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The Magical Realms of Elfin:
Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path

THE MAGICAL REALMS OF ELFIN contains questions and answers about being elven that many people who are exploring the Elven Way have posed to The Silver Elves throughout the 40 + years that they have been living and sharing the Elven Way. The Silver Elves have put them all in this one book for all those who need a convenient, yet thorough and easy-to-read, resource to explore their questions about who the modern elves are and about the Elven Way or elven spiritual path — past, present and future.

Most often, a person has questions as one tries: to decide if one is ones’elf an elf or is some otherkin; to understand what it means to be an elf and how one might know of one’s elfin nature; to understand one’s experience of having an Elven Awakening; to determine how elven magic is alike or different from that performed by other spiritual groups; to understand the keys to elven magic and enchantment; to explore more about being an elf in a human body and how this is possible; and to learn about how elves live and relate to mankind and otherkin. All of this is covered in The Magical Realms of Elfin along with a complete section for each answer about a myriad of questions about elves, to name just a few: How do you know if a person is an elf or faerie or pixie or whatever? Are there really diminutive Fae Folk? How do you give Elven Blessings? Why are elves born into the normal world? Is being an elf a matter of blood of genetic heritage? Once an awakened elf are you always an awakened elf? What’s the difference between elves and witches? Is Christianity incompatible with being elves? Are elves related to Devas? What is the Orb of Healing? What oracles do elves use? Do elves believe in past lives? Is the sphere of Netzach specifically related to Elves? Do the elves come from a distant star system? How far back in history do elves and the original “Elven Faith” go? Are elves the people of the future? Be sure and check out the table of contents for The Magical Realms of Elfin (scroll down and view on the left side of the page) to read all the many questions addressed in this book and also scroll down to learn more about this book and to read excerpts from it.

We also have recently published volume 2 of this series, Manifesting Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 2 (available on Amazon US and Amazon UK). Some of the specific questions answered in Manifesting Elfin are: Are Elfae human? Did all elves come from the stars? What do elves see as the difference between spirit and soul? What will elves be like in the future? What is Paltareon, the far memory of the Elves? What effect do our magical body parts (wings, elf ears, tails, scales etc.) in etheric form have upon Otherkin? Can we become elves? What is the difference between the Elven Way and the Fairy Faith? Who are the Shining Ones and how do we communicate with them? Are all Otherkin fae? What are the secrets of the elves? What do the Silver Elves think of Tolkien’s idea concerning the creation of the universe? How do we elves deal with the discrepancy between the reality of our manifestation and the legends and lore about us? Do elves think that Magick has gone away? How do elves raise children? Are elves and faeries part of the deva kingdom? Who were the Elf Queen’s Daughters? And, Are elves a fiction-based religion or a spiritual path?

Recently, the Silver Elves have noticed these inquiries and questions to them about the Elven Way have greatly increased because it seems that more and more people are becoming interested in knowing about elves and the elven community. Many in the elven movement today like to think that there is a spiritual Awakening of elven kin beginning to occur worldwide, and this may certainly be the reason for all the recent curiosity about elves and the Elven Way. Of course, too, Tolkien’s romantic descriptions and understanding of elves made popular by recent movies (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit) have certainly contributed to the growing numbers of participants now joining in the modern elven community, and with a surge in social media this community is becoming more accessible by the day to the general public and sparking more and more excitement and reflection about all things elfin. If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves, then you will surely find this book by the Silver Elves to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the Magical Realms of Elfin.

We would like to dedicate this book to our elven kin who have asked us over the past four decades many thought provoking questions about the elven path and who have explored the realms of Elfin with us, and with special gratitude to our dear sister Ileådryn
(Sara Hotchkiss).


