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The Seelie were the high elfin folk of ancient pixieland which today is called Great Britain and Brittany. Eventually the Picts, Pixies, Piskies and other fae folk of those isles were overrun and merged with the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Scots and later the Normans. However, the Seelie were reputed to have left in ships and sailed into the West to Avalon, which is to say, America where the native folk still abided and the agressive hordes of man and other folk had yet to come. It is rumored that they became or merged with the Cherokee.

The Seelie were among the most cultured, civilized and educated of elves and had a love for creating art, poetry and writing. They were often sought out by other inhabitants of Faerie for their advice and counsel, for they were reputed to be wise and to have great foresight. These are the great abiters of the elfin. It is these who would set their sacred seal of approval on all things that brought harmony and success among the peoples.

Having been graced by life with luck and charm, how will you use these powers?
Find those who need your assistance and help them fulfill their dreams...
Await a sign from the higher powers as to what you should do next...


Aspire toward being even greater
as a spiritual being...
Shining Folk

Do you best to represent the
Seelie in the world...
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