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Faerie Unfolding: The Cosmic Expression of the Divine

Faerie Unfolding: The Cosmic Expression of the Divine Magic is an advanced book of elven philosophy concerning The Silver Elves’ views on the nature of the Divine and its expression and manifestation into the world as seen from those cultures that are most connected to and historically expressive of Elven Culture. It is a further development from their other books, Through the Mists of Faerie, the Elven Way, and Liber Aelph and opens the adept elfin enchanter to new understandings of the Unfolding of Faerie and its magic into the world and our part, as elfin beings, in its expression. The Silver Elves illuminate this with a new way of understanding traditional lore and mythology, as well as modern stories of our faerie peoples.

This book is dedicated to our
elven grandson, Winter Shaman,
Nikolay Lyapanenko.



We thank Teuta Rizai for her review of our book on Goodreads:

“Faerie Unfolding: The Cosmic Expression of the Divine Magic by The Silver Elves is the kind of book that inspires your spirit, expends your visions, feeds your soul, and breathes a universal opening into you.
More than a potent theosophical treatise, Faerie Unfolding is a unique, fascinating, inspiring work, which allows complete freedom of individual search, opinion, and belief.

By skillfully using syncretism – the combining and blending a wide variety of schools of thought, both Western and Eastern, belief systems and cultural traditions that we are more into contact with, as well as occultism, mysticism, transpersonal psychology, mythology and Modernity, the author engages the Elven Culture, a less known but an extraordinary culture of living love.

As the book offers deep, hidden meanings behind these modes of thought, cohabiting tenets and practices, it brings unity in variety, which is to say unity in the variety of the human experience, and that of all the sentient life.

All spiritually-oriented philosophers, all saints and sages and illuminated beings – “The Shining Ones”, throughout time have been in agreement with the fact that this earthly life and all creation, in its expressions and manifestations, is but a dream, an illusion, a mystic drama, in author’s words “a game created for greater realization.”

As a means to better understand our place in the universe, to better understand the Divine Magic and our relationship with It, and to achieve a mature stage of that of the Shining Ones, Faerie Unfolding promotes happiness, by showing us the magic of Elven life from within it, and encourages brotherhood, by bringing us to the good side, to the sacred path of Truth from the self-deceiving whispers of arrogance that distort the hearts and minds and thus generate darkness and confusion and cruelty in the world.
Plainly, Faerie Unfolding holds wonders and wisdom of a kind. The author’s words, a continual spark to his intellect and soulfulness, become picture-guide to paradise consciousness that we all long to be imbedded in, whereas magic, thoroughly initiated in all the mysteries of existence, become reality of a life fulfilled that the Elven lead – a life infused with such beauty, happiness, love, solidarity, peace, and harmony.

I most highly recommend this book, which the more I found it to be scholarly stimulating, the more it turned out to be a meditation and an inspiration on the holy, magic way called Elven Way.

Therefore, this gem of a book is not just an offering to the Faerie folks but also to the members of other cultures and traditions who have an intellectual curiosity or a spiritual desire or both to learn about the enchanting Elven Way of life from within, and find answers to such burning questions as how can we transcendent the limitations of the material world and those of theology and logic and reach our center of being in the limitless cosmic womb, and realize balance, responsibility, freedom, ecstasy, and peace, in two magic words: Faerie Unfolding?”



And thank you Nikolay for your review in the Magical Books of the Silver Elves group page on Facebook:

"The book is brilliant, very deep and very interesting. It tells about the essential divine cosmic laws, the basis, the nature of the Divinity, that exist in all things, a cosmical force of Being, which the authors call Faerie.
This book is the key to spiritual development and to learning of new facets of this amazing world, its mechanism, its system, that is arranged to everything that is alive (and alive is everything in this world). In it you will learn more about the ancient past, the book provides a broad picture of different mythologies associated with the elves.
It recounts some of the history about the ancient elven civilization that have been before us and talks about elven culture and philosophy in general!
It tells about the cosmic energy, that is like a flower or the wings of a fairy, unfolding in the divine potential of all things and also the book tells about us, as about an integral part of this complex mechanism.
It touches on many serious topics, about which from time to time asks almost each intellectual being.
Sometimes this book may seem quite difficult for understanding to simple people, but it will make your brain moving, that's for sure and it certainly elevates to a completely different level of consciousness and perception of reality, it broadens the mind.
I recommend this book to all intellectual beings in this world, you will learn a lot!"