Thank you John Towers for your review (2018) on Goodreads:

"I've been studying Elven Spirituality for a couple of years as I love Tolkien and I found this book to be very helpful in filling in a lot of questions in my mind. It is a book I plan to reread over and over as I contemplate my own elven nature. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about elves, or is on the path already and like me has a lot of questions about being elven. It is very personally written but informative and in the usual beautiful style that I have found other Silver Elves books to be written.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:
“First Questions” About Elves

What does it mean to be an elf and
follow the Elven Path?
Is the Elven Way a religion?
What does it mean to awaken to our true Elven Nature?
What is the difference between Elfin and Faerie?
How do The Silver Elves relate to Tolkien?
How do I know what sort of elf I am?
How do I become a Silver Elf?
Could there be an elven cult?
Is there anything that all elves have in common?
If you are elves, why don't you have pointed ears?
How do you know if a person is an elf or faerie
or pixie or whatever?
What are fae?
Are elves Indigos?
Do people who believe they are elves suffer from
Schizotypal Disorder?
Are people who think they are elves and faeries crazy?
Is there one term for elves, faeries and otherkin?
Elfin, Faerie or Elfland?
What’s the difference between elves and faeries?
Who are the half elves?
Are there really diminutive Fae Folk?
Are elves related to angels?

Chapter 2:
Elven Magic

What is Elven Magic?
What is rainbow magic that the Silver Elves
often speak about?
Do elves do ceremonial magick?
Do elves do ritual magic?
What is the difference between “Magical Thinking”
and superstition?
Do elves curse people?
What do the Silver Elves think of Using
Reiki in their Magic?
What is the Orb of Healing?
Are all elves mystics?
How do you give Elven Blessings?

Chapter 3:
More About Who the Elves Are

How can an elf be born from a man, pixie, etc.?
Are there any real and absolute physical characteristics
of being Elven?
Is being an elf a matter of blood of genetic heritage?
Are we born to be elves?
Are all elves tall?
Are all elves thin?
Are elves healthier than other people?
Do elves age less quickly than normal humans?
Do elves sweat?
Are all elves white?
Are elves always androgynous?
Do elves have enhanced senses?
Are elves hypersexual?
Do elves have facial hair? Are elves ever bald?
Is there a point at which one is too old to be an elf?
Are elves politically liberal?
Are Elves Nature Spirits?

Chapter 4:
Elven Awakening

How important is the Awakening compared
to Perseverance of the Elven Way?
What are the different modes of Awakening?
Once an awakened elf are you always
an awakened elf?
What is a Reawakening?

Chapter 5:
How The Silver Elves Are Alike and Different
From Other Spiritual Practices

What’s the difference between elves and Pagans? Do
The Silver Elves follow an “Elven Faith?”
What’s the difference between elves and witches?
Is Christianity incompatible with being elves?
Can elves be atheists?
Do elves believe in past lives?
Do elves interact with teraphim?
Do elves interact with Genii Loci?
Are the Elves the same or different from the Djinn?
What do the elves think of the Illuminati?
Are elves related to Devas?
Is the sphere of Netzach specifically related to Elves?
Are Elves New Age or different?

Chapter 6:
The Past and Future of Elves

How far back in history do elves and the original
“Elven Faith” go?
Are elves from Pleiades?
Who came first, elves or faeries?
Is it the Elf Star or the Faerie Star? And who
first adopted the seven-pointed star as the Elf Star
and what does it mean?
Are the legends true that say elves kidnap people?
What will happen to us if humanity destroys itself?
Are elves the people of the future?

Chapter 7:
How Elves Relate to Other People

Why are elves born into the normal world?
What say the elves about living in the world
of the unawakened?
Do you tell all people you meet that you are elves?
Where do you find kindred fae?
How does an elf find friends?
How do you deal with individuals who pretend
they are more spiritually evolved or more magically
adept than they really are?
Do elves hate dwarves?
So if elves are born elven, are orcs born
to be orcs as well?
Is it necessary that we elves be forever in conflict
with orcs, goblins and grimlens?
What do elves feel about transgender individuals?
Who are the Elf Friends?

Chapter 8:
Elven Lifestyle

Are elves vegetarian?
What’s the elfin view on wearing fur?
What do the Silver Elves think of people
who wear fake wings to be like faeries?
What do the Silver Elves think of those
who wear fake elf ears?
Are there specific elfin holidays that
the Silver Elves celebrate?
How do elven communities govern themselves?
Do they have kings and queens?
What do elves think of body modification?

Chapter 9:
The Language of the Silver Elves:
Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)

Do The Silver Elves speak Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)?
How do The Silver Elves create the elf names
they gift to others?
Does knowing a person’s true name really give
you power over hir (him/her)?
What do you do with your elf name?

