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The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones

“The Elven Way” describes the Mystical, Magical, Spiritual Path of the Elf folk and their connection to the Shining Ones, those supra-dimensional beings who are our guides, guardians, ancient kindred and the source of our enlightenment. This is High Elven Spirituality and Magic and written for advanced elven adepts and magical folk of all kinds.

The Silver Elves

"The Elven Way passes beyond the fields of the known into the forest of the unknown illuminated by the glow of the elves."
(From the cover)

This book is dedicated to the Shining Ones, our beloved kindred, who have guided and protected us our entire lives. We will meet you in Faerie by and by,

"We elves and faeries are often portrayed as dancing in a circle. This is because we see life as a dance and because the Elven Way goes ever on."
(page 4, introductory quote)


We thank our stary brother Anadae for his review on Amazon:

"Part philosophical treatise, part living manifesto, and part theoretical grimoire (as opposed to a diagramatic grimoire), Zardoa Silverstar's & his missus, THE Silver Flame Love's "The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones" will have your responses partly divided between moments of, "That's just what I've thought all along mys'elf!", to other Ah-HAH! moments of, "Now, why hadn't I ever seen it that way before?" All in all, another enlightening & thoroughly engaging tome of wisdom from the Silver Elves. A definite must-have for the ever-growing personal libraries of Magical Realists of all different Traditions, whether you 'bee' elf or human or other. Highly recommended. Peace out."


And we also thank Nikolay Lyapanenko for your wonderful review on Goodreads and on the group Facebook page "The Magical Books of the Silver Elves":

"Here, I'm slowly coming to the last page of this magical guide-book written by the brilliant authors - the Silver Elves.
And indeed, “The Elven Way” book takes the reader beyond the field of the known and lays the road into the forest of unknown, revealing new, wonderful and exciting secrets about the world of Magic, the Path of the Elves and rich elven heritage.

It is a very fascinating work that illuminates the theme of the High Elven Spirituality, and High Elven Magick, the Philosophy of the Elven Way and the Teaching of the Elves.

It also tells about the Shining Ones, the ancient elves, our guardians - highly advanced and light divine creatures that help and protect the modern elven folk today.

The book tells about the psychology and of course, the spiritual component of each person – and the development of this component, spirit too! The book provides a vast reservoir of knowledge about how this world is arranged and how it works, what is the Elven Spiritual Path and who are the elves!

I consider this book as a keeper of Pure Elven Wisdom.
And for me it was really a book that could enlighten, inspire me and make me think about something. It can teach to look on the world in a deeper way!!!!!

It is a very deep, very interesting and useful work, written for all - those who are only in search of the right spiritual path and for those who is already following a certain spiritual path.
For me this book is a magical treasure, and it takes pride of place on my first bookshelf!

I'm sure I'll read it again and again and maybe pass on to my children and grandchildren as a guide for life and for their magical way!"

And we thank Mamie for her review on Amazon:

"The Silver Elves have been leading the Elven Movement since the 70s and this is an amazing book written by them on Elven philosophy, culture and life. It is well written and very clear to understand even by those like me who have not read other books on Elven philosophy. I loved reading it and hope everyone who is interested in knowing about this path will read it."
"I have been fortunate enough to read and even meet the authors at a rare book signing and came away with such a warm feeling knowing this book was written by folks who clearly understand the subject and live the Elven Way. I do not read a lot on this subject but I was truly fascinated with each page and could not put the book down until I had read it cover to cover and intend to re-read it so I do not miss one word! This is one book, follower or not of this subject, you do not want to miss. I am certainly looking forward to reading more books by the Silver Elves."

Thank you John Towers for your review on Goodreads:

"The Elven Way has a unique and enchanting way of presenting magic and the magical path, very much in harmony with nature and ancient wisdom. This is an excellent book to assist in developing personal magical potential and I particularly liked the section on realms and dimensions and occult laws. While quite a bit was new to me, I found myself nodding 'yes' to most of what I read."