The Divine Magic
The Divine Magic As It Manifests Through The Shining Ones
Hierarchy and Levels of Development
The Nature of the Divine Magic
Aspects of the Divine Magic
The Threefold Nature of Unfolding
God Forms and Religions
Holy Trinity

Seven Rays of Manifestation
Intelligences: The Raising of Consciousness
1. Bodily–Kinesthetic, Musical–Rhythmic
2. Verbal–Linguistic, Logical–Mathematical
3. Visual–Spatial
4. Interpersonal–Intrapersonal
5. Naturalistic
6. Existential–Spiritual–Spirited
7. Moral–Soulful–Magical

Sons and Daughter of Mind
Born To Be Wild
Blinded by the Light

The Universal Tree
The First Supernal
The Second Supernal
The Third Supernal
The Second Trinity: the middle branches
The Third Trinity: the lower branches

The Alchemical Marriage
Something Old, Very, Very Old
Something New, or Recycled
Something Borrowed, or Reclaimed
Something Blue, or Silver, or Green,
or Quite Possibly Rainbow

The Three Mothers
Other Triple Gods
The Triquetra, the Triskele, the Spiral, and the Celtic Knot
The Triskele
The Spiral and the Celtic Knot

The Yggdrasil Tree

Falias, the Materialization of Faerie
Gorias: the Empowering of the Fae
Finias: the Sword of Truth
Murias: the Cauldron of Prosperity and Longevity



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The following is an example of writing from the first chapter:

Chapter One:
The Divine Magic

At the heart of the Universe or Multi-Universe is the Creative Force that we Elves refer to as the Magic, or the Divine, or sometimes the Divine Magic to separate it from its multitudinous forms of manifestation. It is energy that exists without form, thus as far as humans can understand it this energy both exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. In its non-existent state it manifests (if we can use that word) as space or allowance. It is conceived of as the Yin power, the Receptive force, the Mother of All Things, by the Taoists. In its active state, it is conceived of as the Yang or Energetic force that propagates all forms or manifestations. These manifestations are the marriage of the Yin and Yang forces, which at their heart, remember, are One Divine Energy that exists in potential in all things.

All things are a reflection or a part of this Great Unity. All Division is merely an illusion created for the sake of Diversity or as we Faerie Folk often express it, for the sake of Adventure. We are coming to know and perfect ours’elves through experience. In terms of Jungian Psychology, the Universe or the Divine Magic could be said to be in the process of Individuating for the purpose of S’elf Expression and Loving Fulfillment.

The Divine Magic

Naturally, these ideas, while essentially simple, are subtle and this creates some confusion among those of humanity who are just beginning as spirits to evolve to a higher understanding of Life, Nature and Spirit. The Divine Magic is frequently conceived of as being separate from Man (and other kinds, otherkin, as well) in the form of powerful Gods or Goddesses that rule over mankind. These god-forms, or individualized notions of the Divine are often, as the Gnostics point out to us, Demi-Gods, divisions of the Divine in anthropomorphized versions, given aspects of personality so that individuals can relate to them more easily. It is not that these beings don’t exist, for surely they do, but they are reflections of those soulful spirits who have already evolved through experience to more powerful forms of manifestation. Yet, however powerful they may be, they are still only a small part of the Great Whole, the Divine Magic.

Now the followers of Islam and of the Judaic-Hebraic religions attempt to overcome this misunderstanding by creating monotheistic deities who have no form, thus have no statues or pictures to represent them. However, these are still anthropomorphic forms (they still speak of God as He) of the Divine conceived of as being separate from and, in a sense, above Man as well as separate from and opposed to other god-forms. These monotheistic gods being seen as “jealous” gods (jealous of what?) and One True Gods, as opposed to the other “false” gods. In as much as this impulse to monotheism leads to a true understanding of the unity of the Divine Magic, this is surely a good thing, but in as much as it leads to conflict, rather than acceptance of diversity and unity, it is a step backward.

Notice that the first commandment of the Judeo-Christian traditions is “Thou shalt not have strange Gods before me.” Note, it doesn’t say: There are no other Gods. Although this is often how it is interpreted. Nor does it say, one should not worship other gods, merely that one should have no other gods before the one chief god, although again it is interpreted to mean both there are no other gods, and one shouldn’t worship them.

These commandments were in fact a covenant, or pact, between the Hebraic-Judaic people and a particular god-form, or Djinn of the Desert, a very powerful elemental spirit, as these elves conceive this being and it is in the form of a monogamistic relationship. Thou shall have intercourse with no other gods in this marriage for I am a Jealous God and you shall cleave only to me.

As we said, the finer aspects of the Divine Magic are subtle and while simple in their essence are myriad and infinite in their manifestation and this has eventuated in much confusion among human beings. We Silver Elves have been tasked by the Shining Ones with the responsibility to clarify these things, in as much as possible, and in as much as particular human beings are ready and receptive to receive these higher understandings.

