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The Way of the Alchemist

is the pathway to transforming the material world, ultimately through the manipulation of the atomic structure. According to the ancient lore the alchemists were ever seeking the formula for transmuting lead into gold. From the point of view of the esotericist this was merely a cover up for the real goal of the Alchemists the turning of the lead of mundane existence into the gold of spiritual realization, thus the process of Initiation is an allegory of the ancient mysteries. Of course, those of material persuasion believe that this is merely an cover up for the Alchemist's inability to actually transform matter. This ability is, in fact, not only possible but not all that far from our grasp. It is hidden in the secrets of the atomic structure and requires simply the adding or shaving of electrons from various elements. Certainly, however far in the future the knowledge that will enable us to do this is, it will most likely reach us long before we understand truly how to transform crude and often belligerent beings into the loving individuals they are destined to be.

For the Elfin Alchemist there is however, no real division. To alter the material world and to transmute our souls are equal goals, each worthy in their own right and ultimately united in their essense. And for we elfin, these polarities of material transsubstantiation and spiritual transformation are two sides of a coin that has a vast world of possibilities in between. Elfin Alchemists often bring together various races, personalities and other elements that often seem antithetical or at least so different that their union seems unlikely and yet in that union something is created that is both greater than those elements that compose it. Salt, an ancient ingredient of the Alchemist lore is a perfect example. It is composed of two toxic substances which when united develop into a compound that is vital to our existence in its current physcial manifestation. So, too, do the Elfin Alchemists ever strive to harmonize discordant aspects so that those things which seemed so hostile to us become useful and compliant.

The Elfin culture is itself an aspect of the Alchemist's art. We are a highly eclectic people. We take everything we encounter and make it our own, mixing and matching and constanting transforming. Some could say that we have no true culture of our own and in a sense that is true. We are surely the Borrowers. But the essense of Elfin culture is not ancient traditions or repeated rituals but an ever evolving approach to effectively ingendering the love and magic that is the driving force of our souls intent. What could one expect from a people that are abundantly aware of the nature of their own metempsychosis and who realize that Elfland is not a place in space but a realization of our own being manifesting outwardly only as a radiance of our inward actualization. Elfin is not a plot of land but a spiritual genetic imperative. Ultimately it is the transformation of our inner being that induces that transsubstantiation of the world as we know it and by that means we transmeate through the mists into Elfin.

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Magical Element:
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Magical Herb:
Morning Glory
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Magical Archetype:
Albert Hofmann

The Challenge: the question is?

While the neuromancer deals with the understanding, mapping and manipulation of the genetic structure, the Elfin Alchemists deal with the elements, the atomic substructure upon which everything is based. It is said that the ancient alchemists sought the method of turning lead into gold, which requires but the addition or subtraction of electrons from an atom of gold or lead. Modern alchemists are on the same quest. The Elfin Alchemists are constantly recombining chemicals to create new formulas for achieving various effects. However, unlike the Alchemists of many other races, the Elfin Alchemist nearly always experiments with the substances created by using them personally instead of inflicting them on imprisoned animals.

Do you have the courage to do that? It can be a dangerous pursuit. Yet the Elfin Alchemist would not have it any other way.

The Magical Act: what to do.

Often as children the Elfin Alchemists can be found tinkering with chemistry sets or simply creating 'concoction' with whatever they find about. As 'adults' they do many things including creating new recipes fo drinks, food, skin care products and numerous other things.

The magic of this path is to create elfin things, elfin recipes of, in a spiritual sense, the blending of the various elements of ones'elf that make one increasingly in tune with their soul, their true elfin nature.

Suggested Reading:
Pihkal: a chemical love story
by Ann and Alexander Shulgin

There are four paths that lead from here

You have gained the ability to weave together disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Do you think it best to....

sun ...bring together different races?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Neuromancer
mercury ...merge the astral and mental planes?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Warlock
venus ....bring to together a group with different skills?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Witch
moon ...awaken people to the knowledge of their past incarnations?
And the path back to the Moon which is the path of Necromancer








Or if you've gone around and around and have no idea where you're bound, have no fear the elves are here and you... can always begin again.

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