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The Book of Elven Runes: A Passage Into Faerie

We have reprinted our original The Book of Elven Runes and now have it available on Amazon (see below) and The Book Depository. This is not the Norse Runes but our own original elven rune divination system. It consists of 40 runes. The book is 130 pages with photos and illustrations that feature each rune and explain the rune system, how to make your own set of runes (runestones not included), and the interpretation for each of the runes.

Zardoa of the Silver Elves

The Book of Elven Runes: A Passage into Faerie

"Some elves cast their runes upon the nacrescent trails left by snails on the ground. Prognosticating according to the nature of the rune and its nearness or farness from the shiny trails that they often refer to as the Paths of Destiny."
The Silver Elves


Thank you so very much Delfynasa for your comments on Amazon about our book:

“One of my favorite divination books. It is beautifully written and illustrated. I have taken my copy everywhere! So it is 'broken in' looking. If you like runes but want something a little different this is great book. If you are really into Elves or are an Elf you will LOVE this book!!!


Thank you dear Gail Avrill for your review on Goodreads and Amazon:

“I love the Silver Elves' books. "The Book of Elven Runes" is an original and unique system of divination with 40 elven runes (I was surprised to find that it is not based on either the Norse Runes or on Tolkien's runes). This book is subtitled a "Passage into Faerie" and I think for good reason as by following the oracle it helps in getting closer to understanding that wondrous realm.”


We received two letters from our sister, Sorynvala, after she purchased the original edition of The Elven Book of Runes (2001). Sorynvala has kindly given us permission to share some of her comments about The Elven Book of Runes.

Dear Silver Elves,

I have received and read through the book and all I can say is Wow!
What a wonderful and magickal gift you have crafted for Elvenkind.
Thank you. The Runes are already fast becoming part of my daily
experience in many different ways…

Later, she wrote,

Your book is truly a Gift to any who would have it and I heartily recommend
it to anyone. I did of course admire the professional quality of the book and the obvious technical skills you employed in putting it together. On that level it is very nice indeed! But I have to admit, it is the obvious Love and Dedication and Elven Magick that you put into it - which fairly drips off the pages! - that *really* makes it special in my mind.

wishes to you of health and happiness
thanks and much love

And thank you, dear Dakyndre Helgesson, for your review on Amazon:

I agree that this book is an original and fresh oracle system. I purchased this book and am half way through it and it is wonderful. The runes are simple in their form yet complex and powerful in their meaning and use. As an oracle they are amazing and for their use in ritual even more profound. As with all the books of these authors I highly recommend this book to those seeking the realm of the fae.


We are happy to finally say that we have reprinted and you may now purchase our The Book of Elven Runes on The book is priced at $13 and its purchase is eligible for Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping (Amazon's deal to ship you free if you purchase a total over $25 in a single or combined book order). Please click the link below to Amazon's Silver Elves page to make your purchase. For a preview of the book, you may wish to check out Amazon's Look Inside This Book feature that is offered. Remember that you will be going out of the Silver Elves website, so please bookmark us before you go and return often.

Our Book on Amazon US:

Our Book on Amazon UK:

The Silver Elves


We invite our international brothers and sisters to go to and type the name of one of our books into the search, select your country, and find a comparison of prices selling our books on all the Amazon sites, including shipping, to your doorstep. Also this book is available here on The Book Depository, which ships free internationally to many countries including Australia.

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Sample excerpt of two of our Elven Runes:

Rune 1: SILVER


"Magical Implement: Something silver, colored silver but perferably made of silver"

"The Magical Act:"
"Intent or will power is the first and most important step toward achieving any magical or mundane effect. This book is subtitled A Passage Into Faerie and the first step is to intend or will to go there. The elfin, however, call this The Wish. If you want something you must first...Make a Wish!"

"SILVER is a Rune of Magic and the power of magic, particularly Moon Magic ... the magic of the psyche. Silver is a metal both hard and malleable, giving the idea of being firm about one’s visions and goals and at the same time being adaptable to the circumstances from which we potentialize success."

"Silver has always held an important part in the Elven Culture. It is considered mystical and sacred, not only to the Moon Goddess and the Tide Goddess but also to the Goddess of the Stars. Drawing this rune reminds one that all magic is fulfilled within the course of time but one must make their wishes very carefully ... and they must be karmically free or one would be subject to undesirable repercussions. We are responsible for our own actions. We have the power to create our own vision and the power to increase our own powers and abilities through self discipline and endeavor. Remember ... the Divine wants you to succeed! Your success could mean success for others as well. Trust in your magic ... have faith in the Stars and be true to the Divine in everyone. Give respect to all beings—good or ill. Remember the Witch’s admonition: ‘And that it harm none, do what you will.” Faery smiles on creativity ... it is the gift of the Divine in all of us!"





"Magical Implement: elf hat or hood"

"The Magical Act:"
"Imagine a place, if you will, where there is no rape, no murder, no theft and you can walk the streets day or night without fear. If you need help you need only ask for it, you can go anywhere and find friends ready to greet you because trust reigns."

"No one starves here, no one is abused. Everyone feels themselves, knows themselves to be an important part of the integral body of the whole. There is no pollution here and disease perishes. Healing spreads like an epidemic ... every healer contagious. Creativity flourishes, everyone is happy and cheerful in their chores. Magic and love abound, mixed with sweet romance. There are no police, only guides and assistants."

"A dream world this, yes! But not an impossible dream. A dream of elfland, of faerie, where all is well and the children quite safe. People united and dedicated to this very dream."

"Those who receive this Rune are welcomed to the community of those who strive to manifest paradise on earth and in the stars for all people. In so much as it is in your power, “Live Paradise Now!” Create the future by living it now. It is within our power to do so. This Rune is a boon for those who accept this vision. Good fortune is theirs. Those who think such visions unrealistic and unattainable, live in a prison guarded by themselves."

The Silver Elves


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