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Wolf Folk

Actually, you can name nearly any kind of animal or life form and there is some people or denizens of Faerie connected to it. There are elves connected to deer, goats and even pigs. It is true that wolves are generally thought of in connection with "werewolves"; but, in fact, these are "lone wolf" images which are very unlike the wolf folk who are pack animals. Thus it should come as no surprise that there are wolf elves, that is elves who associate with the wolves, elves who can shapeshift in wolves (just as there are selkies, elves who shapeshift into seals) and wolves who are elves.

There is a tendency among many folks to anthropormorphise all forms of faerie life. Thus faeries are seen as small humans with butterfly or dragonfly wings. However, from the elven point of view, butterflies and dragonflies are faeries. And we communicate with and treat them as such. It is rude from our point of view to look upon them as merely insects without desires and inner directives of their own or as somehow less significant than we.
Like wolves, the Wolf Elfin often have a strong and clever male and female pair who are their guides and the center of their union. However, unlike wolves this pair are not the only ones who breed in the group and unlike humans this dominant pair cannot be conceived of as having authority over others. For elves would never tolerate this. Instead, they function as initiators and inspirers of their group and act as leaders in the true sense of the word by being the first to do and try things

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