While this planet is often called Earth, we sometimes call it Avylyn. Although, just as various ethnic groups and cultures with different languages have different names for this planet, so do we have differing ways of referring to it. Sometimes, with tongue-in-cheek and a sense of pixie humor, we even call it Muddle Earth, for there is so much confusion here at this time.
Among the many misunderstandings and confusion is the idea that Faerie is strictly a product or creation of Celtic or European cultures. It is true that such books as Evans-Wentz’s Fairy Faith in the Celtic Counties and Roth’s American Elves make it clear that this is not the case, yet few but those beings already interested in Fairy lore are acquainted with these works. Still, it should be clear that every culture has its form of angels, demons, monsters and various manifestations of supernatural beings and we elves see these as all being part and parcel of the various regions of Faerie. Just as different cultures call Avylyn by different names, so do they conceive these beings and Faerie itself by different titles. Yet Faerie exists as a mystic and magical state of being all over Avylyn and beyond for Faerie is the title we give those various forms of the Divine Magic as it manifests outwardly into Super or Supra Dimensions and Beings. Just as the Divine Magic exists in potential in all things, so does Faerie exist everywhere. However, just as some individuals are more developed or more receptive to spiritual illumination, so, too, are some places more receptive to and better transmitters of Faerie energy, which is to say the energy of the Divine Magic as it manifests into form.

We elves say if you wish to speak to the trees you need to learn the language of the trees. The Shining Ones, those more evolved spirits who guide these elves, know that there are things that are impossible to understand until one has developed to a certain degree of Initiation. They understand that there are certain concepts that are difficult to translate in English or any other language of Avylyn, yet it is these languages we must use to communicate with the humans on this planet; however, that is not entirely germane in itself. We endeavor here to make the Divine Magic and its manifestations through Faerie as understandable as possible to the inhabitants of Avylyn or Earth. Just as one language may have words, terms or ideas that are not easily translatable into another language so, too, are we limited by the conceptual development of the evolutionary state of most of the humans who currently inhabit Avylyn. But be not dismayed, for every revelation comes in its own time when one is ready, or if one is not ready it is held in one’s consciousness and memory until such time as its message will unfold. Thus while it is possible that some who read these words will not immediately understand all the concepts offered here, they need not worry, comprehension will come in time.

In as much as possible, we will strive to make these ideas comprehensible in Avylian terms and will give some basic definitions to promote clarity as we proceed with this book. Because of this you may perhaps be better served by conceiving of the ideas that follow not as absolute truth but as a reflection or allegory of the true nature of the Cosmic Dimensions. Think of it in the same way you might consider Tolkien’s Silmarillion, as a reflection of a world view and use it to promote your own understanding of the genuine nature of Life and Consciousness and the unfolding manifestations of evolutionary awakening.

This world, Avylyn, is one of many planets; each bearing their own forms of life in the local Universe or Dimension called Elfin. This Universe is just one of many manifested Universes and is part of a super Universe Faleys, whose capital is Faleas from which the supra-dimensional elves who support, nurture and guide us hail. Faleys is but one of seven super-dimensions and you will find this fact is reflected continually in the nature of seven as a significant spiritual number. Thus there are seven evolutionary root races upon Avylyn, each with seven sub-races, and seven rays of manifestation, seven chakras, seven heavens, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven celestial spirits that guide mankind, the seven spirits before the Throne who are Makers of the Law and other esoteric references to this number. This significance of the number seven and its evolutionary meaning is reflected in the seven-pointed elf or faery star that so many of our people wear.

These seven super-dimensions unfold from and in a sense circle around the Divine Magic in its radiating aspect, although again it must be understood that the Divine Magic exists as a potentiality in all Being and Non-Being. The Divine Magic is Eternal and transcends time/space, which is to say it is faster than the speed of light. It is Eternally Now, always has been and will ever be. We refer to its seven dimensions as Faerie Unfolding and we may conceive that the Divine Magic is at their center, both at the center of the dimensions but also at the heart or center of every part of the dimensions. This is an occult truth and is a reflection of the fact that the Divine Magic both Is and Is Not while Being at the same time (thus IsIs). Because of this, we experience ever more subtle forms of consciousness as we advance, but primarily we understand ours’elves as being either conscious or unconscious, awake or asleep. Still, these are all reflections of our Manifest and Unmanifest Being.

