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Creating Miracles In the Modern World: The Way Of the Elfin Thaumaturge

Creating Miracles In the Modern World is a book of Elfin Thaumaturgy, of miracle working and wonder creation, although for these elves we much prefer the idea of wonder working and creation to the idea of miracles. We love wonders. We love creating them; we love encountering them. This simple tome will explore the means by which we may do so. By which we mean not only creating the wondrous but also developing our ability to see and appreciate the wonders that are all around us. These things are tied together. The ability to see wonders promotes the creation of wonders.

Some have written in popular books that there is no such thing as magic. We wonder then what they think miracles are if not magic. Of course, what they mean is that human beings are incapable of magic and that only the Divine, which they perceive of in the form of the Christian demi-god and his retinue, can do magic, which is to say create miracles. We elves, naturally, disagree. We are elves; we are magic by our very natures. We don’t so much have to do magic; we are magic. We exude magic from our pores. Our every movement is magic. Magic is an effect of our being.

Creating Miracles In the Modern World shows you, whoever you are—whether you are an elf or Otherkin or consider yourself a member of normal humanity—that the more we develop our own inner divine nature, the more wondrous we become, and therefore in consequence the more we are able to recognize the subtle wonders of the world and the Universe. Thus, s’elf development is ever a part of the progress of the elfin magician who seeks, first and foremost, to master hir (his/her) own s’elf in order to have influence upon the world at large and not the other way around. For mastery of ones’elf (also called s’elf discipline) is, in fact, a most wondrous thing creating awe in those who observe it, inspiring them with possibility. And possibility, which is the true nature of the Divine Magic, is at the root of the miraculous and the wondrous. Every wondrous thing flows from its being that expresses itself through us. Thus it is that in the act of sub-creation and in some cases, perhaps, co-creation, we, like the Divine Magic itself, do manifest wonders.


The Silver Elves

We dedicate this book to our son Draco Windwalker,
a lord of the wind and skies,
and thank you for all your inspiration.


"Wondrous is Faerie
Radiant and fair
But most wondrous of all
Is the love we elven share."

The Silver Elves


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The Silver Elves

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And here Is the beginning of Chapter 3 for you to sample:


Wonders erase the sufferings, pains and tragedies of the past. By this we mean that wonders remove the emotional content of past tragedies. It is not that one has forgotten what has occurred. One can surely remember what happened but such traumas no longer have the hold on one that they did previously. One can remember but often one just doesn’t bother to do so anymore. The sufferings of the past are rendered meaningless by wonder.

Take, for example, this energy as it manifests through relationship. Sometimes, someone that you loved (or were infatuated with) may reject you. The person abandons them for another and the individual suffers this loss to the depth of hir being. Every time one thinks of that person or encounters this lost love out and about with someone else, it tears at one’s heart. Jealousy often rearing its fabled ugly head, green eyed monster that it is. But then one finds a new love, a powerful, wondrous love and the old love no longer holds the power it had over one. One can encounter the old love and not feel a thing anymore. As the saying goes, time heals all things, but we elves say the wondrous heals them much more quickly.

So it is that all our past sufferings are washed away by wonder. The more wondrous our life becomes the less such old wounds bother us. We cease clinging to the past and the things that seemed so important to us, and we move on in our lives into a new world of wonder and magic. It is most often the case that those fanatical folks who constantly attempt to control everyone else’s life by their own judgments and beliefs are individuals who have lost touch with the wondrous. Or often their wonder is of the dark variety, the variety that insists that their wonder is the only wonder and every other wonder is an illusion and, simply, wrong. Insisting that one’s way is the only way for everyone is like saying everybody should fit into one’s particular clothes size. Many of us find their size way to restrictive for our beings, way too stuffy (quite a bit over-starched), or as is often the case for these elves, we find their size too filled with hot air, puffed out beyond all reasonable expectation of substance.

We once knew a very marvelous young magician who would come visit us from time to time when we lived in Carbondale, Illinois back in the 1970’s, and were manifesting as the Elves of the Southern Woodlands, a vortex of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. This quite wonderful young wizard liked to talk, particularly and with great enthusiasm, about Thaumaturgy. He loved the idea that we could use magic to create wonders and miracles. Then, he disappeared for a while and we did not see him again for months and when he did show up again, he had, much to our surprise, given up magic and had embraced Jesus as his Lord and Savior, etc., etc., etc. And while we could perceive that this was in some way wondrous to him, it was also in some fashion that we couldn’t quite define at the time, a limited wonder that restricted his experience rather than expanding it. He was now dependent on outside forces for his wonder and no longer conceived of his own ability to create it. In gaining something small, he had lost something truly great.
Why he made this change, we cannot say, although we expect that there was some untapped need within him, perhaps some sense of guilt or inner suffering that he couldn’t quite let go of that called him to it or perhaps the life of the aspiring Thaumaturge was too lonely for him to bear and he embraced the fellowship and companionship that religious devotees often share. However, while we still embraced him as a brother, these elves could not share in his more restricted and slightly fanatical new beliefs and, probably because of this, he never came around again for while we were perfectly okay with his new found Christian faith, he found our failure to embrace it with the same enthusiasm as he experienced, unacceptable. What become of him in the long run, we do not know, but we think of you still, dear brother, and wish you well and trust that magic guides your way.