Chapter 10:
Oracles of The Silver Elves

What oracles do the elves use? Part 1: Tarot
Beside the tarot what other sort of oracles
do elves use? Part 2: I Ching
What oracles do elves use? Part 3: Runes
What oracles do elves use? Part 4: Geomancy
What oracles do elves use? Part 5:
The Elven Star Oracle
What oracles do elves use? Part 6: Miscellaneous
What oracles do elves use? Part 7:
Magic the Gathering
What oracles do elves use? Part 8: Necromancy

Chapter 11:
Other Miscellaneous Questions About Being an Elf

Does iron burn elves?
Do elves have green thumbs?
Do elves prefer gardens or wild places?
Do Silver Elves only exist in Dungeons
and Dragons books?
What would you say to an elf in prison?
Do Elves really follow their Dreams?
It is true that Seelie Elves cannot lie?
Do the elves love poetry?
What is the difference between Elven and Elvish?

Chapter 12:
The Silver Elves Books

What book by The Silver Elves should I start with?
What book of yours is best if I’m interested in …?
Part 1: Magic
Part 2: Elven Philosophy
Part 3: Elven Lifestyle
Part 4: Divination
Part 5: The Elf Queen’s Daughters
What about the accusation that the Silver Elves books
are a mish-mash of cultural appropriation?
Are all The Silver Elves’ books unique
and original writing?
Why do you use the royal “we” when writing?

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Excerpts from the book:

Are there really diminutive Fae Folk?

As we've said elsewhere and as explained in Nicolas De Vere’s book The Dragon Legacy, the original elves and fae folk were conceived of as being more along the line of Tolkien’s elves rather than the diminutive faerie folk, the little people with wings, that are so popular today. This is true, of course, because our ancestors where real people who lived in the world and although for the most part people tended to be shorter in those days they were still full sized human or humanoid beings of their age and time.

According to De Vere, the diminution of the fae folk into cute little flower fairies was a deliberate conspiracy to diminish the influence of the fae upon the normal world, to erase our memory from the peoples of the western world and to move those peoples away from the Fairy Faith to being more devotedly Christian. These elves, for our part, are not entirely certain that this is so. It is surely true that the Christians persecuted witches and Pagans and even alternate Christian faiths and coopted as much of the various Pagan beliefs and holidays as possible. However, making us seem like very little folk we think is less an effect of their designs than our own, and we feel it was more of an intentional act of our own camouflage to protect ourselves by seeming small and harmless rather than frightening humans.

And surely, making the fae cute little fairies did not erase the popular memory of us but increased it. People love the flower fairies and other little fae. We know we do love them, and our children did and do and loads of others do as well. For ages, we elfae have had to hide our culture in fairy tales, fiction and elf lore to preserve it and this, to us, was just another means of doing that.

So then, do those little fairies actually exist? Of course they do. For our own part, we have always recognized the butterflies, the dragonflies and the moths, the bees and lightning bugs as being faerie folk. The wasps and hornets and mosquitos, we expect, are Unseelie Folk. They have lives and consciousness of their own and these elves don’t feel a need to anthropomorphize everything, giving them little human bodies as some folks seem determined to do. We can communicate with them as they are and we recognize them as fae peoples.

When we were very young we had a next-door neighbor who decided to paint his house but when he got around to the side he found a beehive in a corner junction. The bees were not all that happy that he was there and started buzzing around him. But he told them that if they would leave him alone to do his painting, he’d leave their hive alone as well. And they did and he did.

Still the notion that there are wee fairies that have human bodies has metaphysical significance to it in two primary ways. First, from an elven point of view we have all, including the Shining Ones, evolved through the various stages of manifestation from minerals to flora to fauna, etc. so will these faerie folk of moth, butterfly, dragonfly manifestation, evolve into some sort of humanoid form in the future. Just as we will eventually evolve into Shining Ones, who for their part will evolve into even higher and more subtle realms of being.

