realize it, usually saves us from a far worse fate that we’d otherwise encounter. That is our faith anyway.

As we refine our Spirits, we will of course become increasingly able to live in ever more resilient bodies and we will gradually approach immortality. If we but realized it, we would note that the energy that composes our current bodies can neither be created nor destroyed, and is thus already immortal in its essence. It is our own failure to achieve continuity of consciousness that makes it appear as though we die/sleep, but that is a challenge that we shall eventually (and we have forever to do so) overcome.

Giving recognition where it is due is ever an important achievement for the elven sorcerer and aspirant, and sensing those who are ready, at whatever level, to receive the knowledge we’ve earned that will help them on the quest for spiritual realization is just a part of the job description. These folk usually have a certain glow about them, an energy signature that we recognize and in recognizing, acknowledge.

There is often, we’ve found, a certain no nonsense lack of bullshit feeling in the communication and demeanor of those who know that Death comes for them and have accepted that fact. We’ve always found these much easier to be around than the majority of folk who are still inclined toward pretense and social posturing.

The great creative Dragon does come forth in the sign of the Arousing, and wise are those who yield the way and then follow in its wake, and bold are those who dare to ride it. Ride the Dragon.

Zardoa and Silver Flame

Afterthoughts: The Past lives within us. In many ways, Necromancy is another exploration into our personal Unconscious and the Collective Unconscious that hold for us all we have ever been or experienced

More Sample pages from "Ruminations on Necromancy"

Letters No. 21 . . . . Communicating With Animals


. . . . yet, very few of them permit themselves to believe other creatures think, scheme and dream as do humans. This is unfortunate but it is understandable. Those that understand the problem are generally the same people who deeply feel other animals think, scheme and dream as we do.

I've always believed that if we talk or otherwise communicate with animals . . . angelic-beings, the gods, the supra-dimensions will deign to commune with us. Everything works out in the long run. People are misled by their own foolish pride but in time, everything works out.



P.S. You're blessed by your continuing devotion to all animals.

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #21)

It is true …
Dear Arwen,

… that many folks do not understand the soulful nature of animals, nor cognize their intelligence, even those who are often so very close to them. But our continuing relationship to the creatures of the animal kingdom, as well as to the plants, trees and other evolving beings speaks to the continuing association we have with these souls, and is surely reflective of our own evolution and connection to the Shining Ones. Surely some day we will be in the same relationship to the beings that are so often called our “pets” as the Shining Ones are to us as they continue in their development.

We elves have ever been noted for our love of the trees and the seas and this is very true. There are also those who have an ongoing love affair with the mineral world, particularly the gems and crystals, and all of this is surely in preparation for our guardianship of them in ages yet to come.

We may often wonder at the state of the world and the appalling lack of understanding by so many regarding the consciousness and intelligence of other species, but we must ever remember this is where our fate, karma and thus our choices put us. This is the work we’ve undertaken in this age at the stage, and what can we do but set about fulfilling our dharma/quest/geas and be the best we can be, which is to say our own sorcerous s’elves, giving a nod to the trees, a wink to the breeze and sharing a knowing look with that bird flying by.

The fact is most animals, for their part don’t believe that men have souls or intelligence either. Ah, we all have a lot to learn.

Zardoa and Silver Flame

Afterthoughts: We are not quite sure what to call talking to animals. We expect that signs from ravens, crows, herons, etc. would be called Ornithomancy, although since these signs often come from spirits that have passed to higher regions, or the recently dead, they are a form of Necromancy. But what would we call talking to animals in general? Perhaps Zoomancy? Or Faunamancy?

And More Sample pages from "Ruminations on Necromancy"

Letters No. 30 . . . . The Becoming of Gandalf The White


. . . . being received from supra-dimensional sources (pertaining to our mutual activities) is presently extraordinary and positive. However, there's also 'hints' with strong considerations (we've all been exposed to noteworthy ramifications) of taking what we've successfully accomplished and slowly including the prerogatives gained from our, recently attained, higher rank. Of course, all of this does appear rather daring.