The awakening of wonders, however, is not something that can be forced upon others or even yours’elf. You can’t compel someone to experience wonder and those who tell others who are suffering to move on or get over it, essentially to give up suffering and re-experience the world as wondrous, are wasting their breath (as well as being insensitive usually). A person cannot consciously get over it. They may try. They may pretend. They may act as if, and all of these may be helpful (although sometimes it only serves to help them bottle it all up, to repress or suppress it), but only true wonder will erase the pains of the past so they become mere history with all the emotional content removed or dispersed really, or perhaps faded would be an even better description. The emotion that was attached to it dissolves as though it never was, washed away by the tide of relentless wonder.

This fact holds true through time. In this way old enemies can become friends and new possibilities transpire. The hates of the past are expunged and the things that imprisoned our hearts no longer hold any power over them. All those old conflicts become irrelevant and are only remembered in order to enjoy the drama of the experience in stories of the past.

In releasing these old traumas because of increased wonder, we also let go of our attachment to those who have harmed us. You may say we forgive them, but really, the connection to them has simply become insignificant. It would be more accurate to say we’ve forgotten them, or really no longer spend any time thinking about them anymore and certainly the feeling that was attached to them no longer exists. Rather in that same way that one grows out of things that held one’s interest as a child. The tie of suffering that bound us together is released on our end; however, that does not clear their karmic responsibility on their end of things, only they can do that and often they simply refuse to do so (rather like the monkeys in the book Swiss Family Robinson who became trapped because they wouldn’t let go of the fruit that they clutched within a coconut shell and therefore their fist couldn’t fit back through the opening as their open hand did. A most fitting analogy.)

Even if we let go of the thread that links us karmically (and emotionally) with another, that doesn’t mean that that individual has released the thread (or chain) on hir end of things. We may no longer be holding on to this connection to the other person ours’elves and thus it has no relevance for us, but sHe may very well be clinging to that thread even though it is no longer attached to anything but hir own habits of thought and emotion. And such individuals will often whip that thread about attempting to get another to grab hold of it; frequently by someone who looks like us in some way or otherwise reminds them of us. This is unfortunate for them and certainly for an individual foolish enough to grab the other end, but oh, well, we have moved on. (Although it is a somewhat flawed film, Guy Richie’s Revolver speaks quite poignantly about this phenomenon and is worth seeing for that reason if for no other.)
Wonders embolden us. They make us courageous (and occasionally foolhardy and heedless), for they inspire us to pursue our interests with keen determination and a depth of passion that often sees no possibility of failure. Thus we encounter the activity of those who are infatuated and ignore all signs that their love interest holds no interest in them. In maturing as wonderworkers, we begin to pace ours’elves. We still hold a deep and abiding passion and love for the things that have created wonder in our lives, but we approach them with grace, almost as though reluctant, and do not exhaust ours’elves in the pursuit of those things that will never respond to our advances. We learn, in this way, how to hold wonders, how to make them last, and how to extend them with our own creations and cherish them in our hearts so whenever we encounter them again in the future they bring back memories of wonders experienced and thus the possibility of new wonders emerging.

This is somewhat Pavlovian, it is true. We have developed a conditioned response to certain stimuli that occurred at the same time we encountered the powerfully wondrous. But it is a good thing for we can use that stimulus to remind ours’elves of the wondrous, even if, as is sometimes the case, it has no effect upon others. It is common for many folks to mistake the stimuli that reminds us of it for the wondrous itself, which is why they play the song that was playing when they fell in love and it brings that moment back in their feelings but it often has little affect on others, because the song didn’t create the wonder, the love and romance did, the song just happened to be playing at the time and became welded to it in their experience and memory as a conditioned reflex. In a certain way, however, they had a relationship not merely with their lover but with the music itself, and alas, and perhaps unfortunately the latter often outlives the former. The song still touches our hearts but the person and romance to which it was attached has long since moved on.
When we come to understand and experience that the true nature of the Universe and the Divine Magic is wondrous to its core we begin to release our fear of life (and death) and particularly our fear of failure, knowing that success and wonder are our destiny and the ultimate realization for all our hopes. We also come to understand that the Divine Magic does not judge us nor punish us. Karma is the response of our own souls and spirits seeking perfection. Karma is something that ultimately we are doing to ours’elves. It is an automatic function of the Universe, but it is our magic that has made it so for our magic always returns to us.

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