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This is the Path of the Ritualist

The path of the power of magic through ritual. The Elfin Ritualist carries on the traditions of magic and is in charge of the various ceremonies that could be used to signify the passage and rites of initiation. The Elfin Ritualists function under the seventh ray aspect of ceremonial magic and organiztion for they do indeed organize the world on the higher planes of being utilizing the law of As above/So Below to filter this arrangement into the material realm. In a very real sense the Elfin Ritualist is formulating the world in principle and these principles are then acted upon and brought into being by the elemental forces of nature. In a fashion the Elfin Ritualist is an Alchemist but not one of chemicals and minerals but one of thought, culture and perception.

The Elfin Ritualist helps smooth the transition from the old into the new so that these changes occur for the most part gradually and without undue conflict or disruption. In this way they create an ordered evolution and development of the basic precepts and principles of Elfin Life. There are those who might think that such orderly developments are an inhabition to their basic freedom but the elfin have long ago learned that maximum freedom is a product of an orderily existence. For when we must spend nearly every moment struggling for survival, uncertain of what will happen next we become locked and rooted in the lower chakras. However, when simple order prevails and courtesy and mutual respect rules, then civilization arises and time can be devoted to creativity, s'elf fulfillment and mutual pleasure and satisfaction. This is not an order born of authority or rulers with power over us but of a communal willingness to achieve a greater society together. The Elfin Ritualitst are the guardians of the rituals and forms that remind us of the continuity of our culture, our heritage and they enact the dramas that convey the mysteries by which are revealed the secrets of a successful life for all of us.

One of the greatest and best known of the Elfin rituals is reflected in the Feast of Yule and the Legend and Mythology of that great Elf Santaclas. This holiday is derived from an ancient Elfin Traditon not only of gift giving to those we love but charity to those in need. This ritual is our way of joining with the Divine which has given us so much so freely.

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Aliester Crowley

The Challenge: the question is?

Do you love the traditions of magic? The magic circle, the sacred triangle, the potent square, the candles buring, the chanted incantations, the robes, the sigils, the vibration? Do you carry on the sacred and holy traditions of the Elfin, the friendly smile, the kind word, the empowerment and encouragement of your others... the deep and sublime magics that few but the fae can comprehend? Do you bring gifts when you visit? Do you help with the chores? Do you leave glitter on the floors? Do you put feathers in your letters? Or hide runestones where you work in places they will never be found until they tear down the temples of the unholy or more likely they fall in ruin and decay as the trees grow through them and the vines turn them into places of mystery and wonder?

The Magical Act: what to do.

There is something beautiful about ritual magic. We personally love it. We love the tools, the trappings, the theatre and the vibration it produces when done with love. Do beautiful ritual and we will thank you for it.

Suggested Reading:
Magic in Theory and Practice
by Aleister Crowley

There are four paths that lead from here.

Do you believe magic is done.... gain power over one's s'elf and one's environment.
The path to Jupiter which is the path of the Master
...mainly on the physical plane.
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Hatha Yogist
...primarily through the mind.
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Raj Yogist
...mostly to open doorways to new worlds of experience.
And the path to the Asteroids which is the path of Initiator












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