At the same time, while the idea of little fairy folk, miniature humans with wings, didn’t seem to exist until a century or so ago, that doesn’t mean that such beings don’t now and haven’t in the past existed on other dimensions. In fact, it should be clear that they do. And in loving them so much and visualizing them regularly, as many do, particularly children, that we are drawing them into this realm and dimension and giving them energy that they can use to manifest here, which is why there are those who have had sightings and relationships with these beings.

As time goes on, if this popular fervor for these beings continues, they will be able to cross over from their dimension ever more fully and manifest here in complete material form, which is to say everyone will be able to see them. Our love and interest is attracting them here and enabling them to more fully manifest. Of course, it will probably be aeons before they are completely substantial here for continuing periods of time, instead just dropping in now and again. But in the meantime, dear kindred, we have each other and Elfin to create and manifest upon the Earth, which is why we are here in the first place. Yes?

Elfin, Faerie or Elfland?

Through the course of time we have come to refer to the realms that we abide in as Elfin. We used to call it Elfland, like many writers, and we sometimes referred to it as Faerie but we have come to see these as terms that, at least in our minds, have a certain difference to them and thus, when we use them, we use them to delineate slightly different things. These are essentially our own definitions and we don’t expect that others will necessarily agree with them but for those who are interested in what we are saying and what we mean in using these terms, here is an explanation of our terminology.

To us, Elfland always refers to a specific place, like England, France and Japan. But for the most part no such place seems to exist upon the Earth at the moment, although there are surely those who would like to create such a realm. There are those who would posit the idea that Elfland exists, in the sense that Faerie does, as a parallel realm that is connected to the Earth at certain places, particularly the wild places of Nature and we can surely see that. But as soon as you put forth that idea you begin to move away from Elfland as a specific place on Earth toward the idea of Elfin, which is a state of being, a people, a culture and a vibration that follows those peoples wherever we may be.

Thus when we speak of Elfin we are referring to the vibrational realm of our mutual elven existence. It follows us around, so to speak, and is born of our being and our interaction. The more of us there are who are living our lives as the elves we know ours’elves to be in harmony with each other, the more powerful this energy, vibration, state of being is.

When we abide in any particular place for an extended time, Elfin manifests Elfland. We make a connection to the land and the land begins to reflect our energy and vibration as we adapt to the weather and atmosphere of the land. If we lived in a particular place for more than a hundred years, then we might begin to think of that place as Elfland, but these elves, at least, are inclined to be a very migratory people ever moving and traveling from here to there. But then we are somewhat nomadic elves.
In a very real sense, the British Isles, which were once referred to as Albion, are Elfland, or certainly were. Alb comes from the root word for elf, elves, etc. Albion is the Land of the Elf Queen, or Elf Goddess, or Elfin Peoples. But peoples change, as do places. This is not to say that elves don’t still live in Ablion, now called England, but we can hardly consider England to be Elfland anymore, although much of our ancient culture still abides there. After all, England produced Tolkien.

Yet, many of us have moved on and we have taken our Elfin with us. While we surely love the land, we are not attached to it in the same way that the legends of Dracula have him having to drag his native dirt around with him. We are more resilient than that and make compact with every land we live in or travel through, bringing introductory gifts for the genii loci, the regional spirits of the land.

Faerie, to our minds and as we have previously explained in this chapter, is vaster than Elfin and much wilder as well. There are all sorts of beings in Faerie. Surely many of the unseelie folk abide there. There are goblins and grimlens and orcs and all manner of folk who couldn’t, until they find some semblance of enlightenment, enter into Elfin. Faerie is wild nature untamed and, at times, quite dangerous, whereas, Elfin is our Secret Magical Garden. We still let some wildflowers grow and certainly an Elven garden doesn’t tend to be overly organized, but still, it is a safe place where none will come to harm unless they bring that harm upon thems’elves and none can enter in until they are mature enough as soulful spirits to do so.

This is not to say that we elves don’t ever venture into Faerie. After all, we have come into this insane world on a mission to awaken our peoples, so from time to time we delve into the dreamlike realms of Faerie as well, where one may have quite pleasant dreams but may also encounter nightmares. The truth is most faeries prefer abiding in Elfin more than they do in Faerie proper, because they are safer there. But then, some of them have their wild side as well and there are times when they are determined
to take a walk on the wild side, and that is surely true of most of us.

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