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the the way of the magician

The Path of the Magician

The Elfin Magicians quite often deal with more mundane magics, that is they endeavor to create success in the material realm. They evoke energies and spirits to create progress in affairs of love, business and other practical matters. It is curious that the elfin who are by nature a subtle and somewhat ethereal folk, culturally are very open and positive about utilizing magic for attainment in the material world, whereas, curiously many folk who have little experience or belief in the realms of the elfin, the spirits and the elementals, deem magics for the benefit of sensual and material satisfaction to be base and evil. The elfin for our part make no hard distinction between what is mundane and material and what is spiritual and ephemeral. We see these planes as distinctive but not separated parts of one body. The goal of the Elfin is to succeed on all planes of being harmonizing the spiritual, ethereal and the material realms. It is the magicians in particular who focus on gaining the assistance of the spirits in overcoming the difficulties that often appear in the hard and slow moving planes of matter.

The evolution of Elfin has been very much in coordination with the spirit planes of being. We are at once spiritualizing the planes of matter as we similtaneously materialize the world of spirit. This is the Quest of the Elfin... our Dharma/Service and the eventual fulfillment of our beings, essentially creating paradise/Elfin on Earth. The Elfin magicians are at the forefront of the endeavor to make our material lives successful. However, while they often act for the benefit of particular individuals who come to them for assistance, they are ever careful to act within the precepts of positive/evolutionary magic. Elfin Magicians, for instance, do not put curses on people. There is no need since so many people are so eager to curse thems'elves by ill action. Nor do we impose our wills on others. If we do love spells they are never done to compel a particular person to love another, since by its very nature such compulsion destroys the chances of a fulfilling relationship. Instead we do magic that will bring the right people together, those that are meant to be together and will further each other in their growth and development.

Ours is an evolutionary magic and always takes into consideration the devloping will, personalities, spirits, souls and intelligences involved. Our magics further everyone concerned, harming none and bringing happiness to all.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Blue Adventurine
Magical Herb:
Magical Tool:
Sacred Tree:
Magical Archetype:
Cornelius Aggrippa

The Challenge: the question is?

Do you believe in magic? More importantly... do you do magic? It is unlikely that you will do magic, if you don't believe in magic; but, curiously many people do. They do unconscious magics... that is they do magic with full will and intent but they don't call it magic. Most times they don't call it anything at all. They just do it. And in magic, doing, combined with intent is nearly everything. So the question is again, do you do magic?

And if you do, is it Elfin Magic? Which brings us to the question, what is your intent? Oh, surely to get your way, to have your will by magic fulfilled. But we mean beyond that. Where is your heart? Is it to help and heal? Even if you are doing magic for love, money, success in the world... is it at the expense of others? Or does your success help others to succeed? Is every step in your progress, also progress for all connected to you?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Do magic. Help people to succeed... to find a good job, to find the right mate, to satisfy their material wishes and desires in a positive and spiritually fulfilling way. This world can be very hard at times. make it easier. Create happiness so having satiated their material needs they can turn to the fulfillment of their soul.

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The Practice of Magical Evocation
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