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The Elements of Elven Magic: A New View of Calling the Elementals
Based Upon the Periodic Table of Elements

THE ELEMENTS OF ELVEN MAGIC: A New View of Calling the Elementals Based Upon the Periodic Table of Elements is a book to use for summoning and evoking elements to help you in your life and magic. Taking a new look at the idea of the elements and the elementals, the Silver Elves have once again merged the reality of Science, which is Nature, and Occult tradition and have introduced the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water into the modern age of the Periodic Table of Elements. It is a new and original view of the Ways of the Ancients as expected of the Elves. The Silver Elves present for your consideration a new and elven way at pursuing the magical art of evocation of the Elements and the Elementals. Their wish is that it serves you well and hopefully evokes your own imagination and stirs your particular and individual style of magic

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We dedicate this book to the sister of our blood, to the sister of our magic, to our faerie sister, Gail Avrill.


Many thanks to Nikolay Lyapanenko for his review on Goodreads:

“Great, useful book!
This book is very unique and helpful and should be on the shelf of every magician, who works with the spirits.
This book describes a completely new theme in magick or long forgotten theme in past, with many additions!
It is about the interrelation of the two grand sciences -- Magick and Chemistry.
Based on known Periodic Table of the Elements in Chemistry, the authors perceive each element as a special spirit that can be called for assistance and support in life! ….”

And from Kristine on Goodreads:

"I love the mix of science and mythology in this book. It is full of wonderful wealth of information and news ways to view and do things. It is definitely a unique, fun and extremely well researched novel that blends science with magic flawlessly. It is a guide that will come in handy endlessly in my own writing. A book any writer of magic should own, read and use!!!' A genuine gem!!'"



Sample writing from page 18-19 Beginning of Introduction:


It is a common practice in magic to speak of four, sometimes five essential elements, which are the basic formation of the beings or spirits who are known as the Elementals. In Western magic these four elements are viewed as Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In traditional Eastern magic, which is to say essentially Chinese, Korean and Japanese magic, basically Taoist magic, there are five elements conceived of as Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. These two systems are often brought together somewhat, but not entirely, in modern magical systems by adding an element of spirit or ether to the Western systems.

We elves view the nature of the world into elements as well, but we conceive of our elementals in coordination with the Periodic Table of Elements of which there are four basic states of being. These are Solid/Earth, Liquid/Water, Gaseous/Air and Plasma; we however, as we will explain later have used Radiant or Transformative/Fire for this fourth elemental state. The fifth element, the formulation of ether or spirit, is not in our view an element at all but rather the underlying energetic nature of all being. It is the Unifying energy that unites them and is thus connected to and is an expression of the Divine Magic.

Often the elements of fire, water, earth and air are also seen as the Elementals. Thus the air element is also the air elemental. (Sometimes these are viewed in the form of otherworldly spirits associating Fire with Salamanders [dragons might be better], Air with Sylphs, Water with Undines and Earth with Gnomes, although we think Trolls might be more appropriate. If one were to give an association for the element of spirit it would probably be Angels.) However, to these elves, the elementals are the individual formulations or spirits of the elements. Thus Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen are Elementals of the Gaseous/Air element. Gold, Silver and Platinum are elementals of the Solid/Earth element.

Of course, these elementals can at times change forms. Gases can become liquid, liquid solid or gas, solid liquid and so forth. These indicate relationships between the elementals..........


From Page 21-22

Lord Quaridarea
(pronounced Q – air – rye – dare – ree – ah)
Lord of the Invisible Fire

Chant: “Mighty Lord of Air and Fire brings us now our
heart’s desire.”

This magical spirit is the lightest of the elementals. This being so, this elemental may be of assistance to those seeking the power of levitation; however, as we pointed out in the introduction, Helium might be a better choice to evoke since the idea of being lighter than air is so commonly associated with that elemental and Hydrogen is explosive. Thus this elemental might push you to change more quickly than you may wish. Of course, there is no problem in evoking both these spirits if that is what you wish to do; however, if you are in a hurry and don’t mind the stress then Lord Quaridarea is the one for you.

Lord Quaridarea also represents the most abundant chemical substance in the Universe so his reach is vast and wide. Therefore, if you wish to evoke the aspect of abundance in your life, this would be a good spirit with which to start. Since hydrogen is colorless, odorless, tasteless, this Lord is nearly invisible when summoned and requires a psychic sense to see him. One tends to feel his presence rather than see it. So if you wish to develop the power of invisibility, to go through the world unseen and yet have great influence in it, he is the elemental to consider. Further, he may also be of value in anything that has to do with ghosts or shards of the dead.

Hydrogen is a non-toxic, nonmetallic, highly combustible diatomic gas and thus while Lord Quaridarea might be thought to be mild mannered, he is really quite sensitive and volatile, manners and decorum are especially important in summoning him. He knows how influential he is. At the same time, Hydrogen is the simplest element, so put on no “airs” around this Lord, directness and simplicity will be appreciated.

And while he gets along well with water and many liquids and doesn’t mind going down into the world, he doesn’t get on well with metals and tends to make them brittle. Therefore, it is unwise to have anything metal in your circle when evoking him. If you feel you need a ritual blade or athame, let it be made of obsidian or flint or stone or even wood or bone. The same is true of your other instruments (tools) of magic.

