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The Elven Tree of Life Eternal

The Elven Tree of Life Eternal

...known to men as the Tree of Life and Death which C.J.Cherryh entitled the Tree of Swords and Jewels reveals the pathways to Faerie the journey of s'elf discovery and the means to obtaining Immortality which some seem to think is the doom of the elves even while they hunger after it.

The journey begins here.
Wherever you are at this moment, whether you are rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or stupid or like most of us somewhere in between, we start here at the bottom of the tree the everpresent NOW. This is the place of the earth, symbolized by the cross (time/space) in the circle (eternity).

Remember...All roads lead to Elfin
But sometimes it's not the Path you're on
So much as the Way you travel!

You will be confronted with numerous choices as you explore this realm. There are no wrong choices as long as you choose what feels best to you. Quite often you will find two or more directions equally valid or appealing. Choose the one you feel most inclined toward at that moment. Keep in mind that you can always return... although you may find that in returning the place where you have been has changed. You may come to the same crossroad more than once and will have the opportunity to try a new direction. Most of all, enjoy yours'elf. We realize that the nature of the questions which are posed might lead one to believe that at some point there will be a readout and interpretation of you based on the choices you have made... but that is not true. This is not a psychological profiling system and we do not keep track of your progress. The questions are merely to help you make appropriate choices for yours'elf and the only result is hopefully the satisfaction and enlightenment you may gain from adventuring here and the joy we have in sharing it with you. If at the 'end' you are closer to elfin and your true elfin nature, then we will have succeed and you will have as well. That is the only result that can be expected... but then how could we ask for more?

From this bottom sphere which symbolizes the seed from which the tree has sprung. You have three basic choices:

Do you make decisions based primarily upon fact and logic?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Wyzard/Wyzardress
Or do you make decisions based more on your feelings and intuition?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Enchantress/Enchantor
Or do you wait until you receive a sign from the Universe or procrastinate until Fate shoves you in one direction or another?
And the path to the Moon which is the path of the Mystic

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