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The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 2

This is our second collection of our love letters, composed principally of 110 of our early internet letters. You can find samples of these letters on various sites all over the web, for they were some of our most popular letters and have been copied and spread around frequently. It is not necessary to read Volume 1 before reading and enjoying Volume 2. These letters give the reader an experiential understanding of what it is to be an elf and enter the realm of Faerie and Magick. Enjoy!

The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 2, by The Silver Elves

We are happy to finally say that we have reprinted and you may now purchase our Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 2 on The book is priced at $16 and its purchase is eligible for Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping (Amazon's deal to ship you free if you purchase a total over $25 in a single or combined book order). Please click the Amazon link below and go to Amazon's Silver Elves page to make your purchase. For a preview of the book, you may wish to check out Amazon's Look Insde This Book feature that is offered. Remember that you will be going out of the Silver Elves website, so please bookmark us before you go and return often.

The Silver Elves

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We thank you ever so much, dear Violin Goddess, for your review on Amazon of our book:

“The Silver Elves have done it again! Their thorough mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional immersion into their identities as Elves has brought about a unique and unparallelled view into not only what it is like to be Otherkin (specifically Elves), but also going deeper into the experience therein! I will admit, it took me some time to get past their "once-a-hippie-always-a-hippie" their writing style, and take their "total immersion" life seriously. But once I did, I gained an almost immediate profound respect and deep honor for their point of view, wisdom and philosophy. As in many things spiritual, you don't have to take everything they say as "cannon", but if there are things you find in their books that resonate with you; consider it a gift from them to you. Because, that is EXACTLY what they consider these books to be!!”


Thank you dear Nikolay Lyapanenko for your extraordinary review on Goodreads:

“Another great, deep, magical and philosophical book from the Silver Elves' series, continuing the famous letters written by the authors and sent to a variety of regions to the elven brothers and sisters, otherkin, to awaken their inner nature, to inspire, to encourage, and to support their extraordinary in a world full of dullness and ordinary people. This book helps to understand many things and is a wonderful book of support and understanding for the modern elves, for the "aliens" who just don't fit into the system of normality.

This book is big enough, so if you buy it, you can read it for a long time (although when you start reading, you may find it difficult to tear and then you'll read it faster and will want the third part! :) ) In this book you will find about 110 magical letters filled deep meaning, vivid metaphors and talks about some sort of the Higher Mind, the Higher Spirits the elves call The Shining Ones, who are guiding and helping us, on each step of our evolution.

It also displays the world attitude of a typical elf, describing what each elf in some period of life feel and experience, going through the magical elven way. This book moves everyone into the magical worlds of Faerie and Elfin!

I highly recommend this book to all and everyone, to all elven folk! It takes a special place on my bookshelf and I'll reread it again and again, all the time learning something new.
A very magical, beautiful and deep, philosophical book!”

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