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The Gentle Folk

Gentleness is a great power and these folk are the greatest practioners of the art. They are gentle, kind and exude a calmness and tranquility that many folks find healing. They are cultured and soothing in their approach to all things and believe in and continually create elegance in all that they do.

There are some folk, who because of the lower nature of their evolutionary status view the Gentle Folk as being effete snobs or weaklings in the case of the males or flighty, unrealistic and out of touch with reality for the females. They are, of course, utterly wrong. The Gentle folk while yeilding on the surface have an iron will and an indomnible spirit and they see much clearer the possibilities of the future and the true nature of the world than those who think that life belongs to those who take what they want irregardless of others.

These days the Gentle Folk can often be found among various meditation societies. They are incredibly lucky and all that they want and need flows to them without effort or force.

Now is the time to return...
Will you help others understand the fate and karma we are challenged with...
Bean Sidhe

Or maybe you just want to rest and hide out awhile...
Huldu Folk
Will you inspire people with new ideas and possibilities...
Daoine Sidhe
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