And thank you Mille for your comment on Goodreads:

"The Elven Way by the Silver Elves helped me to truly understand the elven spiritual path and answered all my questions. What a beautiful Path! So happy I read this one!"

You may now purchase our "The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones" on The book is priced at $13.00 (although often on sale for only $9.99) and its purchase is eligible for Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping (Amazon's deal to ship you free if you purchase a total over $25 in a single or combined book order).

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The Silver Elves

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(Excerpt from "The Elven Way", Chapter 9: page 141-143):

The Magic of the Shining Ones

"As the awakened elf takes on greater initiation and begins to function creatively in cooperation with the Shining Ones and with Faerie itself, which is to say the Source, the great Magic, hir magical growth is quickened by the increased power and the intensity of the forces that sHe now uses for hir magical creations. Naturally, this causes a rapidity of evolutionary development that will not be found in your average normal person who most often not only doesn’t embrace change, as the adept elf does, but actively avoids it, in fact, is in many ways terrified by its possibilities. This acceptance of new energies and possibilities by the elf, tends to arouse here-to-fore un-accessed parts of hir being, awakening latent talents, powers and abilities. Remember most humans only use a small portion of their brain capacity, and this increase in energetic connection tends to illuminate greater portions of our brains. In time, this development will prove evolutionarily significant."

"There are a number of effects of this evolutionary initiatory development for the adept elf, the first of which is that since the elf’s powers are being heightened, the elf thus has more power to do good, as well as being faced with greater temptation, which is to say opportunity, to misuse this power. This is where the development of magical maturity becomes so very important. The elf comes to understand that magic is the use of will power to create effects in the world, but also that initiation requires the development of magical and enlightened intent. It is not enough to be able to create change according to one’s will, one needs to create the type of change that will rebound positively for hir and all others and bring hir ever closer to Faerie by increasing hir awareness of and actualization of hir own true s’elf."

"Another effect, and this is an effect of growing maturity, is that the elf has a maximized increase in experience compared to most folks. That is to say that the elf experiences in a few years what others often take a lifetime to experience. This is in part why we so often are called old souls, and in fact, this is in part a result of having been through much of this in previous incarnations and are often recapitulating those lifetimes in this one, thus moving through such experiences much more quickly than a normal person tends to do."

"But also this is an effect of our increased vibrational rate in addition to our greater understanding of life and the occult, magical and mystical aspects of life. We process experiences more quickly and have less of a tendency to cling to things we have endured. We are more flexible, adaptable and less resistant to change. We are less likely to struggle with change and more likely to try to shape it to our intent. We always take with us what is valuable for us from our experience, but we are ever moving onward. Also, due to the increased vibrational frequency, we attract those who bring us even more experiences, greater knowledge and understanding. In part, this is a consequence of having cleared much of our karma and having set our course in such a way as to minimalize accumulating more negative karma, and when we do happen to do so, that is take a wrong karmic turn, we deal with it quickly, making adjustments and reparations as soon as we are able."

"Here also comes, with increasing clarity, the realization that our personal Destiny and the Destiny of all beings on our particular planetary system are in most cases intimately entwined. The threads of fate, karma and destiny hold us together lifetime after lifetime. And it is at this point that the adept elf begins to realize that the development of her power and abilities, the increasing power of her true s’elf, is not only in her own best interest, but in keeping with the true interest of everyone else as well. Thus it is also at this time that the elf plunges hirs’elf near totally into development of hir personal powers. SHe hungers to be greater, to have power in the world, and as long as sHe holds steadfast to hir intent, hir vision and the Elven Way, this is a natural and favorable advance in hir progress. This after all is the test. It is not just about increasing one’s magical and other powers in a world that is, shall we say, magically challenged at this time, but being able as spirits to hold to the greater vision and not fall for the illusion, the maya, that is the world as it appears to be, and therefore become entangled in the endless fulfillment of desires without any understanding of the true goal that we seek to actualize. One must be aware not only of this lifetime, but the progress of what is called liåle in Arvyndase, or samsara in Buddhist philosophy, that is the progress of our soulful spirit through the lifetimes."

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