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the way of the shaman

The Way of the Shaman

is the pathway into the underworlds of the psyche. The Elfin Shaman deals with influences and events that affect us from the subtle planes, particularly the nether regions and our connection to those realms through our psyches and subconscious. The shaman is often been called the "wounded healer" because the shaman comes to their calling after having faced, experienced and overcome some life threatening disease or accident.

To the mind of the Elfin Shaman all experiences are real. To most people, there is reality and there is fantasy... the waking world and the dream world and one is real and the other not. But from the point of view of the Elfin Shaman they are all real experiences each on their own particular plane of being. Each having power in their own realm. Thus while many think we, who call ours'elves elves are just fantasizing, the Elfin Shaman is well aware of the Reality of our being.

It is the very acceptance and understanding of the reality of all experience that enables the Elfin Shaman to guide those in need into the dark recesses of the netherworlds to confront demons or seek the assistance of the spirits that dwell therein. Unlike a psychologist who deals with many of the same demons but from the basic point of view that these are figments and aberrations of the "patient's" mind, the Elfin Shaman knows these demons and spirits to be quite real and acknowledges them as the forces they truly are, invading the mind and subconscious of the afflicted. That their insertion into the life of the individual may have happened when they were quite young does not reduce the power these forces have to grow and damage the individual later. The Elfin Shaman helps guide his apprentice, for ultimately in some fashion all who come to the Elfin Shaman for help are apprentice shamans, to the most secret recesses where these powers lurk so that together they may unravel the mystery of their hold over the individual and root them out, close and seal the place upon their body and within their consciousness that has been the entry point for this malevolence so that it can never return.

The Elfin Shaman also reminds us of the constant possibility of the tranformation of the individual particularly in reference to the ability we have to overcome negative habits of action and thought... that is to give up smoking or overcome alcoholism or perhaps a tendency to depression, negative thinking or unhappy relationships. The Elfin Shaman is a living example of the potentiality of uplifting ours'elves and from that others.

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Carl Jung

The Challenge: the question is?

Very few people really desire to dredge through their feelings to reach into their poast to root out the disfunctional commands, judgements and directives that were placed in their subconscious when they were far too young to understand what was going on. True, there are those who say they would do it. But those who are really willing to put in the time and energy it requires are few. Are you one of these? For the path of the Elfin Shaman demands this very process of reflection, recapitulation and exploration. Some will do it for a while, just enough to get them past some current crisis and then having done so are off and, well not quite running really, but limping anyway. Do you have what it takes to go the distance? You must if this is truly your path.

The Magical Act: what to do.

Most people believe disease originates from viruses and germs but to the Elfin Shaman the source of most diseases is in the psyche and our relationship to the spirit world which is accessed through our dreams. Practice lucid dreaming. Enter that world to heal yorus'elf and others and to listen to the wisdom of the spirit world and the communications of your subconscious.

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The Way of the Shaman
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There are four ways you can go from here.

You have entered the netherworlds and returned with magical powers. Will you use them to...

pluto ...increase your personal power?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Sorcerer
mercury the voice of the spirits?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Channeler
venus affect the lives of others?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Mesmerist
earth ...manifest success in the material world?
And the path back to the earth which is the path of Conjuror









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