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The People of Peace are naturally quite peaceful people but more than that they are the elves entrusted with the responsibility of inspiring, guiding and teaching by example the ways of peace. Some people erroneously think that war and conflict are the means to financial success and abundance and for some few and for a short period this can be true. Some people have been lead to believe that war is the key to economic growth and opportunity.

Although, it is actually after wars are over that such progress comes. Wartime for most people is a time of tremendous limitation and sacrifice. Some believe that wars are a stimulus of new inventions, which is true but peace and prosperity are far greater simuli. In the long run, wars ruin economies, destroy lives and families and achieve nothing of worth that could not be better attained through peace.

The secrets of peace and prosperity are in the care of the People of Peace who willingly offer to share them with all who are interested. Unfortunately, there are all to few, at this time, who are enlightened enough to understand and utilize these magical powers of peace. Still, elves are a people of evolution and creation, so we always do our magics with the future in mind.

Blessing now you have to share. Three there are that need your care...
Will you...?
Help those who are struggling with the dilemma of human existence...
Bean Sidhe
Or withdrawal for a while to contemplate what you should do next...
Huldu Folk
Join those who are already active servers and adding your energy to theirs...
Daoine Sidhe
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