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Eldafaryn: True Tales of Magic from the Lives of the Silver Elves

Eldafaryn (Elf Haven) contains a series of vignettes from the lives of the Silver Elves starting in the present and going back and forth through time describing their lives, their magic, their philosophy and their unique view of the world. If you've ever wanted to see Elfland from the inside, as the elves view and live it, here's your chance.

We first got the idea to write this book when we were interviewed for the book Not in Kansas Anymore by author Christine Wicker. As we talked with Christine, we realized that people are fascinated with real stories of our magic. About eight years later, we wrote Eldafaryn, a collection of true tales of our own magic in our lives.

These are true stories of elfin magic from the lives of the Silver Elves. They are as complete as our memories and confidences allow. There are things we cannot tell you, some secrets we cannot reveal, but what we do tell you is true. The book begins with the latest relocation of our Eald (magical home/realm) and the energizing thereof, and proceeds to reflections from former Ealds and magical events and people in our lives in the past and present. We hope you enjoy it.

The Silver Elves

Eldafaryn: True Tales of Magic from the Lives of the Silver Elves

We would like to dedicate this collection of stories to
The Elf Queen’s Daughters of the Aurora Vortex:
Loriel Lyndoreyn, Melryn, Athelas Seltome
and Andruil. Love Always.

First two sample stories in Eldafaryn:


We have been extending Eldafaryn, our realm. As our kin know, we have recently moved from a large two-bedroom apartment with a lanai (porch) to a small one-bedroom place with no lanai. However, Eldafaryn, our true Eald is a form of a multi dimensional Tesseract that folds and unfolds as we need it to do so. Like Dr. Who's Tardis, it is larger on the inside than the outside. Our bathroom unfolds to also be a room in our art gallery; our kitchen unfolds to be part of the art gallery, the ballroom, the museum of Elfin culture and magic, part of the exercise room, and part of the dining room. Our living room folds out to be a guest bedroom, a part of the ballroom, the art gallery, the museum, exercise room, and Silver Flame's office, an arboretum, etc. It does, however, take some time to fold up and to unfold, so for the past month+ we, with the help of about a dozen of the spirits that attend us, have been unfolding it so more of our spirit kin may abide here. Thus last week, a group of over one hundred elves, pixies, gnomes, leprechauns, faeries, etc. arrived and took up residence, with a couple of dozen more trickling in though the week, and this week we expect to have expanded to the point where another clan of 100 or so will arrive. We are so excited.

Elf Haven

This is not the first manifestation of Eldafaryn (Elf Haven), of course. It started out in Southern Illanoi over 35 years ago as a very tiny dimension, however, over the years as we’ve relocated the physical portal that links us to it, and as more and more spirits have been attracted to and joined us, our Eald has grown to accommodate the increasing number of its residents.

Just yesterday, a young gnomish girl and three silver faery dancers arrived unexpectedly from Florida, sent by one of our rangers. The gnomish girl, originally of the Canadeyn clan, moved in right away. Since we have had at least two others of her tribe with us for years, both of which are male, she was welcomed immediately, and they were joyous to have her among us. As to the three silver faery dancers, well, there just isn’t enough room as yet, not until we unfold the Eald more, still they’ve taken to hanging around the dining room and making merry there, certain that the realm will unfold further in short order.

Alas, along with them came a hairy thing. We don’t quite know what else to call him. He is perhaps a troll of some sort, his large nose tends to lend credence to that supposition, but otherwise, he looks much like “Cousin It” of the Addams Family. Unfortunately, he just didn’t seem quite right for this Eald. Not that we have anything against trolls, mind you, other than their tendency to careen into things and break them because of their bulk. We, in fact, already have at least one that has been around us for a year or so who serves under our head gargoyle, although since our latest move he hasn’t as yet arrived, but quite possibly will this coming week.

Still, you just can’t take on everyone who comes along. Some just don’t work out. The chemistry is wrong and that’s just the way it is. Nonetheless, we let the “hairy thing” stay for the night and then took him to a spot where we expect he will soon make a friend and find a home with someone who really wants him. That’s what’s really important after all, being with those who love and appreciate you for who you truly are.


Sample story from page 135:

Baby Spirits

"Shortly after Draco was born, Silver Flame began hearing babies crying in his crib, even when he wasn’t in it. There were three of them, each with a distinct sound to its voice, what Silver Flame felt was two girls and a boy, sounding each like a new born. She thought she might be crazy, after all she already believed in elves and faeries, so she didn’t want to tell anyone about it other than Zardoa, who saw them as lights hovering near the crib; but then a friend was over and heard it as well so she began to feel we weren’t just hallucinating."

"Zardoa told her these babies could be old friends of Draco’s trying to get into the world to be near him. He told her she might think about talking to these baby spirits, explaining why she couldn’t bear them hers’elf, having just had a baby, and having nearly died in the process. So she did this, but she thought that she could also take them where they might find homes."

"A few days later, she went to pick up her latest check from her counseling job. In the office there worked a woman named Kathy who had been trying with her husband to get pregnant for a couple of years with no success. After she handed Silver Flame the check, Silver Flame said to her, “Oh, by the way, I’ve brought you a baby spirit.” The woman laughed. “No, really,” Silver Flame told her, “I’ve brought you a baby,” and Kathy laughed again. However, a couple of months later, she found out she was pregnant and when she counted back she discovered that she had conceived that very week."

