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An Elven Game of Rhymes : Book Two of the Magical Poems of Zardoa Silverstar

This is book two of the poems of Zardoa Silverstar. Most of these poems in this current volume were inspired by the ancient Elven Poetry Game that Zardoa Silverstar created. You may ask, if Zardoa Silverstar created this game, how can it be ancient? We leave that as a puzzle for you to ponder.

The Elven Poem Game goes like this: An elf writes a poem and another elf takes one line from that poem and creates another poem from it, and then the first elf takes a different line from that new poem and creates another poem, and so forth. Sometimes the line has to be changed somewhat to make it work with the new poem but most of the first lines, and thus the titles, of these poems came from other poems.

Those that played this game with Zardoa were Evansyl, Syndareyn, Aradyn, Ladardyn, Bo Tooke, and even Zardoa’s 100 year old mother, Faith, contributed a couple of lines, without their inspiration most of these poems would not have come into existence and we thank you all.

The Silver Elves

We have dedicated this book to all those that played this game with Zardoa and helped inspire these poems:

Thank you to Evansyl, Syndareyn, Aradyn, Ladardyn, Bo Tooke, and Zardoa's 100 year old mother, Faith.


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A Sample poem from page :

This Is A Spell. . . . . .

This is a spell
Be warned from the start
It begins in your mind
And ends in your heart.

It spirals on down
Through your blood, breath and bone
Until in your soul
It finds its true home.

Your ears will grow pointed
Your eyes go aglow
And secrets unspoken
You’ll very soon know.

As stardust does settle on the top of your crown
And starlight is shed by each step and each bound
Until unraveled this mystery is found
Faerie’s within and all realms that surround.

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