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The Elves of Lyndarys: A Magical Tale of Modern Faerie Folk

The Elves of Lyndarys is an often humorous novel about a young man’s struggle to mature and develop himself, his magic and his identity as he encounters and explores the modern pagan and otherkin communities and happens to encounter real elves, slowly coming to realize as he does so that he may not be a man at all but one of the elven. He is confronted through his journey not only by his own incredulity about his encounters and his inner conflict with what he has been taught to believe is reality and his actual experience but also by his personal prejudices and false assumptions. He comes to discover not only that the magic of Faerie is real but further that the Elven Way, as presented by his mentors, offers him a means of traveling the misty paths to magical and mystical enlightenment.

Enjoy reading the first page of the first chapter below:

This book is dedicated to our mother Faith Loveless, who always encouraged Zardoa's writing.


We thank our elven sister Carrie Skinner for having this to say about The Elves of Lyndarys:

"Fantastic Story of Modern Day Elves
I just finished this book and I must tell you that it was a sheer delight! I have been looking for a book like this for some time. The story line flowed well and the language was wonderfully modern while keeping a touch of the poetic/magic on the edges. As I read I immersed myself in the reality of the adventures(as I always do, whether the story be real or fantasy) which take place in the modern world but just a touch into another dimension. It’s kind of a coming of age elf story. I found myself in the place of Vandreyl at times, asking questions and trying to figure things out. But at others I became Myloryn, the mother hen caring for her chicks. But it was Zaradon that I invariably ended up snuggling up with at the end of the day, taking in all his wisdom given with his contagious sense of humor and easy going ways.

There are many magical and practical teachings throughout the book that students of the esoteric will appreciate and just down right good advice for living in a peaceful and loving way. I will be recommending this book to my faerie/elven friends. We are always looking for stories that resonate with our own brand of reality and this book does that extremely well. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a modern day story of finding Elfland and all the magic and freedom that a place like this can have. Fans of The Lord of the Rings may also like this as it treats Tolkien’s Middle Earth as a real place and mentions its characters often. But do keep in mind there is some sexual situations in the book so it is not for children. A sequel would be a wonderful thing indeed!"


And we thank Carol Stewart for her comments on Goodreads:

" The Elves of Lyndarys is very much like Carlos Castaneda for Otherkin and faerie folk. Once I started reading, it kept me intrigued enough to read it through the night and I look forward to the Silver Elves' next book."


And from our elvin kin, James Jones on Goodreads writes:

"In a nutshell, I absolutely loved this book.
With that said, a couple of caveats. If you like dystopian horror, this is not the book for you. If any type of wish fulfillment sets your teeth on edge, best to stay away. If you are under 18 then you might need to wait a bit(the authors go sexual in the middle).
However, if you want a crazy journey through the possibly real and the maybe unreal then this is the book for you. The characters were interesting and the basic ideas(which I am guessing echo the philosophy of the Silver Elves) are presented very well.
The book is written in the form of a journal written by Vandreyl, the typical lost soul seeker trying to make his way in the world. He finds the Elves of Lyndarys through their newsletters. From there he ends up meeting someone who has been there and awesomeness ensues.

One point that was especially interesting for me is that they have a barely fictionalized account of an event that I have gone to in the past. They represented it fairly well and I look forward to "lending" my copy to the tall blonde fellow."


We also thank Toryndary for a wonderful review on Amazon:

"The Elves of Lyndarys was a very relaxing journey to me. It was as if, at a family gathering, a nephew came to you and said : "You know that after graduating, I took some time to see the world? Well, this is what happened", and then gave you the story in this book, in a very matter-of-factly way.

There is quite a story, binding you to the very last word; there are the characters, ever growing and aptly painted; there is the humour through even the most serious parts in the book; there are the teachings, the comment on society as it is, some very convincing theses about the how and why of homo-hating; it is too much to describe: you need to read the book to get what it might be all about.

O, and there are Elves, with a very comforting presence.
Hennie (Toryndaryl)"


And we thank Merlyn for his review on Amazon:

"Fantastic story, loads of things to learn from the new elf — and a little bit adult which kept me very interested. I am rereading already as I want to remember all the content and great story."

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The Elves of Lyndarys: A Magical Tale of Modern Faerie Folk

First page of Chapter 1 — The Meeting

“SHe gives way and they follow in the direction sHe chooses.”
Hexagram #9 Yielding: the Power of the Wee Folk
from The Elven Book of Changes

It is a question with me now, exactly where to begin or how to explain how I came to meet them and be among them. For in certain ways, that is a long story, the story of my life and not really of all that great interest to any save myself and perhaps my mother. No, considering my mother, not her either. She’d roll her eyes and tell me not to dwell on the past. Mine is a story of longing and searching, episodes of manic depression, failed relationships, usually the cause of the manic-depression, and what seemed to be a never-ending and never to be fulfilled inner hunger for meaning and purpose in my life. The usual stuff. But even if my life before meeting the elves were a tale most glorious and adventurous, which, in truth, it is not, it still would not be entirely germane here. For it is of them I wish to speak and how our paths came to cross. So I won’t bore you, or me, with most of the details of my life before them, but in as much as possible and reasonable, cut to the chase.

I had been an archeology student. In fact, had been awarded a Master's degree in that field, although I had done little with it except work on a few digs here and there but could find no steady job in that area. Perhaps it was my interest in ancient cultures that led me to pursue studies as well of ancient myths, and simultaneously my love of role playing games and cosplay and a tendency to always create and play elven characters that awakened my interest in the ancient tales of Faery Folk and of Faerie magic both in fiction and non-fiction. And surely, the Lord of the Rings trilogy stoked this fire heavily. I'm telling you all this so you'll know that I had a good sense of the boundaries between fantasy and fact... have always been of a logical and scientific bent and in pursuing this course sought truth, not escape, or so I thought. For in the end, I'm not entirely sure that I have not found both but perhaps again, neither.

A friend that I role-played with told me about the “otherkin” community on the internet. These were people who apparently believed they were elves or faeries or dragons or whatever. I know, it sounds ridiculous and I'm not saying I believed they were such but only that I accepted the fact that they might believe this and so I got a URL from him and following the links began to investigate. A lot of them were role-players like myself and many, many were cutesy flitter glitter faerie types. But a number of them were quite serious and apart from those, for many were seriously nuts, were some who were quite intelligent and in fact, I found them very intriguing. One group in particular I'd come across was somehow different. And here I must admit I'm at a loss for words for I'm not precisely sure what about them attracted me except to say, they almost made me feel like they could really be the elves they claimed themselves to be, yet I can’t explain why that is so.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 — The Meeting 7
Chapter 2—The Choosing 15
Chapter 3 — A Heart Awakened 23
Chapter 4 — The Faridon 35
Chapter 5 — The Shining Ones 53
Chapter 6 —Wood Nymph 75
Chapter 7 – Living in the Light 87
Chapter 8 – Lake Faeries 97
Chapter 9 – Dragons 105
Chapter 10 – Pooka 115
Chapter 11 — Daoine Sidhe 125
Chapter 12 —Starlight 137
Chapter 13 — Tuatha da Danaan 147
Chapter 14 — The Dancing Master of Elfu 157
Chapter 15 — Azalea 167
Chapter 16 — Unicorns 179
Chapter 17 — In the Desert 189
Chapter 18 — Gargee 197
Chapter 19 — Burning Candles 217
Chapter 20 — Purification 243
Chapter 21 — Shadows 269
Chapter 22 – Revelations 289
Chapter 23 — The Choice 305
Chapter 24 — The Turning Point 315

About the Authors — 335


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