"Immediately after taking the spirit to Kathy, one of the baby girl’s voices stopped crying from the crib, and as it turned out Kathy had a girl. The boy spirit she took to another friend’s house, where many people came and went. The woman became pregnant about six months later and had a baby boy, but Silver Flame was never sure if it was the baby she took her, or if that baby found someone else who had visited the house before that."

"The third baby, the other girl, she could still hear crying after the second one left, so she took her for a few city bus trips. She would ride the bus with the baby spirit, hoping to run into someone the baby would be attracted to. It must have worked because after a few trips the crying stopped and she felt a great sense of relief."

"Some people who come to us are meant for us, but most we simply help upon their way. We elves and pixies have often been accused of leading people astray, but the truth is we ever try to help people find their way home. After all, that is where all of us are trying to go. Isn’t it?"

You may now purchase Eldafaryn: True Tales of Magic from the Lives of the Silver Elves on The book is priced at $14 and its purchase is eligible for Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping (Amazon's deal to ship you free if you purchase a total over $25 in a single or combined book order). Please click the Amazon icon below and go to Amazon's Silver Elves page to make your purchase. For a preview of the book, you may wish to check out Amazon's "Look Inside This Book" feature that is offered. Remember that you will be going out of the Silver Elves website, so please bookmark us before you go and return often.

For our international brothers and sisters, this book is also available on Amazon international sites as well as being available here on The Book Depository, which ships free internationally to many countries including Australia.

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Thank you dear Nikolay for your review of Eldafaryn on Goodreads:

"The life of every person is full of miracles, magick, improbable coincidences and regularities, but not everyone is able to see it all, to feel it all.
Most people, being in a constant rush and in daily routine, don't notice signs that the Universe gives to them and they don't notice how magical their lifes really are.
This wonderful book, describes short interesting stories from the life of The Silver Elves, practicing elven magicians, enchanters, who had so many amazing events, adventures, mysteries, and miracles for their long elven life!
This book teaches the reader, that there are miracles everywhere, and we can notice it in our daily life, if we will be attentive enough.
Life of the Silver Elves is truly magical!"



Table of Contents:

Introduction 1
A Word about Names 1

Tesseract 3
Elf Haven 4
The Lord of the Wind 6
Wounded, Scraped, and Battered 7
Kitchen Witch 8
Rearranging 9
Weaving the Magic 10
Elf Stones 11
A Boisterous Crowd 12
Bells, Chimes, and Singing Bowl 13
The Middle of the Night 15
Promenade 16
Departures 17
Arrivals 19
Anchoring 20
Greeters 22
Elvish 23
Bluey Bowl 24
Sub-Rosa 26
The Magics 27
Elven Silver 28
Offerings 31
The Peter Pan Sword 33
Faerie Wishes 35
Unexpected Arrivals 36
Elf Songs 38
Faery Child, gleeful and wild 39
Seal of the Soul Mates 41
Elfin Sun Goddess 42
Celtic Knot Knife 43
Home At Last 45
Magical Lighter 46
The Dance Begins 47
Feng Shui 48
The Great Pan Magic 49
Ganesha 51
Pinkie 54
Gandalf 56
Baby Gramps 57
Our Idols 59
Faerie Dust 61
Pantacle 63
The Wizard D 66
Warlock 68
Magical Diplomas 70
Spirit Water 72
Elven Chess 74
Games Elves Play 76
Blessings 78
Frasority 79
A Nice, Strong Man 82
Wisdom 83
Cyber Spirits 87
Prosperity Powder 89
Recipe of Prosperity Powder: 89
Faery Dust and Pixie Powder 91
The Gold at the End of the Rainbow 93
11:11 94
The Silver Dragon Frame 96
Faerie Houses 98
Miss Boo 100
The Spirit of Santa Claus 101
Elf Luck 103
Voodoo 105
Rivendell 108
A Wizard’s Staff 111
The Magic Snake Head 115
Four Wands of Power by the Waters Gifted 117
Three Staffs for the Wizard Paths,
                        Beneath the Moonlit Night. 121
Three Canes by Enchanter Named,
                        Beneath the Elven Stars 124
Curses 127
The Pixie Drum 129
The Great Red Dragon 131
Spirits 133
Baby Spirits 135
Jesus 136
The Devil 138
And The Real Deal 140
Vision Quest 141
Anadae 143
Phoenix and Arabeth 145
Alice 147
Tobacco 150
The Olde Country 153
Juice 154
Master Jao 155
Flower Menehunes 157
Becca the Orc 159
A Wand of Forest and Sea 162
The Living Goddess 165
The Art Spirit 167
Tarot d’Amour 169
Franz Bardon 172
Lejentia 175
Joy of Relationship 177
Robert Bly, wizard 179
A Living Gnome 181
Violet 182
Samhain 183
The Orb of Healing 186
Noblesse Oblige 187
Old George 190
There’s always room 192
for more 192
Davanya 193
Maiden, Mother, Mage 196
Our Other Son 197
Mother and Mage 198
Lord of the Living Waters 202
The Medicine Walk 207
Elven Wishing Wheel 212
Athelas Seltome 215
Faery in Shadow 217
The Perilous Realm 218
Dream Tenders 221
The Lupa Cane 222
The Rialian Staff 223
Simon the Magician 225
Aiea the Faery 226
Elves! 228

About the Authors 231



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