We might conceive of the Inner Most dimension (and again we are using that term in an analogous sense) as the most perfected version of the Divine Magic manifest and thus closest to it and most like it. Magic happens near instantaneously in that realm since it is functioning at the speed of light. We call this “central” dimension Avalon, the magical, mystical Isle of Paradise and it is spoken of in some books as the Garden of Eden. It is here the “God” or the Divine Magic in its first and last manifest and most perfected form abides. But in thinking of it as “God” or “Goddess” or really both and neither at the same time, it is important to understand this is Pure Being and has form only as Divinity or Perfection without limitations or manifest form beyond Pure Awareness or Sentient Consciousness. It is not separate from us except in the sense that we have as yet to realize our Oneness with it. We are all part of, limited aspects, of its Being, as cells in our own bodies are limited aspects of our being, yet complete in themselves.

The Seven super-dimensions in their entirety and Unity with the Divine Magic we call Faerie Unfolding. They are all part of the evolving Universe in its manifesting, thus organizing stages, as the Divine Magic reaches out, or stretches into the unmanifest or unorganized, or Chaotic regions of the Eternal energy, which we generally refer to as Outer Space.

The Divine Magic As It Manifests Through The Shining Ones

As we pointed out, all God-forms are limited aspects of the Divine Magic. Some seek to posit their particular ideas of their personal Deity as being all powerful, all knowing, etc. and in that way they reflect the Divine Magic, but the Divine Magic is not a person but Pure Being of which each and all of us, each and everything partakes, for it is Life and it is more than Life.

All god-forms are in fact representations of various Shining Ones or Powers that exist in the myriad dimensions of manifestation. Those that nurture and promote the evolution of all beings, urging them toward perfection are considered Seelie Folk or the Faeries of Light. Those that demand unthinking obedience and are seen as dominating forces forever above all other spirits, are often of the Unseelie or Dark Faerie folk (as we proceed, however, we will offer you other definitions of the Seelie and Unseelie). However, in saying that, it should be noted that these Powers or God-forms are not always, perhaps seldom, responsible for what their followers do and believe. There are some very evolved spirits, such a Jesus, for instance, whose followers take their teachings and twist them to fit their own ethnic and cultural aspirations and prejudices, the same is true of Mohamed’s teachings. Many have been murdered in Jesus’ name but this is not Jesus’ doing and in no way reflects his essentially loving, thus elven, message.

Still, it is important to understand that all god forms, angels, djinn, elves, and even demons and vampires are spirits who have obtained a certain level of Initiation and magical development; some of them so much so that, in as far as we are concerned, they are quite god-like in manifestation. However, it is important to understand that the Divine Magic seeks to express itself fully and completely and in all its forms and thus every being is meant to perfect itself and to become god-like in manifestation while being in positive association, or love, or unity, with all other beings. In cosmic terms, anything that promotes this perfection of the individual natures of the Divine Magic is good and anything that obstructs it is essentially evil. Although, it would be unwise to take this too literally for all obstruction and separation from the Divine Magic is an illusion and is part of the Great Play or Dream that the Divine Magic is enacting.

The question arises: how can we be part of the Divine Magic, an expression of it, and yet not know this? We don’t mean to sound flip, but this is the truth: the answer to that is that that would be no fun. Life is meant to be an adventure. Surely this is the elven understanding of the Divine movement outward. We might think of this expression of the Divine Magic, as it vivifies all possibility, in terms of the Matrix. To experience all things fully and completely the Divine Magic gives itself amnesia so it will see the illusion as real and interact with it fully. Perhaps a better analogy is a dream. Just as you experience a dream as being real while you dream it, so, too, does the Divine Magic, in its manifestations as each of us, experience this illusion as being real. In simple fact, as the Divine Magic becomes individual, and it is each and every individual, it loses touch temporarily with the whole. That is to say, it loses conscious awareness of this underlying unity for the sake of bringing consciousness to each individual part. The process of perfection entails the development of the individual as a perfected part of the whole.

Why didn’t it create us perfect to begin with? The answer is, really, that it did create us perfectly in the first place, however since all possibilities exist simultaneously and since the act of creation is a movement of expression, it entails time, which is to say functions within the speed of light. These possibilities exist as parallel worlds all alive at the same time, but not all vivified by our consciousness. We, as conscious beings, which is to say, magicians and elven enchanters, choose which worlds to live in through the choices we make and the actions/magic we take. And all beings who desire and take action on those desires or act with will and intent are magicians whether they admit to this or not, whether they define their actions in that way or in some other terminology. After all, the terminology of magic is our choice and not necessarily the way others may describe what they do. Still, the phenomena is the same and the result is essentially the same as well, for we are all becoming Shining Ones, or individuals of power. And by that we don’t mean authorities, or having a temporary power by virtue of some position in the world, but true power, the power of the s’elf and personality, the power of spirit and of soul. For this is the primal drive of Spirit to succeed. In writing this book, it is our will and intention to assist you in developing your own magical power and your awareness of your starry heritage.

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