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Elven Geomancy: An Ancient Oracle of the Elfin Peoples for Divination and Spell Casting

ELVEN GEOMANCY is an original system of divination by The Silver Elves that creates a magical ritual with each forecast. The Silver Elves have created a new divination system for modern elves and faerie folk drawing from the ancient geomancy of ages past. It differs quite a bit from the traditional geomancy that was used by the ancients and the people of the Renaissance and Middle Ages. That form of geomancy was at one time rather widely known and popular among diviners, although it has, for the most part, fallen out of use today. Elven Geomancy has 128 possible outcomes that give a reply of a series of seven (like the seven pointed star of the elves) oracles as your response. These seven oracles show the step-by-step process or movement toward the realization of your question. The Elven Geomancy method is also a means of creating magical elfin spells to help bring about one's wishes. Eight basic mudras are used as well as mantras for each of the oracles are given for creating your own rituals. If you truly like using elven mantras for magick, elven mantras accompany each of the oracles and are written in our magical language Arvyndase with the English meaning also given. These mantras can be strung together to form a spell to increase the magic associated with the answer you receive in this oracle. And these mantras may be used along with the mudras also given for each outcome to form a sort of impromptu ritual that you can perform in order to increase the potency of what you wish to achieve.

We make no claims that our elven way of geomancy is superior to the traditional way of the ancients. Merely that it is different and beloved by these elves. You may, as always, decide for your owns'elf which one, if either, you prefer or if you like both methods. The elven method draws from a wider range of possible outcomes and yet is simpler in form. However, the traditional ancient method is strongly associated with astrology and the astrological houses and so for astrologers it may be a better or more interesting method or at least one that draws on information with which they are already knowledgeable. We are elven astrologers, so we understand the other method, but we still prefer our own for our method is also a powerful means of creating magical elfin spells to help bring about our wishes.

For those readers who are curious to know about this very powerful cover image: This image is from a photo taken at Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan, of Zardoa of The Silver Elves standing in front of the statue of Binzuru (Pindola Bharadvaja), one of the original four Arhats of early Indian Buddhism, known for his magical healing and his mastery of occult and psychic powers

The Silver Elves

We dedicate this book to all our elven brothers and sisters.


Sample Pages 114-116 below:

The mantras that accompany each of the oracles are written in Arvyndase (see our book Arvyndase [SilverSpeech]: the Magical Language of the Silver Elves) and can be strung together to form a spell to increase the magic associated with the answer you receive and may be used along with the mudra to form a sort of impromptu ritual that you can perform in order to increase the potency of what you wish to achieve. It is always possible, and is likely to be the case sometimes that the answer you received was not the one you were hoping for. You are free, of course, to put together any series and combination of mantras and mudras that you feel may increase your potentiality for success in terms of the question asked and the outcome desired. Merely recombine the grandparents and see what outcome you then get. If you like it better, use that series of mantras and mudras to subtly shift the energy. Do this magic until you achieve the result you desire.

There are eight basic mudra hand positions that are used in this book. By placing one’s hand in these positions and then following the movements as described a magical spell casting is created. When one links these movements derived from the oracle together, along with the mantras, one has a mini ritual that one can use to empower one’s desires or avoid outcomes or obstacles one doesn’t wish to manifest.
In moving from the end of one set of movements to the starting point of the next set, make your transition from one position to the other as efficient and elegant as possible. In making the seven movements, connect them as one movement visualizing the colors for the movements and connecting the movements between them so they become one continuous series. This, of course, will take a bit of practice.
The mudra positions and movement will involve both hands. When speaking of the mudra positions we will refer to your dominant and assisting hands. If you are right handed that will be your dominant hand and the left your assisting hand. If you are left handed the reference will be reversed. If you are ambidextrous the dominant hand will be the one with which you sign your name and the assisting hand the one that holds the paper. Or if you wish, merely choose which hand you wish to use as the dominant hand and assisting hand. It’s your magic, after all.
Refer to Appendix A for photos of the eight basic hand positions.

Each of the mudras or hand positions and movements are best if visualized in a particular color. However, since each of the seven mudra groups of any particular series may change color as one proceeds, we’ve found it best to use the color of the first grandparent throughout the ritual movement rather than changing the color from movement to movement, however, you are free to do what feels best to you. Note that while there are eight basic mudra hand positions, each oracle will produce seven movement groups that are a combination of any of these eight mudras.



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And here are two sample chapters, two possible oracle outcomes with mantras and mudras and visualizations to go with them:

The Golden Dragon symbolizes creative action. If you are an artist of any sort, this is a great sign to get. If you are about to initiate any project, including business projects, or you are asking about starting something new this is a sign that says definitely proceed. It is strong and untiring and promises success to those who follow through with their intentions to completion.
If your question is spiritual in nature, it indicates that what you are doing or about to do is supported by the weight of the Universe. You are in the right place at the right time and now all you have to do is be sure that what you are doing is right or fair for everyone concerned and is in keeping with the laws of Nature, the Universe and the fairness that is part and parcel of Elfin being and of being in Elfin.
If your question has to do with obstacles you are facing, then the response would indicate that you need to get in touch with the Universe, align yours’elf with what is fair and right, and strive to become in harmony with the situation. Then success will come to you from the Divine Magic and nothing will be able to stop it.
The Golden Dragon also symbolizes a blessing upon you. In getting it, it means magic is heading your way. The Universe, the Shining Ones and the Divine Magic have heard your call and are responding at this very moment, sending you energy that you can use to resolve your current situation, create something greater and take a further step on the path to magical initiation, mastery and adeptship.

Tas Soch
Pronounced: tace sow-ch (rhymes with roach)
Meaning: Go Forth

Use mudra one for both dominant and assisting hands. Hold the assisting hand straight out from your shoulder with the palm downward. Hold the dominant hand with elbow bent, palm inward and outstretched fingers pointed upward as though you are holding a pistol in an old fashioned duel. Quickly arc the dominant hand downward, elbow now bent at an approximate 45° angle and pointing forward visualizing the colored light created by the movement of the arc.

Bright golden light.


In receiving this oracle, you may feel blessed, however, it is very important that you do what is right and fair for everyone involved in the situation. If you try to do things that are not in keeping with fairness then eventually things will turn out very badly for you concerning this question. If you have in some way cut corners that you shouldn’t have or have been less than fair to some involved, now is the time to set things straight and repair whatever damage has occurred or prevent any from occurring if it is not too late to do so.
Remember, this is not punishment for you. This is not bad karma coming to roost. It is really a blessing in the form of a warning to stay upon the path and do what is right for everyone. If you do that then rewards will surely come your way and all that you hoped to achieve will come to fruition.
It is true that the higher powers, the Shining Ones, are observing you and you may feel that strange feeling you get when someone is watching you but you don’t know where they are or sensation you get when your teachers are standing over you as you are taking a test. But, remember that the reason they are checking you out is because you have attracted their attention and they have seen potential in you. Now you just need to do your best.

La lun maryoldas
Pronounced: Lah loon mare – yole - dace
Meaning: By light unfolding

With the dominant hand in mudra one and the assisting hand in mudra eight, palms downward, assisting hand over dominant hand at chest level, rotate the dominant hand around so the outstretched fingers are pointing upward toward the sky/ceiling, palm toward opposite side of body and the fingers of the assisting hand, still in same position, are now touching the inner wrist of the dominant hand.


Yellow light outlined by white light

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