On the other hand, for this same reason he is quite useful at weakening metal. In the olden days he may have been evoked to weaken the swords of one’s enemies. And while we said that he might be useful in evoking abundance; it is unlikely that abundance will appear in the form of gold, silver or any other metal. However, if you wish things to flow to you, he surely can be of assistance there.

The word Hydrogen, which is from the Greek, means water forming. Since water is H2O, two Hydrogen atoms combined to one Oxygen atom, having a chalice or bowl of water in your circle can be very conducive in his summoning.

From Page 25-26
Nitrogen, Lady Moderea
(pronounced moe – deer – ree - ah)

Lady of the Fields
Chant: “Enrich us all the best you can and make the earth
a better land.”

Nitrogen is the seventh most abundant element in the Universe; therefore, Lady Moderea is very influential. At room temperature, it is colorless and odorless and thus like the previous two elementals, this Lady can be hard to see. It constitutes about 78% of the Earth atmosphere, so once again she is a very important being. And while Nitrogen composes only about 3% of the mass of the human body, it is none-the-less the fourth major element in the body after oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. It is often a key ingredient in fertilizer, thus Lady Moderea is a patron of gardeners, farmers and others who grow things. So if you wish to provoke growth in your life or some situation in your life, she is a good elemental to summon.

Nitrogen is also a key part of ammonia, nitric acid and organic nitrates, which are used as propellants and explosives, and also in cyanides, so she has her dangerous side, too. She is, therefore, a key ingredient in fertilizer bombs. In this capacity, Nitrogen is perhaps best noted in the form of saltpeter, sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate (note those combinations of elementals), which is a primary ingredient in gunpowder. When compounds explode, burn or decay back into nitrogen gas, tremendous energy is released. The Lady thus must be treated with due care and respect.

Interestingly, nitrogen also composes part of the compounds that make Kevlar fabric and super glue so she has her protective as well as bonding aspects as well. Find out the other elementals involved to summon a combination that will produce the aspects you desire.
Alchemists during the Middle Ages called nitric acid, a nitrogen compound, aqua fortis or strong water. Aqua regia or royal water, a mixture of mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids, was noted for its ability to dissolve gold, which was important in alchemical work. Thus this elemental has a strong association with Alchemists.

Also, every major pharmacological drug class has Nitrogen molecules as a part of it. This includes antibiotics but also caffeine and morphine. You can see how very important this elemental is and the variety of things this Lady can influence is truly vast. She has influence over amino acids (and therefore proteins) and the nucleic acids, which is to say DNA and RNA. And despite its tendency to be used for explosive purposes it tends to extinguish fires. Its explosiveness, as we saw, coming from its tendency to wish to return to its elemental state. Thus, like Helium, Lady Moderea is really a bit of an introvert. She’d rather putter around a garden, minding her own business, and only tends to get volatile when forced into situations or relationships with which she’s uncomfortable. Thus, we repeat that she loves to see things grow and is in her best mood when called in that capacity.

If you are someone who has been forced to be other than you truly are, pressured into conforming to standards that don’t suit your true nature, than this elemental is the one to summon to help you return to your true s’elf and your true relationship with Nature.

From Page 26-28:
Oxygen, Lady Emper (pronounced eem - peer)
Lady of the Enthusiasm
Chant: “Awaken bright and stirring be, it’s time for all
to clearly see.

Unlike Helium and Nitrogen, whose elementals tend to be introverts, Lady Emper, the Mistress of Oxygen, is an out and out extrovert who interacts easily with all sorts of elementals. The name Oxygen, however, means acid forming, thus she can be a bit caustic and is not afraid of expressing her opinions or her wit. This Lady can party, but she can also burn you out. The expression burning the candle at both ends definitely applies to her. Ruling the third most abundant element in the Universe, she is extremely powerful and influential.

While Oxygen composes most of the mass of living organisms, this elemental also has great influence over many inorganic compounds, such as teeth, shells and bone. But, Oxygen can be toxic to some forms of life particularly those that were dominant early on in Earth’s life cycle. Over twenty percent of the volume of air is composed of Diatomic oxygen gas. Without the influence of this elemental, we could not live in human/humanoid bodies. Oxygen is also the most abundant element in the Earth's crust, so you can see how very important this elemental is.

Like its brothers and sister before it, it tends to be colorless and odorless at room temperature. Thus we have another spirit that is difficult to see directly. In air, it tends to be O2, which is to say that really there is not one elemental but two sisters who are twins and can be easily mistaken for each other since they are essentially identical. So keep this in mind when summoning this elemental, you may get one or the other, but most likely both of them. They go by the same name. They love to hang out together. If you wish to deal with just one of them, have a bowl of water that is exposed during the evocation to direct sunlight. Otherwise, if you wish both sisters, you may call them at night. Be lively, they love energetic people, they love parties, they are 24 hr. party people. These elementals are enchantresses and tend to be hostesses. If you wish to get a coven or group together, they can be of great help.

If you can get them to materialize either in solid or a liquid form, they will probably appear to be sky blue in color. Their manifestation may be the inspiration for many Hindu gods and even elves being pictured as having blue skin.

I know your shadow well
It’s very much like mine
It wants to tell the world
“Go to…”
And party all the time
And while the hymners
Straight from church
Will tell you it is wrong
A knowledge deep within me
Says it’s our destined song


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