For incarnate human beings (including elves, hobbits and even wizards), there seems to be an irresistible tendency to "niche-out". For instance, Radagast (a cohort of Gandalf) became obsessed over birds and was lost in endless pursuit of knowledge about avian ways. Saruman was drawn into a power-trip that resulted in an ignominious end. Lesser beings than wizards niche-out too. Especially, at my age, where aches and pains can mount to the point of limiting my remaining physical functions, I must find a way to continue to dare.

In the recent past, Lord Dunsany, J.R.R. Tolkien, etc., indicated the universality of races retiring from explorations into the unknown for the most superfluous reasons imaginable (on a consistent basis). Needless to say, my brother, higher aspects within ourselves fully expect daring (ad-infinitum) from us, as long as we can still draw a breath.

Supra-dimensional threads within our total countenance are still inspiring our feeble biological vehicles, they also provide the bulk of the healing energy (by night and by day), getting 'out front' in terms of time-limitations for us and don't forget, they provide our post-and-pre-existent sanctuaries both after death and before birth, etc.; while, we it is that must do and dare. Do very well, thank you very much. Actually do or die, e.g., when it comes to defending representative government from all forms of attack. To be we, is to be prepared to lead . . . always.

At first, some years ago, when we began to be "raised-up" from our tolerable naiveté and "Bo Peep" ways of dallying with religionists, Theosophists, legitimate intellectuals, etc. . . . we started to become aware of a supra-dimensional aspect within ourselves that seemed to be growing. Now, this hidden aspect is manifesting more openly, more magnetically, sweeping foolishness away from it's vehicle's path . . . as we collaborate with it, we sublimely become it. Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White. Nature's much less mysterious than one thinks, when one stands as a surrogate in mighty nature's stead.



P.S. we'll always be together

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #30)

We must admit…
Dear Arwen,

… from the very first we read of Radagast, we had a particular affection for him. It is true that he, like Gandalf, did not foresee Saruman’s treachery, but it is was also he who sent the Eagle to rescue Gandalf when imprisoned by Saruman and we might surmise, although it isn’t specifically said, that it was he that sent the Eagles to help in the last battle. One might think that he niched out on the birds, but in truth he was master of all the flora and fauna of Middle Earth as well as being a Master of Shapes and Hues, so what other deeds he accomplished we do not know for like many great wizard sorcerers, his work was accomplished unseen.

Nor should we despise his works even if he did niche out. Not all of us are meant to follow the same path. Nature acts though diversity and finds a place and purpose of all beings, even if we don’t always understand what that may be from our own, necessarily limited, point of view. And it is good to remember that Radagast was specifically sent to Middle Earth by a Goddess to do exactly what he did. If he niched out, it was a very vast and important niche. Ever, such sorcerers as we, are called to see the vast and the overall, which includes each niche, and to understand why such niches are so very important in the vast scheme of things. Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White, perhaps Radagast the Brown became Radagast the Golden Light of the Sun on a Spring day.

The supra-dimensionals do encourage daring in us, and great daring it takes to chart one’s own course, hold fast to what one’s knows to be true, and pursue one’s own path as best one understands it, instead falling prey to continuous peer pressure and seeking shelter in the familiar and comfortable rather than pioneering into the unknown. It is easy to conform, but takes true daring to dare to be different.

These elves expect that Radagast was far more powerful and wiser than anyone knew. He was after all an honest wizard and that, in itself, speaks of a certain greatness. He did not fall, as Saruman, to the temptation of power, but then he probably had more power than any suspected and most likely a wider view and understanding than any knew. And for our own part, these elves would rather niche out than Nietzsche out as Saruman did. First, do no harm. Or as the I Ching tells us, be not to blame.

From the outside, one might look upon your own community of Spirits as a bit of a niche, but those would not be seeing the vast reach, extending even into the supra-dimensional realms, and influence of your life and your sorcery. Every niche is a micro-climate and Nature loves variety, for each niche adds in its way to the magnificence of the whole. And as Gandalf said, “For even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

Zardoa and Silver Flame

Afterthoughts: Does Necroturgy include passing through death, as Gandalf did, and coming out the other side into another life yet reborn in the same body but transformed and elevated in power and spirit? This we will need to ponder.



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